Asus ready to drop price bar below $100 for MeMo Pad tablet line

We’re nearing a historical moment for low-cost Android tablets, ladies and gentlemen, as Asus is reported to be working on a sub-$100 MeMo Pad. And by that, we mean the next installment in the increasingly popular gadget line will be available for less than a Benjamin right off the bat instead of gradually and time-limitedly getting discounted, like a few of its predecessors.

Sony teases improved water protection for Xperia Z3 line as more details surface

Not one to put on a coy act leading up to high-profile product announcements, Sony continues to gradually let inside information relating to its numerous upcoming gadgets trickle out. After confirming three Xperia Z3s are in the pipeline, one or several of which will measure less than 7 mm thin, the Japanese took to Twitter to tease the family’s swimming abilities.

HP tipped to unveil affordable Stream 7, Stream 8 Windows 8.1 tablets at IFA

In addition to spearheading Microsoft’s Chromebooks-crushing actions with a $200 full Windows 8.1-running laptop called the Stream, HP continues to cross swords with Google in the low-cost tablet ring, where Android is substantially ahead of Windows as far as global sales are concerned.

Nvidia to launch Shield tablet with cellular connectivity

Nvidia has launched it’s own gaming tablet dubbed as Nvidia Shield. Currently, the tablet is only available as a WiFi version, but it seems we may get to see the 4G LTE compatible Nvidia Shield tablet in the coming weeks. Recently, we heard about the Nvidia Shield tablet with 4G connectivity with 32GB storage on board. If it turns out to be real, it should be compatible with AT&T 4G and HSPA+ network in the US.

The sub-$200 Windows 8.1 laptops are already here, thanks to this Acer E15 deal

Looking for a fairly basic Windows computing machine at a Chromebook-rivaling price point? In the market for the perfect back to school gift? Then why wait weeks, maybe months until HP and Asus go ahead and release the Stream and cryptic F205TA when the Acer Aspire E15 can be had at, wait for it, $199.

Asus slaps 64-bit Intel Moorefield chip on Fonepad 7, only in China for now

It’s a known fact Asus tablets and hybrids are big in Asia, where users appreciate quirkiness, uniqueness and that productivity edge so often offered by PadFones, Fonepads or Transformers. As such, it shouldn’t come as a shocker the Taiwan-based device manufacturer is kicking the 64-bit festivities into gear in China.

Lenovo has a high-end (-ish) 8-inch Android tablet in the pipeline for IFA

Unlike Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, HTC or Huawei, which have all confirmed and teased their presence at the IFA tech expo in Berlin, Lenovo is yet to come forward with any kind of formal confirmation for product announcements early next month.

A wild sub-$200 Windows 8.1 laptop appears – Asus F205TA

Google-powered Chromebooks may have had the upper hand against Windows-based notebooks thus far in affordability, allowing them to surprisingly break into the mainstream PC décor. But once they became a real threat, it was only a matter of time until Microsoft cooked up the perfect Chrome OS antidote.

Surface Pro 3 spreads its wings in 25 extra markets, docks also on pre-order

In a traditionally cryptic manner, Microsoft recently implied its largest tablet, pardon, laptop replacement to date, the Surface Pro 3, was the line’s bestseller through its first month on the market.

So, USB Condoms are a real thing now

Last I checked, USB ports can’t transfer herpes, but perhaps there’s a computer equivalent to STDs that you need to actively avoid. Enter the USB condom, which is now a real thing. When you charge your devices through untrustworthy USB ports (what crazy USB hubs are YOU hanging out at?), you can use the USB condom to create an extra layer of security for your devices. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your device leaking access to all your mobile secrets.

Microsoft shaves $100 off all Surface 2 models, cheapest version now $349

Given the glaring productivity, functionality and performance gaps between the Windows RT-running Surface 2 and the Windows 8.1 Pro-powered Surface Pro 2, not to mention the Pro 3, you’d expect Microsoft to pull the plug on the humblest member of the tablet family any day now.

IFA starts early for Archos with Windows and Android product announcements

Perhaps afraid no one’s ever going to notice its gear at next month’s IFA, with high-profile product announcements from Samsung, Sony, Asus or Huawei in the cards, Archos decided to let the cat(s) out of the bag early, previewing a quartet of upcoming Android and Windows-powered gadgets.