Amazon’s Valentine’s Deals include $299 64 GB Fire HDX 8.9, $59 Kindle 7

You have only five days left, boys and, well, boys, to save face and survive another tormenting Valentine’s experience while leaving a thoughtful and loving impression to your better half. And let’s be honest, you didn’t plan ahead this year either.

Deal alert: 2014 Kindle Touch e-reader for $29 at Staples

Many may have failed to grasp why Amazon saw the need to unveil two “all-new” Kindle e-book readers in 2014, i.e. the age of the tablet, but at least as far as the entry-level model is concerned, there should be no more misunderstandings at work.

Amazon ships Kindle Voyage to early buyers, everyone else must wait

Riding an unexpected wave of positively glowing reviews, Amazon’s highest-end e-book reader to date has started shipping. But if you’re not amongst those who boarded the Kindle Voyage before it was cool, you’re likely in for a long wait.

PSA: Amazon starts shipping New Kindle e-reader, Fire HD 6 and 7 tablets

With all the brouhaha surrounding Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launches, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 public announcement, we can’t blame you if you missed Amazon’s latest product introductions.

Kobo unveils Aura H2O, the first ‘premium’ waterproof e-reader

An e-book reader manufacturer at its roots, and quite a popular one in Canada back in the day, Kobo tried its hand at more evolved tablets, knowing little success with the impressive but far too costly Arc 10HD.

Amazon talks about goal of lowering e-book prices

The Amazon Books Team has provided specific details about e-commerce giant Amazon’s objectives regarding e-book pricing.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Goes Live

Amazon’s Netflix-like service for ebooks, Kindle Unlimited has gone live. For $9.99 a month subscribers will have access to over 600,000 ebooks and several thousand audio books. They can download up to 10 free titles at a time and keep them as long as they like. The subscription also comes with a free 3 month subscription to Audible which includes 1 credit a month

Oyster brings book service to Android

Android phones and tablets will now be able to use Oyster, the so-called “Netflix for e-books” that lets people access thousands of titles with a cheap monthly subscription. Oyster has been available on iOS since 2013 and since its launch, the service has grown from 100,000 books to more than half a million. All of the titles can be access through the mobile and desktop apps for just $9.95 each month, which is nearly the price of just one e-book from Amazon.

Run-n-Read is a wearable Un-compromise for Reading Runners

Obviously when you attempt to do any kind of strenuous activity while focusing on print, you get an immediate headache and are only able to consume twenty words per minute, optimistically. My solution to this problem was the elliptical; it’s the only machine I could comfortable use to sweat while still successfully reading a book. Being able to enlarge the print didn’t hurt either, and this became my go-to.

Today Only Deal: Entry-Level Amazon Kindle E-Reader Costs $49 ($20 Off)

Amazon is mighty generous this holiday season, and after discounting the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom, Verizon Motorola Droid Maxx, Kindle Fire HDX and Fire HD 8.9, to name just a few, it has turned its attention and benevolence to the basic but sleek and productive Kindle e-reader.

Today Only: Kindle Fire HDX Available for $184

If you’ve been waiting for that optimum moment to purchase the Kindle Fire HDX for the holidays, today is your lucky day. On Amazon, there is a $45 holiday discount on the tablet, and that’s a pretty good deal

Amazon Discounts Kindle Tablets For One Day to Celebrate New FAA Rules

As if these new FAA rules weren’t already amazing enough. I mean now instead of listening to the three-year-old next to me complain to his mom about why he can’t watch Dora the Explorer while the plane goes “uppy”, I can sit back (not technically), relax (if only) and listen to The Shins while I read The Lord of the Rings on my Kindle. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing takeoff experience? Oh, wait a minute! I don’t HAVE a Kindle! Well, all that could change TODAY because Amazon has announced an awesome deal in response to the new FAA rules!