Home for the holidays: 5 gadget gifts for your kids in college

Not sure what to get your college student for the holidays? Check out these helpful, student-friendly gadgets.

Sony to ship 21MP smartphone image sensor in 2015

Japanese technology company Sony has revealed it will begin shipping a new 21-megapixel smartphone image sensor next year. The company is already behind some of the best mobile image sensors, and the upgraded 21MP sensor will only add to Sony’s good reputation in the market. Sony’s Exmor RS IMX230 sensor has a higher megapixel count and faster auto-focus, according to a statement from Sony.

Indiegogo Spotlight: RestOn sleep smart device

I’m pretty open about the fact that I’ve dealt with insomnia since I was a kid, and it SUCKS. So, it’s nice to see that health and fitness wearables companies are putting forth efforts to help consumers get a better night’s sleep. I guess it’s no surprise seeing as there’s more and more health studies coming to fruition which detail how important sleep is. Today, RestOn launched their Indiegogo campaign for their sleep smart device. The RestOn monitors, tracks and analyzes sleep quality and it’s non-invasive/non-wearable design makes it hardly noticeable while you sleep.

Amazon Kindle update includes family book sharing

A new Kindle update has been announced by Amazon that includes a family book sharing feature called Family Library. The feature will let people access the books in another user’s Amazon account, and therefore, let people share books. Amazon says the feature is restricted to family members like children, partners, and spouses, though it is not clear how that will be enforced.

Tesla delays its Model X electric SUV

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed the release of its Model X SUV must be pushed back. The latest delay comes alongside assembly line troubles, since the company has not been able to update its production facilities fast enough. Those assembly line issues are impacting the company’s Model S sedan and causing reduced production.

Samsung Gear VR ‘Innovator Edition’ slated for ‘early December’ US launch

Samsung exhibited a lot of pluck when going on record to announce the futuristic Galaxy Note Edge smartphone and even more experimental Gear VR… thing would be available for sale stateside by the year’s end.

8 gadgets and apps for tech-savvy teachers

Tech gadgets for the modern-day classroom are aplenty. Check out these sizzling gadgets and apps that have the potential to help sculpt a proper classroom for the modern day.

MC10 sensor can track fitness data

Fitness wearables make tracking movement, repetitions, and other data easier, but the sensors in watches and other wearables aren’t optimal. MC10 is in the process of developing a new type of sensor sticker that can be worn just about anywhere on the human body to track different types of information.

Sprint to sell the G Watch R on November 14

The G Watch R wearable from LG is launching on Sprint in the United States on November 14. Sprint has revealed the wearable will be available for its customers this week, though people can already pick up the new LG smartwatch from the Google Play Store for $300. When compared to the G Watch, the G Watch R looks better and has a more premium feel, so it is a good competitor to the Motorola Moto 360.


Metal, leather Moto 360 bands available through AT&T

The Moto 360 is one of the best Android Wear smartwatches for a few reasons, and one of them is its upgrade-ability. Users have the option to switch to a different band with the Moto 360, and now it is cheaper and easier for people to do so. AT&T has just begun offering the metal and leather smartwatch bands to customers as standalone products. For upwards of $30, customers can just pick up a new high-quality band for their device.


Lyft says former COO stole documents, went to Uber

The former COO of transportation startup Lyft, Travis VanderZanden, has been accused of stealing important documents from the company and leaving for Uber. Of all the transportation startups in North America, the biggest rivalry is between Uber and Lyft, and this is not the first time competition has reportedly gotten out of hand.


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