Future Acer Chromebooks with Bay Trail and Tegra K1 detailed, Chromebox also nigh

It looks like Chrome OS and Acer’s love story is set to last, nay grow stronger, with Intel Core i3-powered Chromebooks just the first step in the PC maker’s grand scheme on the short term. Next on the product roadmap, a couple of Chrome OS laptops beefed up by low-power, frugal Intel Celeron Bay Trail chips, a higher-end version with Nvidia Tegra K1 punch and a Celeron Haswell-based desktop.

HP Chromebox now available stateside starting at $179

Chrome OS-based Chromebox desktop computers are nowhere near as popular as Chromebook laptops, but somehow Google managed to convince HP in addition to Asus these tiny, fairly limited machines have a bright future ahead of them.

Intel Broadwell coming by end of year

Somewhat concrete news regarding Intel’s Broadwell CPUs has finally been provided by CEO Bryan Kryanich who spoke with Reuters today. While speaking with the publication, the Intel boss confirmed that Broadwell will be available before the 2014 holiday season this December, but releasing them well before that for the start of the school season may be difficult.

Creative launches DACs compatible with smartphones, tablet

Creative Technology loves audio, but they probably know that we consumers love audio more than they do. We do, dammit. So this is why they’ve taken such care to produce and support such awesome audio-related products over the decades. Speakers, sound cards, all of it.

LG Chromebase all-in-one Chrome PC lands stateside May 26, costs $350

Well, well, well, what have we here? It’s Google’s latest attempt to branch out beyond supplying software for 80 percent of the world’s smartphones and 60 percent of tablets. Android is thus not Big G’s sole bet anymore, and Chrome OS is surprisingly and delightfully flourishing.

Heartbleed worries? Trend Micro scans PC, mobile for free

It seems like each passing month brings us some new incidents of data hacks or breaches on a large scale. The most recent – Heartbleed – has the web in a frenzy. It’s bad enough that this exploit has gone undetected for over two years, but it also targets the internet’s cryptography. Although most websites have been fixed so far, there are many that have yet to apply patches.

Tango Delivers Pocket-Size, PC-Quality Gaming and Productivity

Recent online reports have indicated that the market is quickly nearing a saturation point for smartphones. We can assume that tablets are soon to follow that path.


4K Ultra HD Finally Gets What It’s Been Missing: Porn

If you’ve been thinking of making the leap to a 4K Ultra HD TV but you’ve been worried about your pornography’s resulting resolution, fear not! I mean what good is phenomenal resolution without, well, porn? In the past, it’s always porn that brings new technological developments to the next level. Why do you think the internet is so popular? Think about it.

Acer Rolls Out TA272 HUL Android All-in-One with WQHD Resolution

Acer is busy with its all-in-one offerings and looks like there’s no stopping the company anytime soon. Why, Acer just rolled out a new All-in-One that is powered by Android OS 4.2 Jellybean and features WQHD resolution. The latter means it’s four times better than HD. The Acer TA272 HUL Android All-in-One is actually a touch-sensitive monitor that can also run Windows 8 PC.

Kickstarter Spotlight: The $99 Kano DIY Computer Looks Awesome

Have you ever wanted to make your own computer? Maybe you’re like me and you always thought it was far beyond your intellectual capabilities. I mean, my degree was in Literature so I have a feeling my computer engineering skills aren’t top-notch. However, thanks to Kano and Kickstarter, we all might have the chance to feel that moment of accomplishment! You know, that moment where you get to call your little brother and say “I just built a computer! What did you do today?!”

PC Sales Dropped 8% Last Quarter

Michael Dell is probably crying today, and now that I’ve seen the latest PC sales estimates I can understand why. IDC reported this week that worldwide PC shipments totaled 81.6 million units in the third quarter of 2013. That is a decline of 7.6% compared to the same period last year but better than the more »

Facebook and Flipboard Finally Coming to Windows 8

  Microsoft’s vice president revealed recently that Facebook and Flipboard are finally coming to Microsoft 8 and in the process of launching Metro style apps for the OS. Panos Panay made note of the impeding launches when talking about the company’s new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. “Last year we launched this product more »