Multitool GOkey is battery, cable, storage, and locator

When it comes to every day carry (EDC), what one has on his/her person speaks volumes. Each piece serves a specific function, be it utility, convenience, or simply a reflection of likes or personality. This is especially so when it comes to key ring tools. Multi-tools are also a hot EDC commodity and frequently subjected to in-depth discussions. Do more, carry less, right?

This? Oh, it’s just my pocket spectrometer. Call it SCiO.

If you’re not entirely clear on what a spectrometer is, I won’t bore you with details here. No need to detract from the awesomeness that is SCiO. How, exactly, is this product awesome? Well, the team behind SCiO have essentially put the power of a sizeable piece of lab equipment right into your pocket.

Nod, gesture control universal remote ring on pre-order

When it comes to wearable tech, I think there’s been too much focus on the wrist and not enough on the fingers. Luckily, we’ve seen a few of these projects succeed funding: the NFC ring, Ring, and Fin. These devices allow users to control their gadgets via gestures. There’s a new contender for finger fun, but this one appears to take control one step further.

External battery packs can now.. jump start vehicles?

I had to read it twice to believe it too. Normal news about external battery packs typically involve bigger, smaller, or possibly some new brand entering the market. But to equip a compact, portable, external battery pack with the ability to jump start a standard 4- or 6-cylinder vehicle? Mind is blown.

Tech wearables, monitors finally seeing fashion influence

Although wrist-mounted tech and activity monitors haven’t been around that long, they’re already wearing out their welcome. A person has only so much wrist real-estate. After you put on your watch, cuff bracelet, awareness bracelets, kabbalah string, slap bracelets, paracord/survival bracelet, and some of those silly bandz to make your kids happy, another object just runs the risk of making you look like an out of control candy raver.

Support Earth Day and join MPOWERD Solar Justice campaign

Each week, we bring news about the latest industry shakeups and articles about upcoming gadgets. Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all first-world chit-chat. As audiophiles flock to Neil Young’s Pono Player, speculators discuss the latest smartphone rumors, and consumers research their next purchase, there are those in the world struggling with energy poverty.

Binder-friendly Jumpr Slate 10k ditches bulk for slim

When it comes to external battery packs, there tends to be a conundrum of capacity versus bulk. That is, unless you don’t mind carrying around bricks all day. Even so, most of the best batteries share similar shapes: a flask, over-sized deck of cards, or half a can of spam. No matter the flavor, they more »


TechnologyTell Review: LithiumCard slim external battery

I’m always checking out the latest crowd-funded projects for things that are new and neat. When I came across the LithiumCard project, I instantly knew it was going to be a winner. How could it not? The thing is gorgeous!

TechnologyTell Review: Tylt Energi 5k External Battery Pack

Manufacturers of external battery packs are a dime a dozen these days. But that still doesn’t stop any of them from pushing onward with better and more innovative devices. It’s how progress goes, right?

This Blackfire lantern/flashlight clamps where you need it

Whether it’s camping or cavorting around your backyard in the dark that you enjoy, proper illumination is always desired. Headlamps are useful for keeping hands free, although lanterns typically provide a wider flood of light. Flashlights are compact and powerful, but better at cutting through the darkness than brightening up an area. As much as I love great lights, I also like keeping my gear to a functional minimum.

Dark, quiet, spooky? Rocket Torch remedies (except spooky)

Many portable wireless speakers try to be a number of different things these days: alarm clock, battery bank, or a piece of furniture, to name a few. But flashlight? Sounds crazy, right? But maybe not. Pyle Audio has just introduced a multi-function speaker that includes a built-in LED flashlight.

Study shows consumers aware, but not buying wearable tech

If CES 2014 were a thermometer for wearable tech, it would have indicated that manufacturers have a fever. The cure? No, not more cowbell, but rather securing a foothold in the ever-expanding realm of wearable devices. Despite the widespread marketing efforts supporting the releases of new products, consumers just aren’t buying in.