Blast music not ears, DUBS deliver safe audio experience

No matter how much you like listening to your favorite band through headphones or speakers, nothing quite compares to a live experience. I take every possible opportunity to see great performances at local venues whenever artists I follow pass through. I love my music loud, and they deliver.

Review: Rain Design Inc. iLevel2 badass laptop stand

I’ve incorporated the Rain Design Inc. iLevel2 Laptop Stand into my home office for past couple of weeks and kept an eye on how it’s affected my workflow. Since I have no intention of upgrading my sweet little 13″ MacBook Pro to a Gazillion-inch Mac desktop computer– and transformer computers don’t exist, yet (let’s get more »

TechnologyTell Review: V-Moda XS, Boompro, XS vs. M-100

V-Moda has been drumming up accolades over the past couple of years, namely with its renowned Crossfade M-100 headphones. They’ve been doing their own thing since 2004, which is melding tech fashion and performance together. V-Moda has been at it long before this recent, budding revolution of wearable tech. Although some may not prefer V-Moda’s more »

8 around the office gadgets to boost productivity

Admittedly, sometimes gadgets and gizmos can get in the way of our productivity. I’ve found there’s nothing like a smart-phone and a Facebook app that can pretty much render the next 45 minutes a complete waste of time. But every once in a while, there comes along a piece of tech, which does what most other gadgets do not: make us crazy productive. So here’s a list of my top 8 gadgetry picks.

Pocket Jump makes charging devices and vehicles stupid-easy

External battery packs are ubiquitous these days. It’s not an easy market, that’s for sure. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, capacities, and even colors. Smarter and more ambitious manufacturers have been adding more features or employing clever design in order to draw consumer attention. And, honestly, it works.

15 cool gadget cases you NEED to own

The best way to protect your gadgets is to slap on a case. There are thousands – if not millions – of different cases out there for every gadget imaginable. It can get pretty daunting sorting through the seemingly endless horde of options to find the best. In light of that, we’ve crammed together a list of the fifteen coolest gadget cases you need to own.

Maker of Redbox and Coinstar kiosks rolls out ecoATM machines for e-recycling and reuse

Outerwall, the company behind those ubiquitous Redbox and Coinstar kiosks, announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Tenth Annual Meeting that it plans to collect at least two million pounds of mobile phones, tablets and other devices and accessories over the next three years. It’ll do so through its 1,100 new ecoATM recycling kiosks located in shopping malls and retailers.


Equil Smartpen 2 bridges ballpoint and digital media

The Equil Smartpen 2 works like a standard ballpoint on regular paper. What makes the Equil Smartpen 2 advanced is the sensor to track and record strokes.

Think fast: 7 ways to save your gadgets

The good news is that there are things you can do to save your favorite gadgets. Using these tips in times of a tech-related crisis can help you get the most out of gadgets. You can even reverse the damage in some instances!

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT

When it comes to exercise, music is a driving force. Some studies have shown that people are less likely to commit to working out without music. However, not every set of headphones or earbuds are ideal when it comes to cords, sweat, and motion. It makes sense that a wireless product would pair well with activity.

STD and HIV test results delivered via an app? It’s happening with Healthvana

An app called Healthvana reports positive results for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV negative results. An HIV positive result, smartly, still requires the doctor to deliver the news personally.

MIT’s robotic cheetah project sprints forward, will blow your mind

Researchers at MIT are trying to simulate the cheetah’s performance by developing a robotic cheetah. And it seems to be coming along nicely. Check it out!