Xiaomi Mi Store ready for US and European launches with accessories in tow

Though merely founded half a decade ago, Xiaomi has quickly gained a reputation as one of the mobile décor’s fastest risers. The world’s third largest smartphone distributor, according to some market analysts, a solid top ten contender, based on other research, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro architects rose to fame chiefly on thriving domestic popularity.

T-Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z1s switches to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

Sony’s US carrier future looks fairly uncertain, to say the least, as the Xperia Z3+ brings very little of importance to the table and the original Z3’s T-Mobile days are numbered. Granted, Verizon hasn’t signaled their Z3v might be headed for early oblivion, but America’s most popular service provider is unlikely to pick up a… Z3v+ anytime soon.

Moto’s next-gen Verizon flagship phones could use Snapdragon 808 and 810

Between the now hard to dispute overheating woes of Qualcomm’s newest high-end Snapdragon family member, and the respectable power developed by the second best chip cooked up in San Diego, smartphone manufacturers seem faced with tough decisions for the rest of the year.

LG G4 indeed launches June 4 with Verizon, G Pad X8.3 arrives early

The ball was in Verizon and AT&T’s court since both Sprint and T-Mobile announced full availability breakdown for LG’s sizzling hot new Android flagship. Now Big Red has formally joined the G4 launch party, although full disclosure – you may still have to wait a few days to get the swanky leather-clad gadget shipped.

USB Type-C and iris scanners among newly rumored Lumia 940/940 XL features

Remember the Nokia Lumia 930? It was supposed to keep the once mighty Finnish handheld manufacturer afloat on the eve of Microsoft’s acquisition, but did very little to narrow the high-end gap separating Lumias from iPhones or Samsung Galaxy S-series gadgets.

Full-metal upper mid-range Samsung Galaxy A7 embraces Lollipop

While typically Samsung would look to upgrade the software on Galaxy phones in reverse order of their commercial launches, also favoring advanced hardware over seniority, a slew of older and/or lower-end Korea-made gadgets have recently scored Lollipop.

HTC apparently has low-cost One E9+ alternative in the works

Who’s up for yet another boring HTC One-series entry? Crickets, huh? Well, to be fair, the WF5w, aka One E9sw (yes, really) doesn’t look all that bad… if budget gear is your cup of tea. In fact, it’d probably make for a respectable mid-range Desire family member.

Finally. A selfie-stick for non-narcissists/-psychopaths

Considering the overwhelming backlash and criticism of “selfie sticks”, it takes a set of cojones to market a new product with such striking resemblance and overlapping use. Coachella made a point to ban selfie sticks and narcissists at their 2015 show. But “totems” and “stuffed animals” were also listed as prohibited, so I’m not sure how serious to take them.

Sony Xperia Z3+ now available to pre-order from Clove UK

To the surprise of no one, Sony just went global with the previously Japan-limited Xperia Z4, rebranding the “new” flagship as Z3+ to better suit its marginal upgrades. What the Asian device manufacturer “forgot” to tackle were the familiar 5.2 incher’s specific targeted markets, ETAs and price tags.

LG G4 goes on sale at T-Mobile with free 128 GB microSD card

Can LG make its newest flagship Android phone even more desirable? Apparently, yes, with a little help from America’s leading “Uncarrier.” In a bid to eclipse both Sprint’s uber-attractive Lease offers and Best Buy’s incredible gift card promos, T-Mobile just announced their take on the G4 will sell with on-the-house 128 GB memory cards.

LG G4 headed to Sprint on June 5 starting at $0 with leases, $200 on-contract

While T-Mobile and Verizon are both expected to foreshadow LG G4’s Now Network launch, Sprint has already begun taking pre-orders for the 5.5-inch powerhouse in metallic gray and genuine leather black.

All of Best Buy’s LG G4 pre-orders come bundled with free $100 gift cards

If we didn’t know any better, we’d suspect G4’s manufacturers are so desperate to get the leather-clad flagship out the door, they’ll soon start giving away brand-new units. Actually, in a way, the 5.5-inch Quad HD Android can already be scored free of charge.