TV Everywhere: Three Weeks with Aereo

It has been a little over three weeks since Aereo was activated in the Atlanta area. The service was supposed to be widely available in late June, but that date was pushed back until July. As of now, Everyone in or around the Atlanta area can access Aereo for at least $8 a month. I’ve more »

Instagram vs. Vine: The Battle for Mobile Videos

Video for Instagram was a great move for Facebook. Sure it may have lifted this feature straight from Vine, but it can hardly be blamed for that. Vine is growing in popularity every day. Facebook would be foolish to let all the spoils of this phenomenon go to Twitter. By allowing videos in Instagram, Facebook more »


[Video] First Look at the Hisense Sero 7 Pro Tablet

Ever since Google released the Nexus 7, it has been a challenge for other companies to release low-priced tablets with similar specs. One of the latest competitors to enter the fray is Hisense. Perhaps best known for televisions, Hisense just released a couple Android tablets exclusively at Walmart. The Sero 7 Pro and the Sero more »


Life With LEGO: Building a Growing Obsession

LEGO was one of those brands I mostly ignored. I’d enjoy playing Traveler’s Tales’ LEGO video games, but never messed with physical LEGO builds. Part of me felt I was too old for LEGO and the other half didn’t want to take the time to believe otherwise. That all changed not too long ago. I more »


My life history with text messages

Today marks the 20th anniversary of SMS, better known as text messaging. In honor of this occasion, I wanted to look back at my history with SMS technology. Like many people, text messages have brought me great convenience and a lot of frustration. Let’s get started shall we?

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from GadgeTell

More often than not we try to provide a full days worth of coverage, however there are a few days out of the year when things slow down to a crawl. Or in this case, to nothing. Today happens to be one of those days. Today is Thanksgiving and for that, your faithful GadgeTell writers more »

GadgeTell Review: Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for the MacBook Air

What is being reviewed? Up for review today is the Skinny Sleeve for the MacBook Air. The Skinny Sleeve is from Acme Made, priced at $39.99, available in a variety of colors and made for the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air. The Skinny Sleeve is touted as having an ultra-thin design, a unique StretchShell neoprene more »

GadgeTell Review: Ballistic Smooth Series for the iPhone 5

What is being reviewed? Up for review today is a Smooth Series iPhone 5 case from Ballistic. The case is described as being sleek, slim and minimal. But perhaps more important for some, the Ballistic cases are said to be designed to survive life and capable of surviving a drop. All that aside, at first more »


Attention iPad 3 owners; how about stopping with this ‘obsolete’ crap

Apple introduced a new iPad today, no, not the iPad mini — the fourth generation model is the one that seems to have caused the most commotion. It seems iPad 3 owners are feeling a bit burned. And you know what, I think it is absolutely hilarious. Reading the angry tweets from these users has more »

My iPhone sleeps next to me in bed

If you read into the title you would most likely assume that my smartphone goes everywhere with me. That of course would be a correct statement. In fact, it is usually no more than 2-3 feet away. And when the phone is away, the most common reason would be to shower or a dead battery. more »


Review of Casio’s PX-350: “Lay Your Hands On Me!”

My fast, refulgent piano fingers, in concert with my pounding musical heart declares the new Casio Privia PX-350 delivers celestial sound excellence with incredible keyboard realism; as if I was playing in concert on a 6 foot 10 inch grand piano. As a spirited concert pianist performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City multiple more »

What is the best smartphone to buy RIGHT now?

Here we have the latest theme post for TechnologyTell. This week we are covering ‘best of’ topics and given I often write about, and I am often asked about smartphones — I figured that would be a good topic to cover. But then I got to thinking. And well, I am not so sure there more »