Colfax Smart Pack melds wireless tech, power, with urban appeal

When wearable tech is a topic of discussion, it usually covers such things as smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness trackers, and such. Those devices are more common and of a wider variety, of course. When it comes to gadgets and wearables, it’s easy to overlook that everyday bag or backpack. The bag that carries all your stuff says as much about you as any other type of fashion accessory.

Dell gears up to launch Intel Core i3-powered Chromebook

Many reckoned Acer took an unnecessary gamble fitting punchy Intel Core i3 “Haswell” processors inside Chromebooks, thus raising the price bar, but apparently, Dell thinks there might be demand for higher-end Chrome OS laptops too.

Future Acer Chromebooks with Bay Trail and Tegra K1 detailed, Chromebox also nigh

It looks like Chrome OS and Acer’s love story is set to last, nay grow stronger, with Intel Core i3-powered Chromebooks just the first step in the PC maker’s grand scheme on the short term. Next on the product roadmap, a couple of Chrome OS laptops beefed up by low-power, frugal Intel Celeron Bay Trail chips, a higher-end version with Nvidia Tegra K1 punch and a Celeron Haswell-based desktop.

Asus C300 Chromebook available from array of US retailers starting at $250

Hot on the heels of the C200, which was technically Asus’ first ever Chromebook to go up for sale, the company’s second Chrome OS machine, the C300, has become available stateside. At exactly the same price, even though the former is an 11.6 incher and the latter’s display measures 13.3 inches in diagonal.

Asus Transformer Pad TF701T reportedly upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat

Unlike in Samsung, Sony, HTC and even Lenovo’s camps, things have been awfully quiet on the KitKat updating front for Asus thus far. But the Taiwanese are looking to mend a few fences with their novelty-savvy clients, first rolling out Android 4.4 for the PadFone 2 a couple of weeks back, and now giving the same royal treatment to the Transformer Pad TF701T.

Microsoft ready to take on Android, Chrome OS with $99 Windows tabs, $199 laptops

Inexpensive Chrome OS-running notebooks, aka Chromebooks, are definitely moving up the PC market ranks, against all odds and in spite of a painfully sluggish start back in 2011.

Asus Transformer Book Flip convertible laptop available for $800 in 13-inch flavor

Most of Asus’ highly versatile Transformer Book and Pad hybrids have detachable keyboards going for them and thus a portability edge over devices like Lenovo’s Yogas. But if for some reason you want an Asus-made Yoga clone, here it is, up for grabs via Microsoft’s online store.

Core i3-powered Acer Chromebooks officially priced at $350 and up

The speediest, most impressive Chromebook since Google’s MacBook Air-rivaling Pixel is rapidly closing in on its commercial launch, with recent cost rumors apparently panning out. The upgraded Acer C720 will be available in two slightly different configurations later this month, and the cheapest model is already up for pre-orders on Amazon.

Education-centered Asus C200 Chromebook on sale for $330 with 4 GB RAM

Praised for their stellar battery life, the 11-inch model in particular, respectable power and affordability, Asus’ first two Chromebooks have been around for a few weeks at $250 a pop. What Asus never told us was that the standard C200 and C300 would soon get a “cousin”, focused squarely on education.

Latest Microsoft trade-in stunt offers up to $650 off Surface Pro 3 for MacBook Airs

Microsoft has been working diligently on eroding Apple’s leadership in the tablet and PC space for years now, trying hard to convince the world the Surface line can replace both iPads and MacBooks. Based on sales numbers, MS is a long way from changing mentalities, but Redmond continues to push. And push, and push.

Acer Chromebook CB5 in the pipeline with Tegra K1 power, 13.3-inch display?

Acer’s newest Chromebooks, the C720 and C720P, are nearly nine months old and featherweights compared to fresh efforts from Asus, Lenovo or Samsung, so it’s no surprise one or several sequels are being worked on as we speak.

Apple discounts slew of refurb MacBook Pros, Retina models now start at $1,060

Perhaps signaling lower iDemand than usual, Apple has very recently discounted a host of refurbished iPads, also joining hands with Target to offer a never-before-seen promotion on brand new iPad mini variants.