10 great gadgets to motivate and inspire you

We all feel unmotivated at times. It happens, but what matters most is how we respond to that sap in motivation. If you find your motivation needs a boost and the usual solutions aren’t working, consider giving the ten gadgets below a whirl; they’re designed specifically to boost your productivity.

Samsung and Facebook could collaborate on VR devices, not smartphones

Despite the HTC First “Facebook Phone” flopping so hard last year that it prompted AT&T to halt sales mere months after the gadget’s introduction, rumors ran rampant recently as to Mark Zuckerberg possibly wanting a do-over.

Kodiak packs waterproof power in 3 capacities for everyone

When gadgets come out of their bag or protective pockets, there’s an element of danger involved. But it varies. Pulling out a digital camera to take close-up photos of a bucket filled with kittens is not on the same level as holding that same camera, one-handed, to capture video while riding a roller-coaster.

Google may be pouring money into Magic Leap

Magic Leap is the latest competitor to Oculus in the virtual reality market. The company will compete against Oculus directly, and since Oculus is owned by Facebook, there are a few tech companies that could benefit from backing Magic Leap. One of those companies is Google, and a report has come out claiming the search giant will invest millions in Magic Leap to fuel the company.

Tech companies venture into drone market with Dronecode

A few technology companies have founded Dronecode, a new open-source initiative that aims to bring together software developers for UAVs. Dronecode is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, and it will work to provide a common software platform for the drones set to reach the market. The FAA recently began allowing some industries to use drones, so the market is close to reaching its breakthrough point.

Blackphone maker working on Blacktablet

Silent Circle and Geeksphone, the companies that have partnered for the privacy-centric Blackphone, are now working on a tablet. While speaking with CNBC, Silent Circle CTO Jon Callas confirmed “we are working on a tablet,” but he said there are no details on the device that can be revealed.

Europe gets first wearable-only incubator

Europe is receiving its first startup incubator dedicated solely to wearable technology. The incubator comes from Wearable World, a company that is known for its San Francisco-based activites. Wearable World claims there are no other wearable-only incubators in Europe, so it will be kicking off that industry.

In a hurry? The Pronto battery fully charges in just one hour

For power-hungry mobile users, external battery packs are necessary as much as they are a convenience. Whether you’re a multi-device user or someone one who simply enjoys video media on a bright screen, you’re likely to start feeling a little tapped out halfway through the day. External battery packs provide that energy you need without the hassles of trying to locate a wall outlet.

TechnologyTell Review: V-Moda Faders VIP Tuned Metal Earplugs

Although I don’t get to see musicians live that often, I make it a point to go when I can. It’s an indulgence that everyone should do a few times a year, since music is so much more powerful and exciting that way. Aside from a potentially-packed venue, the only real drawback would be ringing in the ears due to lack of protection.

8 gadgets to get you through cold season

So, unless you live in complete isolation from society, you’re probably soon going to be stuck in an elevator with a runny-nosed kid or a person who just can’t get their cough under control. It’s enough to make anyone cringe. However, here are eight gadgets that will help you beat cold and flu season this year.

Sit much? Let Darma, world’s first inactivity tracker, coach you

Health is both big news and big business these days. It probably always has been, if you consider the decades of infomercials peddling the latest iteration of fad exercise equipment and/or diet pills. But that’s not what I’m talking about. We have mobile devices and live mobile lives, therefore fitness trackers and/or apps mean money and data collection for companies. Consumers are likely more willing to be motivated through such technology than a clunky piece of exercise equipment in a room.

TechnologyTell Review: booq Cobra pack backpack

Booq is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to top-end bags and backpacks. Their design caters to those wanting quality and professional impression. With each new product release, booq tends to add new surprises; the Cobra pack is no different.