What the Future Holds: Flexible OLED will change everything

Sony's Flexible OLED

Back at CES, Sony showed off a flexible 2.5-inch OLED screen. Sir Howard Stringer joked that Jay-Z isn’t the only one who could squeeze Beyonce as he flexed the display while it played a Beyonce music video. But what exactly is this technology for? It seems like a cool concept, but what practical applications do flexible OLED screens have? Let’s take a look into the future.


The future of technology and MP3 players

Sony MP3 Player

I want you to think about your parents or grandparents for a minute, and think about all the times they ask you for help with today’s current technology. I bet more times than not, they turn to you nearly several times a week for simple questions about their phones, computers, GPS, Internet, MP3 players, etc. If you think about it, technology discriminates against older people, as it benefits the young people as they are able to pick up new technology easily. Of course, there are classes such as computer classes that help teach the computer to older people, but those don’t always work. My question is, why not make a simple computer for anyone, especially older people, to understand?

Recently, Sony showed off a new type of MP3 player that specifically targeted the older generations, so they don’t have to always call when the pause button is pressed by accident and they can’t figure out what to do.

The future of the Internet and online video


One of the greatest inventions in recent times has been the Internet. It has evolved from something barely being in use, to something that we can’t live without. We are constantly connected to the net from our phones to our netbooks and we are constantly using the Internet at all times for things much more than email. Whether or not Internet has taken over our lives is left for another day. One aspect of the Internet that has become increasingly popular is online video streaming.


Someone stop Sony; Rolly MP3 rolling in the 29th

After all the hype and previous reports, the Sony Rolly will start selling in Japan on the 29th of the month. At $350 for a 1GB MP3 player I think it is us that will be doing the rolling though – all over the floor in hysterical laughter. Wait though it gets better – in more »


It’s a Guy thing

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” used to be the adage when I was growing up. Well that is all but impossible to do with a cover like the one on “It’s A Guy Thing”, which is a good thing as the basis of the book sounds pretty dull on first examination: “There are more »

Windows on an iPhone, WTF?

No, this is not in Apple’s playbook. Yes, you can remote into your Windows PC via this free software and even better, with the iPhone’s fantastic zooming capabilities, it is totally usable. Nate True came up with the idea of tweaking TightVNC, a free remote control software package and created Web VNC. How does it more »


WTFH: The end of analog TV broadcasting is near

This note is addressed to the almost 19 million households in the US whom receive their Television reception – not via cable or satellite but over the air using antennas. Did you know that unless you already have a DTV compatible tuner or DTV set top box on all your Analog TV’s, or are connected more »


WTFH: iTunes to give up on video?

Is the end near for iTunes movie offerings? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. For-pay services will wither and die once a better distribution system is in place; oh and this system will be free. The new paradigm will be the Google method of offering services that are advertisement supported. From Reuters: more »

WTFH: Less is more…then you will ever need

Everyone says it, no one knows where it came from, or what to attribute it too…but the phrase less is more could sum up the future of tech gadgets for the average user. I’m talking about your grandmother who doesn’t know how to turn on the computer but has no problem understand how to retrieve more »


What the Future Holds: Control everything on your computer with two fingers

I am not really sure how to explain this. No it isn’t that it is so techie that it doesn’t make sense, rather I am speechless. For those of you who watched Minority Report and were drooling over the glooves Tom Cruise wore to control the computer, this is a must see. Jeff Han is more »


What the Future Holds: eCoupled wireless electricity will soon charge your gadgets

I will try and make this as straightforward as possible, but please remember that we are talking about wireless electricity here, not soap… What is eCoupled technology? Wireless electrical power. It works by transferring energy from one device to another through a shared electromagnetic field. eCoupled technology can be utilized essentially anywhere traditional power needs more »


WTFH: New generation video glasses almost 3 times lighter

The market for video eyewear is standing at the point of being fully weightless. Now that the newest generation of video eyewear no longer weighs more than a pair of sunglasses, it seems that the last barrier for large-scale mobile use has been removed. Just like video phones, portable video eyewear also seemed like a more »