Latest Linksys Extender caters to video, audio streaming

I hate our living room couch. Despite the fact it looks like plush moss, its comfort is ill-fit for any upright vertebrate that wants to avoid long-term back problems. But, of course, it’s the default sitting location for the primary household television. As such, I also hate our living room TV.

21 Hilarious and Accurate Tweets About Wifi Addiction

Wifi has a great power over us. It can create joy, cause heartbreak, incite anger, catalyze lasting friendships, and ruin a vacation. One’s relationship with wifi is more passionate and tumultuous than a romance. Here are 21 hilarious and accurate tweets that encompass our sick, depraved addiction to the interwebz.     Free wifi should more »

GadgeTell Review: Amped Wireless BTSA1 Bluetooth Adapter

Although the number of Bluetooth speakers grows each month, there are so many more non-wireless speakers on the market. Many of these, arguably, present better and more detailed sound quality than some of the newer generations. It’s a shame to think that an excellent speaker could be considered obsolete simply due to the lack of wireless to complement the surge of mobile trends.

CES 2014: Sharp Outs First WiSA-Compliant Universal Player

Over at CES, Sharp is showing off new TVs but today, a Universal Player has been showcased. It’s not your ordinary Blu-ray player as it plays media wirelessly and is WiSA-certified. Officially called as the SD-WH1000U, this media player can also play DVDs, SACDs, and CDs over your wireless network.


Gadgetell Review: iWerkz Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Type a lot but don’t want to bother with a laptop? How about a foldable full-size keyboard for your smartphone or tablet? That’s the question iWerkz answers with its new Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. Roughly the same size as the Mac keyboard I’m using to type this, minus the calculator buttons and a few others, more »

Gogo Talk & Text Allows Users to Text and Make Calls In-Flight

Are we on the heels of a technological revolution in the air? Between the recent changes in the FAA restrictions and this news about Gogo Talk & Text, the things they are a changing. Although this is not the first time a in-flight calling has made it’s presence known, it seems to be the first time it’s actually going to be successful. Now, with Gogo’s Text & Talk service, travelers will be able to use in-flight WiFi to make calls and send and receive text messages.

Leaked: Amazon Kindle Fire HD Images, Shows New Body Design

In recent weeks, the next-generation Kindle Fire HD tablet has gotten some spotlight by way of leaked specs, images and speculations regarding components under the hood. To name a few, we’ve seen benchmarks surface and heard word of a zippy Snapdragon 800 to be included in Amazon’s upcoming flagship slate. On Wednesday, another set of more »


Sleek and Simple: Universal eleMount Gets Kickstarted in Five Hours

When it comes to finding an effective and dependable mounting fixture for your handheld devices, you could probably spend all day sorting through the seemingly endless amount of options available for purchase online. Some models are bulkier than others, some are more flexible, some use suction cups, some use adhesive materials, some are specific to more »

Starbucks to ’86’ AT&T for Google Wi-Fi in all U.S. Locations Over the Next 18 Months

Announced on Wednesday, coffee behemoth Starbucks is dropping their complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi internet services in all U.S. locations. Instead, a new partnership with Google, who is working with Level 3 Communications, will provide employees and sit-in customers superior wireless internet, featuring speeds up to 10-times faster than the current AT&T Wi-Fi service. The company has more »

Tablets vs. Laptops: Which Are Better For Mobile Computing?

Today seems to be the day to discuss tablets vs. laptops. Business Insider  had an article on replacing tablets with laptops, and our sister site, TeleRead had an article on the subject as well. Because it’s a topic I particularly enjoy writing about, I thought I’d add my voice to the fray. Laptops and tablets more »

Outdoor Trippin’ Tech Must-Haves, a CE Week Product Round-Up

This year, summer is hitting us hard. I know that so far, I’ve felt muggier than ever and when this happens, I have a basic instinct to get outdoors somehow — and I’m not talking about strolling to my neighbourhood park. I mean the ‘greater’ outdoors. Be it the beach or the woods, hiking or more »

Digital Health Takes NYC–Tomorrow, the World!

“I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.” Those were the words of legendary Apple and tech guru Steve Jobs, as quoted in Walter Issacson’s recent biography. And, as evidenced by the Digital Health summit held in New York City more »