Colbert’s take on the Yo app is brilliant

This Yo app is creating quite the buzz. First, the app’s simplistic concept baffled everyone – It’s an app that literally just sends the word “Yo” to your friends. That’s it. It’s received $1 million in funding, and it’s already up to 50,000 users. I guess we really are a generation of few words. Then, we got word that Yo had been hacked allowing hackers to send any message they wanted. This was confirmed when the App’s founder, Or Arbel, said the app was having “security issues.” But my favorite tidbit of news surrounding Yo was Colbert’s coverage of the app on last night’s Colbert Report.

The most ridiculous Twitter acronyms from the FBI’s Twitter glossary

This list is not to be believed. It is massive and some of these acronyms are so ridiculous, I just had to share them. I assure you, this is a morning well spent. Check out some of the 15 most ridiculous FBI Twitter acronyms.

The 4 Tinder predators all women have encountered

I have enlisted the help of my amazingly talented coworker, Devon Razey, to illustrate the four predators all women have encountered on Tinder. Please send all compliments her way, as I have officially named her the Rembrandt of our generation.

Kik wants to remain independent

With messaging apps either being created or acquired left and right, it is no wonder that people have begun to assume that a popular app like Kik is on limited time before it announces that it will be acquired by a big-name company as well. For people who like using the messaging application and don’t like the idea of Google or another tech company owning it, you may be able to sleep easier tonight.

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview coming this April

Just before the weekend, we have learned that the Windows Phone 8.1 is headed to Lumias running WP8, Samsung, and HTC mobile devices too. This week started with Job Belfiore, Corporate Vice President and Manager for Windows Phone Program Management, tweeting an update about Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview: that it will be finally available this month of April.

The 20 best tweets about Google’s Gchat being down

I’ll admit it – I’m one of those people who utilizes Gchat during the workday. So if you’re like me and you made the horrifying realization that Google’s Gchat feature is not working, you’re not alone. Supposedly, it’s back up! Thank goodness! But you can still relive the horror with the 20 best tweets about Google’s Gchat being down.

Rand Paul Makes Snapchat Debut with a Butt Joke

Is nothing sacred? Not even Snapchat is safe from politics. I thought Snapchat was a safe place where people could send “appropriate” photos without the risk of their personal files being stolen. What’s that? Snapchat was hacked last week?

Gogo Talk & Text Allows Users to Text and Make Calls In-Flight

Are we on the heels of a technological revolution in the air? Between the recent changes in the FAA restrictions and this news about Gogo Talk & Text, the things they are a changing. Although this is not the first time a in-flight calling has made it’s presence known, it seems to be the first time it’s actually going to be successful. Now, with Gogo’s Text & Talk service, travelers will be able to use in-flight WiFi to make calls and send and receive text messages.

Rumor: Blackberry Messenger For Android Coming in September

Blackberry officially announced that it will release it’s exclusive Blackberry Messenger app for other platforms including Android and iOS. However, the company failed to give an exact dates of when the software can be expected in respective App Stores. Since the announcement, many people predicted the dates for the availability of the much awaited Blackberry more »

Galaxy Note III and Second Generation Nexus 7 Get Certified in Indonesia

Two much-awaited Android devices – Galaxy Note III and second generation Nexus 7 – both have received certification in Indonesia by Postel, suggesting that the devices will be unveiled soon. According to earlier reports, second generation Nexus 7 is expected to be unveiled by the end of this month, while Galaxy Note III will be more »

Microsoft is Now Live

Engadget is reporting this morning that is live and out of beta. The numbers are pretty impressive. The company just announced that the email service is no longer in beta, and that the site has racked up 60 million active users — over a third of them Gmail converts. I find it interesting that more »

These Bungee Stickers Will Help Your Lost Things Get Found

If you’ve never lost anything important to you, you’re a liar. Losing a valuable hurts, we all know this. And with all the modern technology and capabilities placed right in our hands these days, we’re long overdue for a solid solution in preventing these unfortunate experiences, aren’t we? New York startup Bungee is here to more »