Noke Bluetooth padlock ditches stupid spinning dials

Kevo has been out for over a year, and thousands of users everywhere have been able to enjoy keyless entry. Why fish around for a key to unlock your front door when your mere presence can do the same? Technically, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, but lets consider it one and the same. With this kind of success and innovation, it’s a wonder why more Bluetooth locks haven’t hit the scene. No more awkward fumbling.

Jamstik, a portable digital guitar for use with Apple devices, now available

Zivix today announced that its jamstik, a portable digital instrument which it hails as “The Guitar For Your iPad, iPhone and Mac,” is now available.


Your Framily is dead: Sprint kills Framily plan

Sprint’s poorly named and even worse-advertised “Framily” discount plan is no more, as of later this week. Is the Hamster Dad gone too? Most likely. According to an account in the Kansas City Star, Sprint’s hometown paper, recently named CEO Marcelo Claure announced Monday that the Framily plan is no more. Instead, Sprint will offer more »

Skooba debuts military-grade laptop and tablet bags

Skooba Design introduced its new, American-made Type S-4 laptop and tablet bags, featuring “tactical/military-inspired styling and authentic ‘Mil Spec’ materials and parts.”

TYLT includes both micro-USB and Lightning connectors in one product

Carrying an Apple device and a non-Apple device around? TYLT has a portable power solution for you.

Oxford adds “YOLO,” “adorbs,” “side boob,” more to dictionary; language snobs be like, “SMDH”

Ain’t no (lame) party like a language snob party. The easily outraged have found another reason to be outraged, as the Oxford Dictionary has added dozens of new words, many of them derived from the web and social media, to

Aloft Hotels’ Botlr, a robotic butler, will serve guests in exchange for tweets

Imagine the weird sights this robot will not be able to unsee as he serves people in what is often their most depraved habitat, the hotel room. Poor little guy.

Amazon Local Register to compete with Square

Amazon has launched Local Register, a new payment system that functions in almost the same way as Square and PayPal Here. All three systems work by providing mobile applications and a card reader to users. In the case of Local Register, users can access the payment app for free and then receive as $10 card reader capable of accepting all major credit cards.

Hotel begins using robotic butlers for room service

The Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California is surrounded by high-tech companies and members of the tech industry, and now the hotel is bringing in robots to takeover some of the jobs previously assigned to human beings. As we have been seeing in many industries, robots are simply more efficient and generally better than humans at certain tasks, and the same goes for butlers.

Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directions

An update has been pushed out for the Uber driver app that will make navigating routes easier. The update provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions in case a driver is unsure of the best possible route to take when driving someone. On the passenger side of things, that app has been updated to allow customers to specify their destination first thereby making things even easier for all parties involved.

uBeam provides wireless charging at a distance

Wireless charging is already a sought after feature in mobile devices since it lets people charge a phone or tablet just by setting it on a surface. With researchers trying to find ways to charge devices from a distance, the current wireless charging technology may be just a glimpse of what’s to come.

Barnes and Noble added to Google Shopping Express partners

Google Shopping Express has added its 19th partner: Barnes & Noble. The bookstore’s partnership with Google provides both companies a greater ability to compete against Amazon.