Casio CTK-2400 Sampling Keyboard: A Generous Sampling of Fun

Casio’s CTK-2400 ups the ante on all counts. Its 61 keys give an (admittedly) hobbyist/amateur keyboardist like myself more than enough room to cover the musical spectrum. And beyond the sampling capability, it comes with the full compliment of Casio functions that make the company’s line of inexpensive ($169.99 MSRP, but you can easily find one for under $100), all-in-one (speakers and amplification included for true portability) keyboards so appealing and such a great value.


Dance Dance Revolution killer? Microsoft readies “foot-controlled infotainment”

Never mind the desktop, or the living room. Microsoft is now eying the next frontier: The floor.


GadgeTell Interview: Hip-Hop Legend DJ Premier Talks Stanton Gear, His Career and Keeping Music Pure (Bonus: Full Performance Video)

If you’re a fellow classic (authentic) hip-hop freak, then you know about the Adidas sweat suits and b-boy dancers, those groovy vocal patterns, record scratches, rhythmic drum machine pockets, urban street art, etc., etc. And of course the countless figures and personalities involved; celebrated forefathers who provided life to the newly burgeoning musical genre at more »

GadgeTell Review: Stanton SCS.4DJ, the “So You Want To Be A D.J.?” Must-Have Mix Station

As a quick disclaimer, I should first point out that this piece of equipment seems best fit for the nightclub/rave style of D.J., not a beat-producer or songwriting kind. The SCS.4DJ all-in-one system would most suitably find itself around dimmed or strobe lights and dancing crowds — whether it’s a warehouse party or a backyard more »

Korg Adds Two Members to Kaoss Family: KP3+ and Kaossilator Pro+, Controlled Chaos at Your Fingertips

For those who enjoy futuristic, electronic-based music but aren’t quite musically-inclined or conversely, those traditional musicians looking to venture further out into a stranger musical landscape, listen up. Japanese electronic instrument company, Korg has announced the two new Kaoss pads to their already incredible fingertip-synthesized music maker line. And they’re known as the KP3+ Dynamic more »

Experience Headphones that Fit Your Genre, Quality of Music

Last month, Myth Labs officially released the world’s first personalized headphones on the market. Myth Labs headphones are customized to fit individual lifestyles and music collections. Using patent-pending sonic signature technology, everyone has the opportunity to discover their unique sonic match. The sound is tailored to the listener by using a variety of speakers designed to fit more »


How to pirate vinyl records

As if internet piracy wasn’t enough, electronics, robotics and mechanical engineering superstar Mike Senese has upped the ante in the world of piracy by replicating vinyl records. With a seemingly easy eight-step process, you can begin making copies of your all time favorite records. The items you’ll be needing to perform this will be: a more »

Gadgetell Review: The Tonium Pacemaker

Gadgetell Review: The Tonium Pacemaker

The Tonium Pacemaker is a DJ tool that lets you make mixes using songs on its 60GB internal hard drive using a combination of buttons and a circular touchpad. Controlling tempos, effects like reverb, audio properties such as treble and bass are done via the circular touchpad through a series of gestures. While the Pacemaker does have a screen, it is not designed for video playback, but can act as a simple music player. The Tonium Pacemaker is available at Amazon for $499.99.


The iFrogz EarPollution’s rock with style

The iFrogz brand of headphones known as EarPollution have found a way to combine comfort, superior sound, and individuality into a price range that can fit any digital DJ or casual listener. Music can spark a range of emotions but if you don’t hear every note, enjoy every boom, and let your mind wrap around the message, it is safe to say that your headphones are to blame. Keep reading to find out how these headphones performed.


Do you like creating music? If so, check out this phone

Whether you are a DJ, an aspiring DJ, or just someone who loves making music wouldn’t it be great if you could start playing virtual instruments and make music anywhere at anytime? Cell phones can do a lot of tasks these days, yet this is the first phone I’ve seen which is marketed towards people more »


KORG nanoSERIES drum machine: No drum sticks required

Music electronics company KORG has extended their lineup with the introduction of the USB-powered nanoSERIES, which includes the nanoPAD, nanoKONTROL, and nanoKEY. Like many other products out there, the KORG doesn’t short-change you just because it’s USB-powered. Check out the demo we recorded, and you’ll see what I mean. Product details can be found below.


EarPollution DJ-style headphones come in sweet colors

Besides highly customizable low-cost headphones, iFrogz EarPollution introduced a range of 5 new DJ-style headphones for $49.99. They come in some pretty crazy color scheme, moving DJing away from the black-and-silver headphone days of old. [Listening from the noisy show floor] They sounded very good for the price point, but we will offer a more in depth review once we get them to some DJ’s to take to a party with them.