Barnes & Noble, Samsung intro low-end, low-cost Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

It’s alive! The Nook brand, although badly hurt by the downfall of e-readers, lives on in the form of a Frankensteinian hybrid that combines Barnes & Noble’s Android skin with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI for the most non-Android Android experience not hailing from Amazon’s labs.

Rookie Lenovo wearable effort, Yoga Tablet 2 Pro spotted en route to IFA

There aren’t many device manufacturers as involved and successful as Lenovo in so many different branches of the vast tech market, but as versatile and rich the company’s product portfolio currently is, there’s apparently room for more.

Back to school whopper: Spend $700 on select Dell gear, get free Venue 7 tablet

Summer vacation is nearly over, so you young rascals out there are probably trying to make the best of the little free time you have left. But if you can spare a moment between all the partying, the wandering around aimlessly and carefree and the not thinking about school, maybe we can smoothen your return to the classroom.

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact incoming, likely with sub-8 inch display

Seeing Sony tease its next month’s IFA presence with no hint whatsoever regarding a tablet announcement sure caught us by surprise, but we figured the Z3/Z3 Compact smartphone pair simply required too much work to leave room for a Z3 Tablet.

Updated Lenovo ThinkPad 8 with 4 GB RAM, 4G LTE shows up for sale in Europe

After tweaking its larger 10-inch ThinkPad tablet to accommodate higher-end specifications back in April, Lenovo seems to have just done the same for the ThinkPad 8. With little to no fanfare, that is, as the new, upgraded 8-inch Windows slate showed up unannounced on Lenovo’s German online store, going for €460 and up.

LG G Pad 8.0 scores 4G LTE connectivity, launches this week in Europe

Completely absent from the tablet game not long ago, LG made a critically acclaimed and mainstream-appealing comeback with the G Pad 8.3, but that was just the beginning. Next up, the Koreans brought to light a trio of lower-end G Pads to battle Samsung’s countless Galaxy Tabs.


Get ready for Windows 9 and possible public previews

Not too long ago, it seems, consumers were in an uproar over the new release of Windows 8 and all the fancy changes that came with. Remember all the sand in everyone’s undies? Well, here we are today with Windows 9 right around the corner.

HP cooks up revised Chromebook 11 G3 with Intel Bay Trail power

Thus far, HP has kept a consistent distance between its two Chromebook lines performance-wise, fitting the smaller, lower-end 11-inch models with ARM-based Exynos chips, and the larger, beefed-up 14 inchers with Intel Celeron processing solutions.

Asus confirms pre-IFA September 3 event, sets out ‘in search of incredible’ again

Say what you will about Asus, but the Taiwan-based PC, tablet and smartphone producer has never been a big fan of prudence. Its entire device roster, from PadFones to Fonepads to Transformer Pads and Zenfones, has risks written all over it, and even in terms of release timelines, Asus has rarely applied caution.

Lenovo is now selling more phones than computers

Lenovo is still very much tied to the PC market, but between its increasing focus towards smartphones and a market-wide decline in PC sales, Lenovo is now selling more smartphones than computers. For the first time in the company’s history it has moved more smartphones than PCs, primarily because of a massive growth in phone sales. Both categories, PCs and phones, saw year-on-year growth.

Deal alert: Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 at $430 on eBay

While waiting for the no doubt groundbreaking, Quad HD display-toting, potentially metal-made Galaxy Note 4, hardcore fans of Samsung’s S Pen-supporting gadget line may be tempted by the family’s largest member yet.

Hackers think they are above the law, survey shows

Hackers are very often breaking the law, but that doesn’t seem to phase them according to a new survey. Thycotic, a password protection firm, interviewed a group of 127 hackers during the Black Hat 2014 conference and tried to figure out what motivates them and how they think about getting caught. The majority of hackers just do it for the fun provided by hacking while 19 percent admit to having a financial motive.