Digital Sky touch screens will transform coach flying forever

During the recent Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, Germany, the new Thales Digital Sky touch screens were on display for future travelers to gawk at. These 21.3″ touch screen embedded seat accessories may become the coach traveler’s best friend. With these new seats, which don’t take up any more room than a standard coach seat, travelers will be able to enjoy their flight with greater access to technology.

TechnologyTell Review: AAXA P450 Micro Projector

The AAXA P450 micro projector is a fantastic piece of hardware for anyone who wants to experience big-screen viewing with pocket portability.

Get powerful projection with the latest AAXA M4 LED Micro projector

One of the great things about this mobile revolution is that there’s always something new and/or improved coming out. So long as it’s classified as either “now” or “soon”, whatever you get is going to be one of the best. Naturally, smartphones and tablets take the top slots, since those are the core products for accessories to revolve around. But everything gets an upgrade option eventually.

Favi Pico+ projector needs no wires or connected devices

Most projectors are pretty boring to me. We commonly associate these hulking, ugly things with school classrooms, work meetings, or presentations in front of groups. The kind of projector I like is the one that pulls out of my pocket when I want to toss up some cartoons or a movie on a blank wall. That’s my kind of fun.

TouchPico projector creates touchscreens anywhere, runs Android

Pocket or pico projectors are already pretty neat to begin with. Plug them into a laptop or mobile device in order to create a very large display screen. It’s useful for conducting presentations and fun for home media entertainment. Since most of these projectors can fit in the palm of your hand, they’re easy to carry and set up. But if you ever wanted to get more out of a projector, the team behind TouchPico are on the verge of doing just that.

Sharp’s IGZO displays can take any form

Sharp has announced a prototype for its free-form IGZO displays. Unlike traditional displays that only work with rectangles and squares, the Sharp displays could be used on devices like smartwatches to provide different form factors. The displays are based upon the company’s IGZO semiconductors which offer a much higher resolution than what would be found on most devices. The pixels found on regular LCD screens are larger than those on IGZO displays, thereby allowing IGZO to have a higher resolution.

ASUS introduces touchscreen USB monitor

Touchscreen monitors are becoming more popular as a result of touch-friendly operating systems like Windows 8 but USB monitors generally have not jumped onto the touch bandwagon. ASUS is one of the first companies to introduce a touchscreen USB monitor and it has done so at the annual Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. The new ASUS 14-inch USB monitor is the company’s first to be outfitted with a touchscreen and it will work fine with any device that has USB 3.0.

Intel working with Samsung to reduce 4K panel prices

Intel has announced a new partnership with Samsung at Computex 2014 that will hopefully lead to cheaper 4K monitor prices. There are two main problems with 4K that have resulted in a lack of adoption, expensive monitor prices and minimal 4K content. With this partnership, Intel will at least be able to address the price issue and it says that Samsung should be coming out with a 23.6-inch PLS 4K monitor for just $399.

LCD monitor doubles as android touchscreen tablet

Imagine that you’re working diligently on your home desktop PC, right up to the time you need to go. Most would resort to continuing their work on a mobile tablet or smartphone device while away from their large-screen desktop. But with AOC’s latest mySmart All-in-One displays, you get the best of an Android device and 22- or 24-inch LCD screen.

Acer K137 projector puts big-screen movies, games in pockets

Projectors are oftentimes associated with professional work or school. You know. Presentations in front of groups, or a teacher doing some math work for the entire class to see. Useful? Sure. Fun? Not really.

Google unveils its $999 Core i7-based Asus Chromebox for Meetings

Google has quietly launched its new Chromebox for Meetings. This Core i-7 Asus Chromebox setup retails for $999 and is available in the U.S. starting today. Basically, that’s the price that companies have to spend for a single meeting room. According to Google, with Chromebox for Meetings, companies can outfit 10 rooms or more with a powerful device for holding virtual meetings with Google Hangouts and Google Apps powering virtual meetings.


4K Ultra HD Finally Gets What It’s Been Missing: Porn

If you’ve been thinking of making the leap to a 4K Ultra HD TV but you’ve been worried about your pornography’s resulting resolution, fear not! I mean what good is phenomenal resolution without, well, porn? In the past, it’s always porn that brings new technological developments to the next level. Why do you think the internet is so popular? Think about it.