Acer Details and Prices Fresh New C720 Chromebook: The Cheapest Haswell-Powered Mini-Laptop?

When HP made the fashionable but otherwise underwhelming Chromebook 11 official and announced prices starting at $280, we kind of felt they missed the mark a little in terms of bang for buck. And now, as Acer has detailed the already teased C720, our hunch has been proven right. Despite considerably upping the ante in more »

Asus Transformer Book T100 Pre-Orders Underway For $400 A Pop, Shipping Begins October 18

Netbooks are dead, long live mini-laptops! It’s how we can describe in a nutshell the evolution of the ultraportable computer market in the past nine months or so, with virtually everyone that’s someone in the business dropping the “netbook” marketing term, but continuing to roll out light, sleek, portable and affordable little notebooks. The latest more »

Touch-Enabled Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Ultraportables With Intel Haswell Available For $380 And Up

You don’t hear very often the words “Intel Haswell”, “touchscreen”, “ultrabook” and “budget-friendly” used in the same sentence, but believe it or not, Dell has managed to bring all those together for the Inspiron 11 3000 Series. Unveiled not long ago and detailed a little later, the ultrabooks are now up for grabs, starting at more »

Dell Brings Forth Super-Thin Inspiron 7000 Series Laptops, Budget-Friendly Inspiron 11 Ultrabook

And just like that, summer is gone, the fun is all over and, worst of all, the holiday season is nearing. Why worst of all? Because of all the shopping and hunting for the perfect gifts, both for them and your pockets. But fret not, because if you’re on the prowl for an affordable computing more »

Meet The Asus VivoBook X102BA, A 10-Inch Windows 8 Mini-Laptop with AMD Temash CPU

Whatever you may have heard about netbooks, I mean mini-laptops, whatever Acer or Asus might have told you more than half a year back, I’m glad to inform you 10-inch notebooks are still very much alive and kicking. The only difference being they’re not marketed as netbooks any longer. The Asus VivoBook X102BA has been more »


Deal Alert: Get 50% Off on Bitdefender Family Pack 2013

PC security is always a very serious issue, as hackers constantly implement more and better ways to crack privacy and steal data. One always reads about such stories of stolen identity, and many believe that it’s something that would never happen to them. But it can take years to reverse the damaging effects of stolen more »

Asus Tries to Resurrect the Netbook with 10-Inch 1015E Going for $300

Who said netbooks are dead? Well, pretty much everybody that has been involved in the business for the past half a decade or so. But it appears mini-laptops are still alive and kicking. Asus, one of the market’s road-openers and leaders, seems to want to bring back netbooks from the dead. The first step is more »

New Surface Pro Commercial Gets Users to Feel the ‘Vibe’ (Video)

Microsoft’s first video advertisement for their Surface Pro tablet notebook mimics my typical office day. A team of business people work together at a round table, all on their Surface Pros; a mutual vibe is felt and choreographed dancing and beat-boxing ensues. It’s really not that crazy. The ad shows the quick transformation from tablet more »

Asus and Acer Are Out of the Netbook Market, Are Mini-Laptops Dead?

Every invention or breakthrough, especially concerning the technology industry, starts with a simple yet brilliant idea — like manufacturing smaller, more portable and cheaper laptops. But a good idea is not always enough to lead to a breakthrough or guarantee success, as netbooks have perfectly demonstrated. Born in 2007, this class of notebooks seemed to more »

Acer TravelMate B113 Starts Selling in the US for $399

With ultrabooks being often considered too expensive and netbooks too light on the specs, Acer has thought about finding a balance between the two classes of portable computers. Meet the TravelMate B113, a laptop that can technically be called both an ultrabook and a netbook, but that isn’t marketed either way. We’ll call it a more »

Dell’s Project Sputnik is a go, means they will soon begin selling Ubuntu ultrabooks

A few months back we heard of Project Sputnik from Dell, which for those who missed it, that was a test period in which the company was going to trial selling Ubuntu based ultrabooks. And well, it looks like the project was a success and a limited amount of Ubuntu running ultrabooks will be available more »

Dell Inspiron 13z and 14z ultraportable notebooks begin shipping, arrive priced from $599.99

Dell announced the updated Inspiron 13z and 14z ultraportable notebooks back in June, and well, it looks like both models have since come available for purchase. These models begin with a starting price of $599.99 for the 13z and $699.99 for the 14z. Of course, both models can also be customized which will add some more »