HP has trio of Android tabs in the works: Slate 8 Plus, 10 Plus and Slate 10 Plus

Since HP is in a pretty serious slump as far as traditional PC sales are concerned, the company’s newfound focus on portable alternatives (read tablets) didn’t really surprise anyone. But the once mighty computer maker’s slate strategy is all over the place, with its Android portfolio in particular making no lick of sense.

Dell gears up to launch Intel Core i3-powered Chromebook

Many reckoned Acer took an unnecessary gamble fitting punchy Intel Core i3 “Haswell” processors inside Chromebooks, thus raising the price bar, but apparently, Dell thinks there might be demand for higher-end Chrome OS laptops too.

Future Acer Chromebooks with Bay Trail and Tegra K1 detailed, Chromebox also nigh

It looks like Chrome OS and Acer’s love story is set to last, nay grow stronger, with Intel Core i3-powered Chromebooks just the first step in the PC maker’s grand scheme on the short term. Next on the product roadmap, a couple of Chrome OS laptops beefed up by low-power, frugal Intel Celeron Bay Trail chips, a higher-end version with Nvidia Tegra K1 punch and a Celeron Haswell-based desktop.

Latest Linksys Extender caters to video, audio streaming

I hate our living room couch. Despite the fact it looks like plush moss, its comfort is ill-fit for any upright vertebrate that wants to avoid long-term back problems. But, of course, it’s the default sitting location for the primary household television. As such, I also hate our living room TV.

FlipBook for iPad Air adds class, easy viewing angles

When it comes to using mobile devices hands-free, you’ll have an easier time and improve your comfort with a stand. When it comes to choice of stands, there are so many out there that range from ok, good, and great. After having used quite a few, I’ve decided to never settle for less than the best. The top two criteria are portability and adjustable angles.

Leaked: Press shot of presumed Nvidia Shield Android tablet

Nvidia entered the Android device manufacturing scene quite abruptly last year, taking us all by surprise with a pioneering Shield handheld game console design and pretty bold Tegra Note tablet.

Electronic immigration system is much slower than paper

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes, they end up doing the opposite. The United States has been working on a new electronic immigration system for six years, but it turns out the whole thing is actually twice as slow as the already bad paper immigration system. An internal watchdog with the Department of Homeland Security discovered the system’s issue, and it says the system is slow because it is simply too difficult to use.

Asus C300 Chromebook available from array of US retailers starting at $250

Hot on the heels of the C200, which was technically Asus’ first ever Chromebook to go up for sale, the company’s second Chrome OS machine, the C300, has become available stateside. At exactly the same price, even though the former is an 11.6 incher and the latter’s display measures 13.3 inches in diagonal.

PSA: Verizon now shipping Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet with LTE

It’s been a bumpy, rocky, painful road for Sony in its effort to bring at least one of the two smoking hot Xperia Z2 devices on a US carrier, but all’s well when ends well, and starting today, the Z2 Tablet can be had via Verizon. The Z2 phone? It’s still up in the air, although Big Red is tipped to (ultimately) pick that up too.

LG G Pad 7.0 on its way to AT&T with LTE speeds and reasonable price

Anyone in the market for a compact little Android tablet with 4G LTE connectivity, but unwilling to pay the premiums charged by Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 or Tab Pro 8.4? Then I’m pretty sure the upcoming AT&T-bound LG G Pad 7.0 will be of interest.

Asus Transformer Pad TF701T reportedly upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat

Unlike in Samsung, Sony, HTC and even Lenovo’s camps, things have been awfully quiet on the KitKat updating front for Asus thus far. But the Taiwanese are looking to mend a few fences with their novelty-savvy clients, first rolling out Android 4.4 for the PadFone 2 a couple of weeks back, and now giving the same royal treatment to the Transformer Pad TF701T.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 available with AT&T for $370 outright, $270 on-contract

Samsung has an array of punchier, larger, cooler slates than the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (the Tab S, Tab Pros) in its lineup nowadays, yet since most prospective buyers want affordability ahead of anything else, the mid-range 8 incher is getting the biggest distribution push stateside.