Sony phasing Out 60GB PlayStation 3

Just when you though Sony could do no wrong, they throw another curveball at you. David Reeves, President of the SCEE, has told that they will no longer sell the 60GB Playstation 3 once it runs out of stock, which is expected to be the end of this month. After dropping the price of more »


Nintendo Wii keeps you Fit

First came Brain Age, a portable way to toughen your mental muscle. Now comes Wii Fit, a physical fitness game/program for the Nintendo Wii. Pictured above is the Wii Balance Board, a wireless aerobic-step device that detects you doing push-ups and the like. It does so with dual sensors that detect the shifting of your more »


New PSP slimmer, better battery, video output

At Sony’s E3 press conference today, details of the latest update to the PSP were released. The PSP upgrade includes a slimming down of the handheld by 19%, a battery life upgrade of 33%, and the addition of a new Ice Silver color as well as a white Star Wars Battlefront special edition. The only more »


Gamertell Live Blog: Sony E3 press conference

Yeah right, you don’t really have anything better to do right now. Head on over the Gamertell to check out the live blog of the Sony Computer Entertainment E3 presentation. [Sony Live Blog] [Gamertell E3 coverage]


Nintendo Unleashes Wii Zapper

In today’s E3 conference, Nintendo announced a much anticipated accessory for their Wii console. Reminiscent of the Duck Hunt gun of yesteryear, the Wii Zapper is designed for modern day FPS games. In the plastic housing, the Wiimote will act as the pointer, or barrel of the gun. All the while, the Nunchuck is readily more »

Gamertell Live Blog: Nintendo’s E3 2007 press conference

Our buds over at Gamertell are live-blogging Nintendo’s E3 press conference today, which starts at 12:00AM Eastern, 11:00AM Central, 10:00AM Mountain, and of course 9:00AM Pacific – for you west-coasters.. The post will be updated every few minutes. Tune into the feed by clicking the link below. Go on, get over there for some exciting more »


Xbox 360 price drop imminent

At tomorrow’s shell-of-itself E3 conference, Microsoft will announce price drops for the Core, Premium, and Elite SKUs of the Xbox 360. Somewhere, a Sony exec cringes. A few hours after Sony formally announced a 80GB PS3 and price drops for all their units, Microsoft deftly strikes back. The Elite bundle, introduced by Microsoft a few more »


E3 2007 registration reminders have been mailed

I received this reminder in the mail last week about registering for E3 2007. The event has been moved from LA to Santa Monica, from May to July, renamed from E3 to E3 Media & Business Summit (to sounds more professional) and downscaled from big, boomin’ booths to more intimate (and informational) press and PR more »

E for All Expo 2007

The field of competitors to take advantage of the revamped E3 grows. The latest addition is E for All, short for Entertainment for All, put together by IDG World Expo. Corp. The Expo, which will include video game, game tech and other interactive products, will take place October 18-21, 2007, at the LA Convention Center. more »

Gadgetell Podcast 21: Our take on Bill 1/8/2007

You heard what Bill had to say, now get our perspective (if you so dare). This is also a great option if you didn’t get to listen to his podcast and want the quick rundown… More to come from CES over the next few days. This podcast was once again sponsored by and comes more »

CEA announces it will not take E3’s place with headline gaming event

After the big announcement a few days ago that the year’s hottest gaming event – E3 – was folding, the CEA (organization behind CES) jumped at the opportunity. They spoke with industry insiders and other VIPs, getting ready to take on yet another huge conference. When E3 announced just a few days ago plans to more »

E3 is alive but on a smaller scale

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a.k.a. the folks in charge of E3, announced today that the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held. After the huge expo this past year with the announcements of the Nintendo Wii, finalization of Sony PlayStation3, and Microsoft’s continuing success of the Xbox 360 and Xbox live platform the expo almost more »