Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Tab S 10.5 go for all-time low prices on eBay

Well, this is unexpected. Samsung’s Android gear goes for special prices via all the retailers all the time, but usually, you either get modest savings, or massive ones on older, not-so-hot-anymore gadgets.

Asus prices Windows 8.1 VivoTab 8 at $199, ETA is sometime next month

The Asus VivoTab Note 8 is a pretty snazzy little Windows 8.1 tablet. It’s punchy and frugal, courtesy of a quad-core Intel Bay Trail-T processor, it’s solidly built yet sleek and slim, plus it offers an important productivity edge compared to most sub-10-inch Win slates, thanks to the professional Wacom active stylus support.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 drops to $250 at Best Buy, get it while you can

When Samsung supplemented its Galaxy Tab portfolio with a low-cost, low-end 8-inch option and a stunning, Super AMOLED display-donning 8.4 incher, it consciously brought the Tab Pro 8.4 dangerously close to extinction.

Fresh Intel Bay Trail-powered Toshiba and Acer Chromebooks start shipping

With Intel Core i3 and Nvidia Tegra K1 Chromebook configurations around the corner, Bay Trail machines are surely not going to be the cream of the crop much longer. But they’re likely to remain at the top of the Chrome OS ranks in terms of battery life, edging out most Windows rivals from that standpoint too.

HP Slate 17 with Android KitKat: when bigger is not big enough

HP sure has a lot of wacky ideas and plans for how to get noticed in the crowded, volatile and challenging Android décor, starting with 14-inch Google-powered laptops and even 21-inch all-in-one PCs.

Bigger than bigger: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 13 with Android on the way

If someone had told us back at the beginning of 2012 Lenovo’s oddball Yoga convertibles would spawn as many follow-ups, not to mention rivaling clones and copies, as they did, we’d have probably called them crazy.

Deal alert: Get your fix of top paid Android apps for free via Amazon

Browsing Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for the latest, hottest, most fun games and productive Android apps? Disappointed to see so many of them cost top dollar? Then you’re likely not looking hard enough.


Universally loathed Surface RT continues to dominate Windows 8 market

The paradox that is Microsoft’s first-generation Surface RT convertible tablet continues to boggle minds and confuse pundits, racking up horrible reviews and yet still selling like hotcakes. Well, hotcakes may be a bit of a stretch, but according to data harvested by Windows Phone/Windows 8 cross-promotion network AdDuplex, the now two year-old device continues to rule over its ecosystem.

Samsung pulls the plug on laptops, Chromebooks included, in Europe

Following years of steady financial prosperity and increasing profits, Samsung reportedly hit a snag at the end of 2013, entering a slight decline phase that’s yet to end. And although the Koreans continue to post net profits quarter after quarter, they’ve decided to trim the fat of their multifaceted business before it’s too late.

Nexus 9 tipped for mid-October intro again, Android L to roll out November 1

Hardcore vanilla Android lovers are probably starting to get anxious, as the abundant Nexus 9-related rumors don’t seem to be leading up to anything. Nor does speculation on the next-gen Nexus smartphone, the X or N6, and least of all, suspicious Nexus Watch gossip activity.

Deal alert: LG G Pad 8.3 Android tablet for $200 from Newegg (via eBay)

On the lookout for a smaller-than-10-inch tablet with decent bang, stylish looks, up-to-date software and a reasonable price tag? Guess I don’t need to tell you why you shouldn’t hold your breath for the next-gen iPad mini to fit the description.

Report: Google working with HTC on the next Nexus tablet, may launch soon

HTC is said to be working on the next Google Nexus 9 tablet, which has seen its fair share of rumors in the past few weeks. The tablet came under the spotlight a week back, codenamed Volantis, carrying an 8.9-inch display and a Tegra K1 processor, as per the rumor mill. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the plan, Google has selected HTC as the next Nexus tablet manufacturer, with the executives flying to the Google headquarters in Mountain View to work on the project.