This brand-new Asus Fonepad is one of very few large-screened Lollipop devices

Priced at the equivalent of $250 or so, we expect the new Fonepad to spread worldwide soon enough, since it’s currently listed on Asus’ global website.

The handsomest Asus ZenBook yet is here, and it’s relatively affordable

Still incapable of truly cracking the mobile success code, Asus goes back to doing what it does best, by launching yet another stunning ultraportable laptop. This one is no MacBook Air “killer”, but at $699 and up, it only has to be a decent, long-lasting, robust alternative.

Deal alert: Dell Venue 8 7000 Series with RealSense for $370 ($30 off)

With first-gen iPad Minis available as low as $240, Retina second-gens going for $290 and up, hunky Nvidia Shields offered with free gift cards, and Nexus 9s discounted to $350, it’s not easy to justify a $400 sub-10 inch Android purchase.

Second generation Galaxy Tab S line up reportedly in works

Last year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S line up which offered stunning Super AMOLED displays, and came in two form factors: 8.4-inch and 10.1-inch. The tablets offered an excellent set of specifications, but according to a new report from the well-reputed SamMobile, the Korean OEM is already working on the second generation Galaxy Tab S tablets which are expected to launch later this year.

Huawei’s vague MWC teasers could allude to LTE standalone smartwatch

We already know Huawei intends to fly to Barcelona soon for a couple of early March product announcements at the Mobile World Congress. These are guaranteed to have nothing to do with Windows 10, and flagship Android smartphone launches seem highly unlikely.

Deal alert: Nvidia Shield Tablet offered with free $30 gift card on Amazon

Nvidia hasn’t been very open about the box-office performance of the Shield Tablet, and especially after Nexus 9’s debut, we didn’t figure the Android-loving crowds were flocking to stores to nab the gaming-centric 8 incher.

Xiaomi intent to pursue American dream, but only with low-cost wearables

They say real estate success is all about location, location, location and similarly, mobile box-office triumphs rely heavily on distribution, distribution, distribution. So what if Xiaomi is bigger in China than Apple and Samsung?

T-Mobile reboots ‘Tablet on Us’ promo, offers Alcatel Pop 7 for free again

There’s nothing sweeter than free money, except maybe free mobile gear, and when you’re able to score gadgets for no charge just days before Valentine’s, the sweet factor is overwhelming. A life-saver as always, T-Mobile is bringing back its wildly popular “Tablet on Us” deal, letting customers nab the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 for $0 down and $0 monthly payments.


Deal alert: HP Stream 7 for $79 with free Windows Store gift card

It’s a known fact Microsoft has stopped charging device manufacturers for Windows licenses on phones and small tablets, but soon enough, we may find out Redmond is actually paying OEMs to help branch out their OS.

Amazon’s Valentine’s Deals include $299 64 GB Fire HDX 8.9, $59 Kindle 7

You have only five days left, boys and, well, boys, to save face and survive another tormenting Valentine’s experience while leaving a thoughtful and loving impression to your better half. And let’s be honest, you didn’t plan ahead this year either.

Humble Samsung Galaxy Tab A, stylus-endowed Tab A Plus detailed early

There’s no question Samsung needs to radically shake things up in the tablet-manufacturing department to better contend against Apple’s iPads, but up until now, we haven’t been very clear on the details of the prospective lineup overhaul.


Second-gen Nvidia Shield Tablet with Tegra X1 rumored for March unveil

Nvidia’s Shield Portable experiment failed miserably, there’s no question about that, but the chip maker bravely pulled together and hit it out of the park with the Shield Tablet. That’s probably a bit of a stretch, yet we have to figure the 8-inch Android gaming device impressed at the box-office, since a sequel is on the way.