It guards cars, records video, streams internet, & is available for pre-order

If, by now, you haven’t seen any crazy, awesome, or crazy-awesome dash cam video clips, then congratulations on working so hard to avoid such online distractions! You deserve a break, so go check out some dashcam video clips. There are reasons why these dash cams are becoming more popular, all of which are good ones. more »

Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directions

An update has been pushed out for the Uber driver app that will make navigating routes easier. The update provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions in case a driver is unsure of the best possible route to take when driving someone. On the passenger side of things, that app has been updated to allow customers to specify their destination first thereby making things even easier for all parties involved.

Google Maps 8.0 for Android rolls out with Uber integration

We haven’t forgotten the Android version of Google Maps but the last we heard about it was when it officially rolled out for Android. But just recently, a major update was released by Google.

Nokia to invest in smartcar technology advancements with HERE

So the Nokia mobile division has been officially sold to Microsoft. The mobile group will soon be known as Microsoft Mobile but don’t forget that Nokia will still be known as Nokia. The Finnish giant still needs to make money on its own but it still is willing to invest $100 million through the Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) fund to improve the HERE app. Nokia seems to be making a worthy investment because of its aim to work on and improve mapping technology and the travel industry by improving on HERE.

TomTom unveils the Runner Cardio, a GPS watch with built-in heart rate monitor

TomTom today has launched its latest GPS watch known as the TomTom Runner Cardio.

Pocket Drone, Named as the GoPro of Flying Copters

At CES 2014, robots were a pretty big deal, attracting large crowds of people. While the terrestrial ones were cool, it was the flying kind that got lots of attention. Parrot, especially, had grownups flocking around to ooh and ahh at their live demonstrations each hour.

So can we drive with Google Glass?

This past week was the trial of the driver who was given a ticket for driving with Google Glass. And while it might not seem like the most pivotal case, it did bring a lot of things into question. With wearable technology evolving, where does the law need to intervene? With new technological advancements, there’s always the lingering question of “What can people do in the car?” First it was phone calls and then it was texting and now it’s smart glasses. Specifically, should people be allowed to drive with Google Glass?

Narrative Clip, Hands-On From CES 2014

While the majority of wearable tech shown at CES 2014 seemed to be in the realm of fitness and health trackers, there were some others if you took the time to look carefully.

Beluvv launches “Puppy” – a wearable device for your pet

You might remember Beluvv from their previous product, Guardian, a wearable device to protect your child from wandering. Now, they’ve brought their protective product to your furry friends with “Puppy,” a wearable device designed to keep pets from getting lost as they roam freely.

Which Wearable Tech Devices Should be on Your Holiday Wish List?

Okay, so we all know the obvious aspects of the holiday season: cheerful songs, holiday gift-giving, classic movies, and maybe even a little mistletoe (I’m talking to you, Leonardo DiCaprio). But the holidays also bring with it times of mindless eating and colder temperatures making it difficult to hit the pavement for that three mile run. It’s not our fault that Aunt Melanie nitpicks every little thing and stress eating sugar cookies is the only thing that takes the edge off! Or is that just me? So, instead of my usual holiday wish list of books I don’t have time to read and room decor I’ll never hang up, I have decided to focus my wish list on wearable tech. It’s useful, very trendy and it will get me one step closer to my New Years resolutions.

GadgeTell Interview: Piet Morgan, Founder of Hammerhead

Biking is a form of exercise to some, but for many more it’s a lifestyle. From city streets to county roads to open wilderness, you can find cyclists just about anywhere. There are some, though not quite enough cycling products that are tech-related. One, however, has recently gained a lot of attention and support. I more »

Hammerhead Lets You Share, Discover New Bike Adventures

Taking a bike out for a regular spin is not only healthy, it can very likely save you a lot of money too. Think gas, maintenance, and everything else that costs with owning a vehicle. Sure, there is always a trade-off, but you can’t argue against the appeal of biking off somewhere on a beautiful more »