Best Buy discounts selection of Samsung gadgets in Galaxy S6 anticipation

Crunch time is nigh, and several US retailers know full well it’s going to be game over for older Samsung handhelds once the sizzling hot Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge see daylight.

Deal alert: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet for $340 ($160 off list price)

Although it’s only about a year old, one of Sony’s best Android tablets to date has been slowly phased out of US retail stores, disappearing altogether from Amazon in Wi-Fi-limited form just as it was upgraded to Lollipop.

Bang & Olufsen replacing Beats on HP computers

Computers from HP are going to leave behind Beats Audio in favor of Bang & Olufsen. The Spectre, Omen, and Envy product lines are all being switched to audio components from Bang & Olufsen. Some tablets and Pavilion computers are going to use B&O’s Play Label. HP has not mentioned how it is going to more »

Reversible USB cables? Easy upgrade with Ryo, right here

I’ll be the first to admit that annoyance with plugging USB cables in the wrong way is a very first-world problem. It’s really a minor inconvenience at most. But then why does it infuriate many of us so much? Those who need to and/or don’t mind buying new cords can get reversible ones, but then cost and waste have to be considered. Is a standard USB cable really ‘bad’ just because reversible ones are out?

Amazon ‘Unlocked’ is Prime for Android apps

Amazon has announced Unlocked, a new service for Android apps that is similar to Amazon Prime with some of its offerings. Unlocked will let people download paid apps and in-app purchases for free. As great as that may be for users, the apps and other content downloaded for free can also be taken away if a user gets rid of their Unlocked subscription.

Amazon offers $100 and up savings on Core i5 and i7 Microsoft Surface Pro 3

A new wave of Surface Pro 3 promotions has hit Microsoft’s US online store, and for the most part, the deals are matched or even undercut by Amazon.

SXSW 2015 – Henge Dock for Apple MacBook Pro, Air

I’ve seen docking stations, but this one by Henge Docks is the mother of them all. It’s built well and pretty darn slick at creating an instant workstation.

Sony goes on Lollipop updating spree with Android 5.0 for Xperia tablet duo

There aren’t a lot of tablets currently running the sizzling hot new iteration of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, and while Samsung seems far more concerned with software updates for Galaxy phones, Sony wants to ensure equal treatment of Xperia-branded gadgets.

Acer hatches $500 Chromebook 15 edition with Intel Core i5 Broadwell

It looks like one of Acer’s surprises for that mysterious April 23 NYC event is out in the open already, providing unexpectedly solid competition for Google’s ultra-high-end Chromebook Pixel 2. Not that anyone sane would ever consider spending $1,000 on a rudimentary Chrome OS laptop, but for half that money, a 15-inch Acer Chromebook with Intel Core i5 inside is apparently in the pipeline.

Microsoft declares death to piracy with free Windows 10 updates for all

Activating a non-genuine copy of Windows 8 or 8.1, not to mention 7, is a huge hassle. You need a valid serial key, all sorts of workarounds and third-party software meant to trick Microsoft into believing you actually paid for their services. Ahem, or so we’ve heard.

Nexus 6, 9 and Android Wear purchases come with free $50 Google Store credit

Basically acknowledging its Nexus 6 is no longer the cream of the Android crop, with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge around the corner, Google has just instated a cool little promotion. Granted, the deal also makes room for the Nexus 9 and all Android Wear smartwatches sold on the Play Store under the spotlight, but clearly, the N6 is the brightest star.

Sprint bundles Samsung Galaxy S5, Tab 4 7.0 and service plans for $100 a month

It’s no big secret buying on-contract gadgets saves you hundreds of dollars in the short run. That’s perfect for people with temporary cash flow predicaments, but in the long haul, it may actually cost you money.