Rokform Rocks the CTIA 2013 Best of Show Awards

Rokform received recognition from the iPhone Life magazine CTIA 2013 Best of Show awards in two categories at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas May 21-23. The awards included Most Innovative Case award and the illustrious “They Made What Now?!” award. The “Most Innovative Case” was awarded to Rokform’s family of versatile cases and mount more »

The Growing Need for Rules on Teen Mobile Usage (Infographic)

With new technology released what seems like everyday, it can sometimes be challenging for parents to manage their children’s online activity and phone use. The following infographic by CTIA takes a look at today’s wireless family, and how mobile device use is introduced to children at an earlier age than ever before. For example, 39% more »

Sprint’s Drive First app keeps you safe, charges you money

Distracted Driving

A lot of phones these days come with a little sticker on the screen that warns against texting while driving. We’re all guilty of it, but it really is something that needs to be put in check. There are some applications out there that will disable texting while a car is in motion, but few are well publicized by a carrier. Today, Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse (the calm guy from the Sprint commercials) announced Drive First at CTIA. Drive First is an Android application that restricts phones from performing potentially dangerous actions while the owner is driving.


Verizon rolling out LTE to 38 cities, phones to come at CES

As predicted, during Verizon’s keynote at CTIA, CEO Lowell McAdam announced plans for the upcoming LTE rollout. While it was previously announced that the company would be rolling the service out to 30 NFL cities, McAdam announced that 4G would in fact be launching in 38 cities, including New York City, Houston, Dallas, the San more »


Sprint announces the beautiful HTC EVO 4G

At CTIA today, Sprint started to show off it’s first 4G smartphone. The phone is called the HTC EVO 4G, and it looks as if the Nexus One has finally been replaced in terms of most impressive and lust-worthy Android smartphone. The shots here make it look like the HD2 running Android, though it does more »

Google Voice to ride with Verizon

One big piece of info coming out of the Google/Verizon announcement today is that Google Voice will be a big part of the Google phones Verizon will carry, starting with two this year. Verizon and Google have been working together for over a year on this and they expect the multi-year partnership will produce more more »

CTIA update: it’s raining junk phones? Can Google/Verizon turn this around?

If you are a mobile phone fan like me, so far CTIA has been a bit disappointing. Two phones that I have been looking forward to fondling are reportedly major duds and have each earned a “don’t touch with a 10 foot pole” warning. It is up to Google and Verizon to cheer me up. more »


Pantech’s messaging duo announced at CTIA

Pantech has two new quick messaging phones on AT&T in time for the holidays this year. The Reveal and the Impact both feature a full QWERTY keypads that easily slide out so users can bang out quick messages on AT&T’s 3G network. Pantech’s phones are typically economically priced. The Reveal is interesting in that its more »

CTIA Best of Show awards

For the past couple of days, I’ve rounded up what looked trendsetting, likely to actually make it into stores or just something I’ve fancied. This year’s CTIA seemed a bit odd to me; maybe it is the economy keeping a lid on things or maybe it is just that we are in limbo waiting to see how the first real soldier (Pre) goes up against the Apple war machine (iPhone). Here are the best of show awards, sponsored by Gadgetell and Downy Fabric Softner.

Disclaimer: The fine folks at Downy had nothing to do with this but it is laundry day, so if they need some geeks to check their stuff, send a tub this way.

CTIA mobile gems, Day 2

Day two of CTIA in Las Vegas, Nevada and as is fitting the Palm Pre is leading the buzz with its announcement yesterday that it will support Palm OS and a new round of showing off of 3rd party apps. If you cut through that buzz, there are some unsung heroes that will be bumping into in your local coffee shop and on the planes, trains and if you carpool, automobiles. The Samsung Magnet represents the branch of the phone world that focuses on texting at Edge (2G) speeds. This phone though not officially priced yet, looks fantastic and is sure to be pretty affordable, I’d guess somewhere around the $49 mark with contract. The full QWERTY keypad looks nice and the phone itself will intro in orange. What is not to love?

CTIA mobile gems of 2009: Day 1

Welcome to Gadgetell’s round up of the hottest action coming from Las Vegas, Nevada’s CTIA show. Opening day has been sprinkled some interesting developments, both at the show and those looking to preempt it a bit. Here is what is happening today: Blackberry (finally) launched its App store. App World, brings together a bunch of apps users probably didn’t know existed and puts them in one place. Bloggers have been arguing all day on whether or not this service is of any worth. The store requires a PayPal account for now, trackball or touch screen and 4.2 OS. Easy enough, right?

Jabra unleashes new BT stereo headset. Thinking iPhone 3.0?

Jabra Halo bluetooth stereo headset CTIAToday at CTIA in Las Vegas, Jabra is announcing two new products: the Halo Bluetooth stereo headset and the SP200 speaker phone. The headset is due out in May ’09 and the speaker phone this month.

The Halo headset features Jabra’s Noise Blackout technology and claims to work with any Bluetooth phone or mp3 player. According to Jabra, if connected to a mobile phone and listening to music, the headset music will fade out so you can take the call; no word if it has an integrated microphone to actually take the call. On the whole, it looks very sleek.

With iPhone 3.0 software being opened up to Bluetooth stereo accessories, Jabra’s Halo could be a big winner for all of us that hate cords. Of course, Jabra built in wire compatibility if your devices doesn’t have Bluetooth, which is pretty clever. At $129 MSRP, I could see this getting on many peoples short list.