Party like it’s 2006 with LG’s Wine Smart Android flip smartphone

Old is the new new. Or so LG would want its devoted Korean audience to think. Clearly, the just-announced Wine Smart handheld targets nostalgia-dominated mobile users, or simply folks who like to oppose trends and live in the past.

New Moto X is reaching Verizon this week

An internal document from Verizon Wireless has revealed the new Moto X is supposed to launch on the carrier this week. The phone will be available starting Friday, and Verizon Wireless has the phone listed for $99.99 with a new two-year contract. Verizon is also selling the bamboo and white versions of the phone for just $99.99 until October 10, so the carrier will undercut AT&T by $25 for a couple weeks.

Samsung discreetly details Galaxy Mega 2′s underwhelming specifications

In light of the unexpected box-office triumphs of the first-generation Galaxy Megas, and especially their ability to go beyond the traditionally limited target audience of low-cost jumbo-sized Android smartphones, a fairly noisy Mega 2 release seemed a near guarantee.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Alpha now available stateside for $700

Eager to get your metal Samsung fix and don’t feel like waiting for the Galaxy Note 4 or unnamed SM-A500? Maybe not so psyched about the Note 4 in the first place due to the phablet’s uncomfortable footprint?

Single Verizon/Motorola Droid sequel tipped for October intro

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell Motorola has bigger fish to fry than the not-so-popular Verizon-restricted Droid line of smartphones. There’s the handsome Moto 360 wearable piece, which many pundits are calling Apple Watch’s number one Android Wear rival.

Metallic Samsung SM-A500 moves one step closer to release with sub-7 mm waist

Samsung’s third (semi-) metallic smartphone to come out this year, and the second that targets the mid-end sector, is no longer a scuttlebutt. And it might be closer than you thought, as a recent regulatory approval in China suggests its Asian release is a matter of weeks, maybe days.

Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet Compact all ‘coming soon’ to the US

Judging by Sony’s latest financial forecast, but also the company’s highly publicized Western distribution struggles, it becomes clearer and clearer the Xperia creators need a win in the premium US smartphone sector, and they need it yesterday.

Samsung rumored to bring Android L to Galaxy S5 and Note 4 in November

With no official release date known (or even speculated), and the dessert name also kept under lock and key, it’s really no surprise device manufacturers aren’t willing to hazard any guesses as to Android L update timelines.

No New Moto X for you, Sprint customers!

Just when we were ready to deem Motorola’s resurrection complete, what with the exciting new launches of the second-generation Moto X and G handhelds, and the long awaited debut of the Moto 360 smartwatch, the soon-to-be Lenovo subsidiary goes on and botches X2’s US release.

Moto E rolls out to Republic Wireless next month, priced at only $99

Republic Wireless? More like Republic Moto-less. Or rather Republic Moto-more. Needless to point out wordplay isn’t my strongest suit, although be sure to not let that get in the way of researching the hybrid carrier that, if we didn’t know better, we’d assume is a subsidiary of Motorola.

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 officially announced

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 was officially announced by the company on Wednesday. The device comes with Blackberry OS 10.3, and costs a fortune so it may not see a widespread adoption — the Porsche Design Blackberry handsets have never seen high sales in the past either due to their extremely high price tag.

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT

When it comes to exercise, music is a driving force. Some studies have shown that people are less likely to commit to working out without music. However, not every set of headphones or earbuds are ideal when it comes to cords, sweat, and motion. It makes sense that a wireless product would pair well with activity.