15 cool gadget cases you NEED to own

The best way to protect your gadgets is to slap on a case. There are thousands – if not millions – of different cases out there for every gadget imaginable. It can get pretty daunting sorting through the seemingly endless horde of options to find the best. In light of that, we’ve crammed together a list of the fifteen coolest gadget cases you need to own.

Maker of Redbox and Coinstar kiosks rolls out ecoATM machines for e-recycling and reuse

Outerwall, the company behind those ubiquitous Redbox and Coinstar kiosks, announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Tenth Annual Meeting that it plans to collect at least two million pounds of mobile phones, tablets and other devices and accessories over the next three years. It’ll do so through its 1,100 new ecoATM recycling kiosks located in shopping malls and retailers.

Equil Smartpen 2 bridges ballpoint and digital media

The Equil Smartpen 2 works like a standard ballpoint on regular paper. What makes the Equil Smartpen 2 advanced is the sensor to track and record strokes.

Think fast: 7 ways to save your gadgets

The good news is that there are things you can do to save your favorite gadgets. Using these tips in times of a tech-related crisis can help you get the most out of gadgets. You can even reverse the damage in some instances!

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT

When it comes to exercise, music is a driving force. Some studies have shown that people are less likely to commit to working out without music. However, not every set of headphones or earbuds are ideal when it comes to cords, sweat, and motion. It makes sense that a wireless product would pair well with activity.

STD and HIV test results delivered via an app? It’s happening with Healthvana

An app called Healthvana reports positive results for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV negative results. An HIV positive result, smartly, still requires the doctor to deliver the news personally.

MIT’s robotic cheetah project sprints forward, will blow your mind

Researchers at MIT are trying to simulate the cheetah’s performance by developing a robotic cheetah. And it seems to be coming along nicely. Check it out!

TechnologyTell Review: Braven BRV-Bank battery pack

Earlier this year at CES 2014, Braven unveiled its BRV-Bank, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled external battery pack. It’s designed rugged and waterproof, perfect for those with outdoor lifestyles. On top of that, the Braven BRV-Bank is packaged with a non-weenie flashlight. For serious! At CES, the BRV-Bank was only in a display case, but I recently had the chance to check one out in person.

10 creative ways to use your old gadgets

Have an old iPod or laptop lying around your bedroom? Here are a few creative ways you can reuse them!

Samsung Gear VR priced at $199, useless when purchased solo

Don’t let the first half of the headline fool you, virtual reality devices haven’t become all of a sudden more affordable than banal smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. Nor will they anytime soon. This is just Samsung flexing its ripped marketing muscles once again, making it seem like the just-announced Gear VR is cheaper than a Sony Walkman.

SoftBank robot to reach US in less than a year

The humanoid robot from SoftBank will be reaching the United States within the coming year. The robot, which is named Pepper, will be available in US stores by the summer of 2015. SoftBank says Pepper can be used in households as a companion robot, but it is currently targeting Pepper at businesses as well. At this point, SoftBank says it has already received a few hundred inquires from companies interested in using Pepper.

Baidu Eye is a unique Glass competitor

The Baidu Eye was first mentioned near the beginning of 2013, and at that point, so little was known about the device that it was basically dismissed. Turns out that the Eye is a real wearable Baidu is moving forward with, though the product is still in its experimental stages. The Eye shares some things with Glass, namely that it goes on a user’s head, but it lacks a screen. Baidu thinks a screen so close to a person’s eye is bound to cause problems, so it has come up with an alternative design.