Gmail app will get Yahoo, Outlook account support

Google is updating all of its applications to add support for Material Design, the new design that is being used in Android 5.0 Lollipop. One of the apps that is being updated is Gmail, and it turns out the next version of the mobile email application will have support for Outlook and Yahoo accounts.

Windows 9 preview may be released in October

A preview for Windows 9 is coming out in October, according to Paul Thurrott, instead of on September 30. Microsoft has scheduled a press event for the end of this month, but Thurrott claims the company will not make the preview available until sometime in October. The technical preview and Microsoft’s event is aimed at developers, and a consumer-ready version of Windows 9 is not expected until next year.


Microsoft has announced an event on September 30th in San Francisco

We’ve heard quite a lot about the next iteration of Windows in the past few weeks, codenamed Threshold. Rumors suggested that Microsoft will hold an event this month, and it turns out to be correct. The software giant has scheduled an event on September 30th in San Francisco. While the invite doesn’t say if it will be Windows 9, it simply mentions, “Join us to hear more about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.”

After 2 years of user abuse, Microsoft to restore Start Menu

Recently-leaked photos posted on ComputerBase show a redesigned Start Menu that users have been wanting ever since Windows 8 came out.

Google Now Launcher adds support for more devices

A small update rolled out for the Google Now Launcher last week. The app itself remains largely unchanged, but a couple of interesting modifications to the launcher’s compatibility listings on Google Play have been observed.

Closely lets people find their friends

A German startup is developing an app that automatically informs you of your friends’ whereabouts.

Indiegogo iOS app reaches US after Canadian launch

Crowd-funding platform Indiegogo has just released an iOS mobile app. While Canada has been enjoying the service for a month, this launch is meant for the rest of the world. Yes, Indiegogo has gone international.


Majority of businesses continue using Windows XP

Though Microsoft has pulled its support for Windows XP, a surprisingly large number of businesses are still running the aged OS in their operations.

TOR was compromised in early 2014

The TOR encryption service serves as one of the bastions of computer security, but it isn’t without flaws. Earlier this year, an anonymous attacker likely managed to collect data about people who were seeking hidden services. It is possible other parts of the network have also been compromised.

Hangouts separates from Google+, integrates with Apps

Google+ birthed two incredibly satisfying products: Google+ Photos, and its video meetings service, Hangouts. While the latter could not previously be accessed without a Google+ profile, that requirement is now a thing of the past.


Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana adds Foursquare integration

In February of this year, Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare. In exchange, Foursquare agreed it would offer their assistance to Microsoft in regards to the latter’s products and services.

Russia to award £65k to any security expert capable of cracking TOR

The Russian Interior Ministry is offering a reward of 3.9m rubles, or £65,000, to any security expert who can crack the anonymous online network, The Onion Router (TOR).