The iPad Air 2 means business with booq’s latest sleek folio

If you think that the latest tablets are only for fun and entertainment, then you’re missing out on an entire half of mobile power potential. It doesn’t take much to transform a device into something classy for productivity or work. You’ll choose to wear a well-tailored suit as part of professional business attire; pairing the right accessory for your Apple iPad Air 2 is just as important.


Lenovo’s ‘ultimate business ultrabook’, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, gets Broadwell upgrade

Everybody ready for a Broadwell PC revolution? You should be, since Haswell processors are getting pretty old, and the first underwhelming member of the Broadwell family, the Intel Core M, found its way inside energy efficient laptops a good few months back.

E Fun’s CES 2015 lineup includes Android 5.0 tabs, hybrids and Windows 8.1 2-in-1s

E Fun, which proudly claims the number five spot in stateside tablet sales, has just revealed its boldest bid for global fame yet, bringing no less than seven sizzling hot new gadgets to Las Vegas for the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Archos unveils surprisingly capable sub-$200 phone, humdrum tablet trio at CES

The China and Europe-based budget gadget specialists are looking to snatch far more headlines than usual at this year’s Las Vegas-set CES, and Archos is no exception. In fact, the French may have well announced the most specced out sub-$200 Android smartphone yet.

8-inch HP ‘Pro’ tablet with Windows 8.1 fully detailed ahead of CES intro

Wondering what next week’s Consumer Electronics Show could deliver in terms of low-cost tablets? It appears HP is as eager as us all to disclose CES 2015 plans, with an 8-inch Windows 8.1 slate prematurely exposed online.


Nokia N1 Android tablet tipped for early January commercial debut

Well, that was quick. Nokia’s first post-Microsoft consumer product, the surprising N1 Android slate, came out of nowhere a month or so back, and should go on sale in a couple of weeks. That adds up to a turnaround of well under 60 days, which is better than many high-profile Lumia launches.

Chromebooks to get always-on voice commands

Always-on voice commands in the form of the “OK Google” phrase are coming to Google Chromebooks. The feature is already included on Android devices and has proven to be quite useful. Now, Chrome OS developer builds are receiving OK Google as well and that will let users control their notebook even when the display is off.

Sony builds up CES 2015 appearance with surreal teaser video

The point of teaser videos posted by tech companies in anticipation of events like CES or MWC is typically to build hype around what’s to come without actually revealing what’s to come. Ergo, we’ve grown used to the vagueness and mystery, but Sony is pushing ambiguity to new heights.

Skype real time translator begins rolling out

The new real time translation feature in Skype is beginning to roll out in a preview program. Those who are a part of the preview program will be able to use Skype Translator beginning today in English and Spanish. With the feature, users speaking to each other in different languages won’t have to worry about not understanding each other. Translated audio appears as text or sound for receiving users.

Artificial Intelligence, biomechanics, and living forever: a philosophical discussion

News broke yesterday that some savvy scientists at OpenWorm managed to map a worm’s mind (all 302 neurons of it), create a computer-generated copy, and give it a robot body. This renewed my hope that I’ll one day live in full consciousness and self-awareness in a cyborg body, living happily forever after like some sexy 30-year-old more »

Acer Iconia Tab 8 drops to $140 at Best Buy, $40 gift card included

Acer probably didn’t need to go the extra mile this holiday season to end up high on shopping lists, but they wanted to do it anyway. After all, it’s a time of giving, and the Taiwan-based PC manufacturer, alongside Best Buy, offers up a discounted touchscreen Aspire E5 laptop and Iconia Tab 8 slate.

Huzzah, LTE-capable Google Nexus 9 goes up for grabs via T-Mobile

Sad to see Google and LG’s “classic” Nexus 5 go? Maybe this piece of joyous news will help turn that frown upside down. The Nexus 9 is now available from T-Mobile with 4G LTE connectivity. Beautiful, delicious, speedy 4G LTE.