GadgeTell Interview: Piet Morgan, Founder of Hammerhead

Biking is a form of exercise to some, but for many more it’s a lifestyle. From city streets to county roads to open wilderness, you can find cyclists just about anywhere. There are some, though not quite enough cycling products that are tech-related. One, however, has recently gained a lot of attention and support. I more »

GadgeTell Interview: Drew Martin, Founder of MeCam

Whether you’re ready for it (or if you even like it,) wearable tech has its cross-hairs set on it to be the next big breakthrough. Smartwatches have been rolling out by the dozens and Google Glass has been making waves all over the nation since it’s debut. Wearable tech isn’t really ‘new’ per-se, but the more »


GadgeTell Interview: Hip-Hop Legend DJ Premier Talks Stanton Gear, His Career and Keeping Music Pure (Bonus: Full Performance Video)

If you’re a fellow classic (authentic) hip-hop freak, then you know about the Adidas sweat suits and b-boy dancers, those groovy vocal patterns, record scratches, rhythmic drum machine pockets, urban street art, etc., etc. And of course the countless figures and personalities involved; celebrated forefathers who provided life to the newly burgeoning musical genre at more »


GadgeTell Interview: Shariq Hamid, CEO of Hot Watch

Hot Watch is one the latest smartwatches to hit Kickstarter, and since the beginning it has captured a lot of attention and support. Hot Watch comes with unique designs and features that make it stand out as an innovative device. I was able to obtain an interview with Shariq Hamid, CEO of Hot Watch, to more »

GadgeTell Interview: Musician Pat Noecker is the World’s First ‘Cell Phonist’

RAFT is Pat Noecker. Brooklyn-based composer, performer and overall artistic enterpriser, Pat Noecker, is RAFT. And RAFT is the first “Cell Phonist.” In other settings Noecker has actualized traditional instruments, prepared and processed instruments, electronics, synthesizers, electro-acoustic instruments and more. Probably best known for his work as a founding member of art-rockers Liars or his bit more »

GadgeTell Interview: Jason Hardi of Muzik Debuts First Socially-Connected Smart Headphones

Muzik is debuting a game-changer in the headphones realm: “smart” headphones. Jason Hardi, founder, president and CEO of Muzik is creating a new space called Social Smartware which describes “the seamless connection of consumer electronic devices, content and social media platforms to make music instantly discoverable and shareable in an effortless way.”

5 Questions with Big in Japan’s Rylan Barnes

You’ve heard of Google’s Android operating system. It is nothing without apps like ShopSavvy by Big in Japan. Today, we’ve got co-founder of Big in Japan, Rylan Barnes, for 5 Questions. He’s got some unique opinions when it comes to tech. Find out what technology he loves and what technology he absolutely hates. You’ll also be surprised at what he uses instead of Twitter or Facebook.


5 Questions with Posterous’ Sachin Agarwal

Posterous allows you to easily post anything to web – text, audio, video, photos, music – via e-mail. You e-mail Posterous with whatever you want to blog and they’ll do all the rest of the stuff like resizing and converting video. Today, we’ve got Sachin Agarwal, co-founder of, for 5 Questions.

5 Questions with Bug Lab’s Alicia Gibb

Bug Labs allows you to create pretty much whatever you want thanks to its modular, open source hardware. Want to create a device that wakes you up on the train when you’ve arrived? Put together a GPS unit and a music player unit with the BUG and you can have it. What about the people behind Bug Labs? Today, we’ve got Alicia Gibb, Chief Labratory Technician of Bug Labs, for 5 Questions.

5 Questions with TechVi’s Randall Bennett

Every now and then, Gadgetell writers appear on TechVi. If you’ve ever wondered who that host fellow is, here’s your chance to get to know Randall Bennett. He’s the brains behind TechVi and was one of the original hosts of CNET’s “The 404″ podcast. A true tech junkie, what is his preferred method of social networking? What gadget would he wish into existence? Keep reading.

5 Questions with Tumblr’s Marco Arment

5 Questions with Tumblr's Marco ArmentA lot of us use Twitter. But when you want to post images, videos, and audio, you might want to move to something like Tumblr. It’s an extremely easy blogging solution. But, who’s behind Tumblr? Get to know Marco Arment in this edition of “5 Questions.” He put together much of Tumblr. Would a Tumblr guy use Facebook? His answer may surprise you.

5 Questions with the guys behind

5 Questions with the guys behind FollowCost.comIf you took a look at Gadgetell’s recent post on 5 bookmarklets you need if you tweet, you may have heard of The site lets you find out how annoying someone is often someone tweets. If you want to read what your friends are doing that can be difficult if you end up following someone who tweets his entire day. Today, we’ve got the guys behind FollowCost answering 5 Questions. 2 guys, 5 questions, 10 answers.