GameOver Zeus botnet takes short-term blow from authorities

In a multinational operation, authorities from the US, UK, and EU were able to temporarily halt the GameOver Zeus botnet that has been stealing bank account information and infecting computers. By putting a stop to the botnet, authorities say that businesses and individuals will essentially have a two-week period to defend themselves and get rid of the botnet before the malware begins to spread once again.

NSA collects millions of images for facial recognition

Every single day, the National Security Agency (NSA) collects millions of photos from social media, text messages, emails, and other communications for its large facial recognition programs. NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden collected the documents that explain these spy programs and the documents were reported on in The New York Times.

Criminals are winning in the cybercrime battle

No matter how advanced or expensive an organization’s cybersecurity software is, criminals seem to be able to get around that security without much trouble. The 2014 State of Cybercrime Survey from PcW has found that hackers are breaking into US businesses at an unprecedented rate despite the emphasis that businesses now have on security. PcW gathered its data from 500 executives at companies, law enforcement agencies, and the government.

Snowden tells NBC that he is a spy

Edward Snowden, the man behind the NSA leaks, has told NBC News’ Brian Williams that despite all of the things that people have referred to him as in the media, he is actually a “spy”, or at least was trained like one. Snowden explains that he worked undercover for government agencies like the CIA and NSA. Since he was always pretending to be someone else and worked to implement security systems around the world, Snowden thinks that from a professional point-of-view, he is a spy and not just a system administrator.

Pentagon report says scope of Snowden leaks is staggering

To no one’s surprise, the Pentagon is not happy about Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who has given thousands of secret documents to journalists around the world. In a Pentagon report that was partially secured by The Guardian, it is clear that from the US intelligence community’s point of view, the impact of Snowden’s leaks is tremendous.

Network security doesn’t usually stop breaches

Businesses are forced to deal with security breaches on a consistent basis and according to a new report, dealing with those breaches by setting up network security software may not be effective. A security study has been published by FireEye that shows 97 percent of businesses that have some form of network security setup have been breached during the past six months.

Cisco asks President Obama to get NSA under control

Cisco CEO John Chambers has sent a letter to US President Barack Obama asking that he work to reign in the National Security Agency (NSA). The letter was sent as a result of newly leaked NSA documents that appear to show the agency intercepting Cisco products and hacking them so that they can be monitored upon reaching consumers. Not only was the interception process described in the documents, a picture was included that actually shows agency members implementing a backdoor.

Photo shows NSA adding spy equipment to router

Glenn Greenwald’s new book No Place To Hide is providing a slew of NSA documents and files that were not previously included in media coverage. While there are many interesting things included in the book and in the files, one has come out at exactly the right time. An NSA photo from June 2010 shows agency members adding a “beacon” to a Cisco router that was intercepted.

Are we too trusting of online cloud storage?

Many of us have gigabytes worth of data stored in various places all over the internet. We have albums worth of photos saved and shared on Facebook. Amazon and Google Play retain copies of digital music, books, and video purchases, which can be accessed remotely. And, of course, we can’t forget comprehensive online storage sites more »

Improve your private cloud with Transporter’s new features

With all the stories of security breaches and hacked data popping up in the news, one might be concerned about the safety of their personal information on the web. Rightly so, since recovering from such incursions can be an absolute nightmare for normal people with jobs and families.

Sony and Panasonic intro new optical disc standard called the Archival Disc

If you think cloud storage is the only future for storing your precious files, think again. I’m a believer of cloud but Sony and Panasonic have recently partnered to introduce a new optical disc standard. I can still remember storing my thesis in a 1.4MB floppy disk and now a small device can hold 300GB up to 1TB per disc?

Bitcoin’s Future May Be in Jeopardy

The Bitcoin world is trying not to panic at the news popular Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has abruptly disappeared. Two weeks ago they halted withdrawals due to what they called “technical issues” regarding suspicious activity. Then on Sunday the company’s CEO Mark Karpeles quit the board of the Bitcoin foundation and all of Mt. Gox’s tweets were deleted.