LG G4 goes on sale at T-Mobile with free 128 GB microSD card

Can LG make its newest flagship Android phone even more desirable? Apparently, yes, with a little help from America’s leading “Uncarrier.” In a bid to eclipse both Sprint’s uber-attractive Lease offers and Best Buy’s incredible gift card promos, T-Mobile just announced their take on the G4 will sell with on-the-house 128 GB memory cards.

All of Best Buy’s LG G4 pre-orders come bundled with free $100 gift cards

If we didn’t know any better, we’d suspect G4’s manufacturers are so desperate to get the leather-clad flagship out the door, they’ll soon start giving away brand-new units. Actually, in a way, the 5.5-inch Quad HD Android can already be scored free of charge.

Deal alert: Moto 360 starting at $150 ($100 off) on Best Buy

Wi-Fi-enabled following a radical Android Wear modernization effort, longer-lasting than when it first started selling, as stylish and “universally” compatible as always, you could say Motorola’s Moto 360 is a more tempting proposal than ever before.

Deal alert starting May 23: 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at 32 GB prices

Samsung came so close to Android smartphone perfection with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. So, so close! Just an extra microSD card slot, plus waterproof exterior, and the two would have reached otherworldly virtue. While the latter deficiency can be tackled at the microscopic cost of a , the former is a tricky flaw, more »

Deal alert: Get $100 back on Samsung phone + tablet bundles from T-Mobile

In the market for a spanking new high-end Samsung smartphone and could be convinced to also buy a matching slate at the right price? T-Mobile has the perfect promo for you, shaving a cool $100 off any “latest” Samsung handheld bought alongside a Galaxy Tab 4 or Tab S. Here’s how it works. Let’s say more »

LG G4 expected in T-Mo stores June 2, all US buyers get a slew of freebies

Seeing as how Samsung absolutely revolutionized the design of its previous flagship devices to come up with a remarkably premium Galaxy S6/S6 Edge duo, very few gave LG any chance to contend or even play in the same league when their G4 powerhouse would go on sale. But the Korean underdogs played essentially all their more »

Deal Alert: Save 40% on Goal Zero Bundle at REI

Summer is almost upon us! Although, if we’re going to get technical, the spirit of summer has been hammering down on many for months, depending on where one lives. Well, whatever. It’s close enough to the time of trading pencils, books, and dirty looks for sun, fun, and freedom. So you’re ready to head out more »

Deal alert: Google Nexus 6 for $550 ($100 off) at T-Mobile

Pretty much corroborating speculation the newest “pure Google” phone isn’t quite selling like hotcakes, and perhaps suggesting a refresh (or two) is closer than you’d expect, T-Mobile has given the Nexus 6 a cool 100 bucks price trim.

Motorola shaves $125 off walnut and teak finished second-gen Moto X

It can’t be easy for Motorola to push the 2014 Moto X knowing full well the Droid Turbo and Nexus 6 are far superior in every way, not to mention a third-gen X is likely around the corner. A series of promotions and bundle deals have nonetheless managed to keep the second-generation “flagship” relatively in the spotlight lately.


Deal alert: No-contract Verizon Moto G for $30 at Best Buy

With several marginally improved spin-offs following in the footsteps of the tremendously well-received original Moto G, plus a remarkably solid new entry-level E, you’d probably expect the handheld that started this low-cost revolution to die already.

Verizon slashes big-battery Motorola Droid Turbo to $500 off-contract

Perhaps the most underrated top-shelf Android smartphone released in the past year or so, the Droid Turbo, goes the extra mile starting today to snatch the headlines it clearly deserves. Motorola’s longevity champion is cheaper than ever before through its exclusive US carrier backer, as Verizon merely charges $499.99 sans contractual obligations with 32 GB internal storage.

Deal alert: Factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 at $630 on eBay

Well, that was fast. We weren’t expecting the first half-decent Galaxy S6 promotions for at least a couple more months, given everybody seems to want a piece of the six appeal-brimming handheld. Of course, what we’re looking at here isn’t technically a Samsung-sanctioned deal.