Verizon pulls off the treble, sending Lollipop to LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

The trinity of budget-friendly high-speed LG tablets on Big Red has altogether moved to Android 5.0, leaving 4.4 KitKat behind surprisingly early given their overall lackluster hardware. Technically, there are actually four Lollipop-powered LG G Pads available with the nation’s largest carrier, following the recent launch of the X8.3 model.

Say goodbye to image tears and stutter with FreeSync-enabled $600 LG monitor

Who says gaming gear has to be crazy expensive? Not LG and AMD, that’s for sure, as the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation and American semiconductor producer join forces to help smooth out 4K content in exchange for only $599.

Forget about 2D. Holus bumps entertainment to 3D holographic glory

The world we live in and interact with is three dimensional. Chairs, books, and even the technology we handle on a daily basis has substance on three axis. Digital content? Most all of that is flat. But if you’re curious to take a peek into the future of digital entertainment, then look no further than Holus.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet again delayed in Europe, altogether MIA stateside

Upper tier, premium, feature-packed Android tablets are notoriously difficult to sell in a market segment heavily dominated by Apple’s iPads, but that’s not stopping Sony from trying… again. Unfortunately, the Japanese device manufacturer doesn’t appear to be familiar with the “strike while the iron is hot” saying, as Xperia Z4 Tablet’s commercial debut drifts on and on.

Save the date: June 17 should see T-Mo score the Lumia 640 and LG G Pad F 8.0

Microsoft probably doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes that made Nokia so irrelevant in the US mobile landscape, but already, Lumia 640’s wide-scale North American launch has been inexplicably held up. Introduced to the world back in March, the low-cost, mid-end 5 incher was presumed as headed to T-Mobile as early as the following month.

LG G Pad 10.1 LTE receives OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop on Verizon

Another one of Verizon’s 4G LTE-capable Android tablets is all set to bid adieu to archaic 4.4 KitKat software, embracing 5.0 Lollipop goodies instead. This time, it’s the G Pad 10.1, bizarrely updated after LG’s smaller, older G Pad 8.3 on America’s largest wireless service provider.

Say hello to the second-gen HP Pavilion x2 10 with Intel Cherry Trail inside

Impressed by the non-Pro 10-inch Microsoft Surface 3 but still feel it’s a little on the expensive side of things, at $499 and up?

Asus offers choice of Chrome OS or Windows with new mini-PC quartet

Perhaps more than ever, Asus stormed to Computex this year to prove its very diverse product roster can keep up with essentially all market trends known to mobile and PC consumers. As such, a slew of tiny desktops were showcased alongside the eye-catching ZenWatch 2 and ZenFone Selfie in Taipei, aiming to consolidate the fall of traditional computer towers.

Verizon brings Lollipop goodies to its LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Hot on the heels of Android 5.0 rollouts for 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S 4G versions on both AT&T and Verizon, Samsung pulls off a (relatively) timely update as far as Big Red’s smaller model is concerned too.

Deal alert: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 at $200, 10.1 at $300 via Best Buy

It’s been almost 18 months since Samsung unveiled what we presumed were only the first members of the Galaxy Tab Pro family, and it’s time we recognized and accepted the writing on the wall. In all likelihood, the high-end non-AMOLED, non-S Pen slate experiment failed, and we’ll never get sequels for the WQXGA 8.4/10.1/12.2-inch trio.

LG G4 indeed launches June 4 with Verizon, G Pad X8.3 arrives early

The ball was in Verizon and AT&T’s court since both Sprint and T-Mobile announced full availability breakdown for LG’s sizzling hot new Android flagship. Now Big Red has formally joined the G4 launch party, although full disclosure – you may still have to wait a few days to get the swanky leather-clad gadget shipped.

Surprisingly stylish Asus ZenPad 8 shows up in press-friendly form

Unearthing an impending Android gadget while it scores FCC certification is all well and good, especially when there are also credible tipsters to confirm its identity and a few key specifications. But it’s far more desirable to check out unreleased devices in the flesh, particularly in high-resolution marketing render style.