Acer Chromebase all-in-one priced at $330, dated for ‘this month’ stateside

The world’s first Chrome OS-powered all-in-one desktop with an optional touch display was initially announced on April 1 (no joke), but sans pricing details or precise release dates. Just a vague Q2 window for North American and Asia Pacific markets, and fairly educated guesses on our part regarding (relative) affordability.

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 undercuts Intel Compute Stick price at $130

This little known Indian brand called iBall, in partnership with Microsoft, literally just unveiled a regional rival for the Intel Compute Stick, and already, there’s a new contender for the title of best thumb-sized PC.

Microsoft and India’s iBall team up for affordable Splendo PC-on-a-stick

It’s no secret that small is the new big in the ever-shifting PC landscape, with more and more complex smartphones forcing industry veterans to hatch full-fledged computers the size of USB flash drives. Granted, “full-fledged” is a bit of a stretch, as these tiny machines can technically carry out basic computing tasks while fumbling on more »

Asus offers choice of Chrome OS or Windows with new mini-PC quartet

Perhaps more than ever, Asus stormed to Computex this year to prove its very diverse product roster can keep up with essentially all market trends known to mobile and PC consumers. As such, a slew of tiny desktops were showcased alongside the eye-catching ZenWatch 2 and ZenFone Selfie in Taipei, aiming to consolidate the fall of traditional computer towers.

Smaller is better: Dell unveils ‘big-potential’ Inspiron Micro Desktop

Business PC consumers, hardcore gamers and power users in general might be boiling with rage at the sound of such a preposterous (for them) industry trend, but sometimes, raw speed is simply not the goal. Instead, it’s affordability and, above all, ultra-compact form factors that many a desktop manufacturer are after these days with so-called more »


Lenovo squeezes Chrome OS for education into 1L ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny

Chromebooks and especially Chromeboxes continue to struggle in the mainstream consumer-oriented PC landscape, where Windows and OS X-powered laptops and desktops comfortably run the show.


Intel Compute Stick available to pre-order for late April/early May shipping

Intel is just about ready to let you enjoy a “full” Windows 8.1 experience in the palm of your hand.


TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge UC

Despite the abundance of quality earpieces, I’ll still see someone having a conversation with a huge phone or tablet up to their face. It’s still ridiculous, even if they may just be singing along to playing music. Everyone should own a good Bluetooth earpiece. They work better than the built in microphones and speakers of more »

Bang & Olufsen replacing Beats on HP computers

Computers from HP are going to leave behind Beats Audio in favor of Bang & Olufsen. The Spectre, Omen, and Envy product lines are all being switched to audio components from Bang & Olufsen. Some tablets and Pavilion computers are going to use B&O’s Play Label. HP has not mentioned how it is going to more »

Microsoft declares death to piracy with free Windows 10 updates for all

Activating a non-genuine copy of Windows 8 or 8.1, not to mention 7, is a huge hassle. You need a valid serial key, all sorts of workarounds and third-party software meant to trick Microsoft into believing you actually paid for their services. Ahem, or so we’ve heard.

Acer sets up April 23 NYC event to unveil new PCs, tabs, phones ‘and more’

While we certainly didn’t expect the world from Acer at MWC 2015 last week, the product roster brought to Barcelona by the Taiwanese company still disappointed. A trio of forgettable Android handhelds, plus a modest smart band and cringe worthy Windows Phone joined forces to generate no emotion other than boredom.

Acer’s best Chromebox yet packs up to 8 GB RAM, supports 4K monitors

If you thought tiny, surprisingly powerful and productive Windows desktops like HP’s Stream Mini and Pavilion Mini, or Zotac’s Zbox army would ultimately lead to Chromebox extinction, you might want to reconsider.