GoPlug bags provide energy from a mobile wall socket

Mobile devices get a lot of love when it comes to having additional battery power on the go. External battery packs come in almost every imaginable shape and size, and in a variety of capacities to meet user demands. Even the large 18000mAh (or greater) external batteries are easy to toss in a bag or backpack to carry.

TechnologyTell Review: STM Drifter backpack

With all the tech and gear owned, one needs a proper bag or backpack to carry it all. While there are many options to choose from out there, only a few might appeal to each individual. I happen to be rather picky when it comes to my choice of bags, backpacks, and accessories. Earlier this year at CES 2014, I stopped by the STM booth and managed the time to check out one of their latest products. I can tell you right now that the Drifter backpack is beyond excellent.

LightMate handles emergency, survival situations

If there is ever a worse experience than having a tire blow out while driving on the freeway, it is doing the same at night. It’s little fun, and even less so without proper illumination. Ever since the one time I had to change a tire on the freeway in the dark, I’ve always had some sort of portable light source stashed in my car. Lesson learned.

Want to know how drunk you are? Alcohoot is the app for that

Although distracted driving has become a huge focus for road safety, buzzed and drunk driving still causes so much damage to property and life. The worst of it is that the drunk one typically survives the crash while innocent victims are hospitalized and/or die.

TechnologyTell Review: Limefuel L60X Battery and Wall Charger

When it comes to going out for a day and bringing my work with me, I prefer to travel light. A recently acquired canvas pack is perfect for my necessary gadgets and every day carry (EDC) items. As such, smart choices for weight and functionality is what keeps my bag from becoming overstuffed. How else am I supposed to bar hop like a creative, social butterfly?

Simplify gear with TYLT Energi 2k wall charger battery combo

Just in case you missed it, TYLT makes some rather impressive products. The company combines the right amount of innovation and unique styling for those looking for something a little different. Most of their products center around power and energy, which, of course, are pretty critical for anyone mobile and on the go. Right now, TYLT is back up on Kickstarter with their latest gadget.

Booq Boa flow tech backpack makes a comeback in graphite

Choosing a bag or backpack for tech and gadgets can be a very personal thing. In a way, it’s an accessory in and of itself. Just like with the devices we own and clothes we wear, bags project an image of the type of person we want to appear as. With so many options out there, why would one settle with any random design?

Legion Meter nearly doubles smartphone, tablet charge rate

Those of us with busy schedules tend to be a little impatient sometimes. With so many tasks to accomplish before the day’s end, we tend to prefer results happening right now. Unfortunately, there are things that (safely) can’t be rushed: traffic, pumping gas, drip coffee, and so forth. Charging mobile devices is also on that list, but that can be changed with a new tool by PLX Devices.

Multitool GOkey is battery, cable, storage, and locator

When it comes to every day carry (EDC), what one has on his/her person speaks volumes. Each piece serves a specific function, be it utility, convenience, or simply a reflection of likes or personality. This is especially so when it comes to key ring tools. Multi-tools are also a hot EDC commodity and frequently subjected to in-depth discussions. Do more, carry less, right?

This? Oh, it’s just my pocket spectrometer. Call it SCiO.

If you’re not entirely clear on what a spectrometer is, I won’t bore you with details here. No need to detract from the awesomeness that is SCiO. How, exactly, is this product awesome? Well, the team behind SCiO have essentially put the power of a sizeable piece of lab equipment right into your pocket.

Nod, gesture control universal remote ring on pre-order

When it comes to wearable tech, I think there’s been too much focus on the wrist and not enough on the fingers. Luckily, we’ve seen a few of these projects succeed funding: the NFC ring, Ring, and Fin. These devices allow users to control their gadgets via gestures. There’s a new contender for finger fun, but this one appears to take control one step further.

External battery packs can now.. jump start vehicles?

I had to read it twice to believe it too. Normal news about external battery packs typically involve bigger, smaller, or possibly some new brand entering the market. But to equip a compact, portable, external battery pack with the ability to jump start a standard 4- or 6-cylinder vehicle? Mind is blown.