R.I.P. iPhoto: First look and tips for Yosemite’s Photos app

For all those who love the Photos apps on iPad and iPhone, it will come as good news that the same format has arrived on the Photos app on Macs with Yosemite. The 10.10.3 update includes the Photos app that completely replaces iPhoto and changes everything about how we manage photos on a Mac. Here more »

Deal alert: LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at $280 with Verizon or AT&T

The only Samsung slates brought out this beginning of the year are the textbook definition of affordable, mediocre gear. Plus, the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and 9.7 can’t be purchased stateside yet, not even in Wi-Fi-limited flavors. Meanwhile, it’s clearly just a matter of time until the high-end Galaxy Tab S 2 pair will break more »


Intel Compute Stick available to pre-order for late April/early May shipping

Intel is just about ready to let you enjoy a “full” Windows 8.1 experience in the palm of your hand.

Contradictory reports call for Surface Pro 4 launch in July or October

Surprised to see a non-Pro, third-generation Microsoft Surface debut on the heels of the Pro 3 instead of a much more logical Pro 4? Odds are a new high-end 2-in-1 laptop replacement is also coming by the end of the year, though the team behind the affordable Surface 3 responded to speculation with an ice-cold “no comment” on Reddit.

Asus MeMo Pad 7 LTE launches exclusively with AT&T on April 10

AT&T will sell a decidedly lackluster Asus: the LTE-capable MeMo Pad 7 with quad-core Intel Atom power, HD screen resolution and 1 GB RAM.

Deal alert: Acer Chromebook 11 with touchscreen and 32 GB SSD at $180

Acer has been dropping Chrome OS computers left and right lately, looking to diversify the Google-endorsed low-cost product portfolio with more premium models and touch-capable all-in-ones. Rumor is the Taiwanese manufacturer will soon join the ranks of Haier, Hisense and Asus in the sub-$200 Chromebook space, although technically, they already have a $180 11.6 incher more »


Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-orders at Verizon come bundled with Gear S/GTab savings

Verizon sure picked an odd day to open pre-sales for hands down the most exciting Android smartphones around this beginning of the year, but April Fools’ is officially behind us now, and there’s no reason to fear pranks anymore. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are still up for grabs via the nation’s leading more »

Deal alert: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LTE and Galaxy Alpha on the cheap via eBay

Face it, $400 isn’t a lot of money to score new mobile gear with, even in the age of ultra-low-cost Chinese flagships, Moto Es and Gs. If you hurry though, you can use it to buy not one, but two above-average LTE-capable Androids, and you’ll still have enough change to accessorize both gadgets.

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge UC

Despite the abundance of quality earpieces, I’ll still see someone having a conversation with a huge phone or tablet up to their face. It’s still ridiculous, even if they may just be singing along to playing music. Everyone should own a good Bluetooth earpiece. They work better than the built in microphones and speakers of more »

Rugged Lenovo N21 Chromebook goes on sale at $219 and up

As Google recently unveiled by far the most impressive Chromebook yet, and Acer followed up with a surprisingly capable, surprisingly affordable model, it started to seem like the inexpensive cloud-centric Chrome OS machines were shifting their focus all of a sudden. But fret not, low-cost laptop enthusiasts, as there’s plenty of room under Big G’s more »

(UK-only) Deal alert: High-end Surface Pro 3 configs sold with free HP Streams

Talk about unorthodox cross-promotion. Microsoft is currently plugging the ultra-low-cost HP Stream 7 tablet alongside the premium Surface Pro 3 “laptop replacement”, bundling the two at the price of one.

Best Buy discounts selection of Samsung gadgets in Galaxy S6 anticipation

Crunch time is nigh, and several US retailers know full well it’s going to be game over for older Samsung handhelds once the sizzling hot Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge see daylight.