A Step Above the Rest: A Look at the Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker System with CTO Mario Esposito (Video Loops)

Editor’s note: This video interview was recorded with an original intent of publishing in full. However, due to unforeseen issues concerning audio playback (or the lack thereof,) we had to get creative. Enjoy.

Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer Enhances ANT+ Compatibility

If you’re a cyclist, you likely have some gadgets or apps to help you track your trips and performance. How else can goals be achieved if nothing is measured and evaluated, right? Many existing fitness devices feature the ANT+ technology. ANT+ uses device profiles, which have specific rules and parameters, to send data for sports more »

Need Something to Do? Hyper Local BestOf App Relaunches in Over 20 U.S. Cities

One type of mobile application that is always on my radar is a solid events guide. Of course there’s local ‘rags’ or free newspapers and ‘zines, even flyers or Facebook events to find out where some of friends are hanging out — but shouldn’t it be easier than that? I mean, why is it so more »

Garmin Innovates With HUD Direction Display

Garmin used to be king when it came to GPS and directions. But much like other tech, GPS functions have quickly become integrated into our smartphones and devices. It’s hard to stay a player when your product is on the verge of being obsolete because it’s really just a standard feature. Yet just recently, Garmin more »

CE Week: Kenwood Talks Innovation in Connected Cars, Brings the First Ford Mustang with a Wi-Fi Hotspot to NYC

As it generally exists in the technology industry, one trending topic at this year’s CE Week was connected cars. A portion of the showroom area even included a few on display, where companies like MTX Audio and Kenwood provided attendees with private demonstrations of their latest in-car entertainment systems. In addition to a multi-session event, more »

Earl Is the Outdoor Enthusiast’s Dream Survival Tablet

The best thing about portable digital devices like smartphones and tablets is how they provide such information right at our fingertips. While they excel in cities and urban areas, they don’t always perform the best in extreme outdoor situations. Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the creator of Earl has engineered a tablet that’s more »

Opinion: Transportation Guidelines for Reducing Electronic Distractions Missing the Point

Yesterday, I wrote about hands-free texting being just as dangerous as manual texting. Today I read that the US Department of Transportation has published new guidelines for auto manufacturers, urging them to limit the distraction risk of their on-board devices. Interesting thought, but I’m not sure that addresses the real problem. I’ve had issues with more »

TomTom Completely Re-Designs The GPS Sport Watch

TomTom has launched a new range of GPS watches to deliver at-a-glance performance information for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The new, ultra-slim TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS sport watches feature an extra-large display, full-screen graphical training tools, and one-button control. The new watches feature TomTom’s Graphical Training Partner. Easy-to-read full-screen graphics help users get more »

Track and Share Your Adventures with Rove

Are your friends jealous of your outdoor adventures and wish they could follow in your footsteps? Well, if you’re an enthusiast and are looking for a way to share, the ROVE geocaching and trail sharing device will help that. The ROVE is a fast, easy and fun way to share your trail maps with friends more »


Triposo is Your Free, Pocket-Sized, Personalized Travel Guide

Personally, I don’t travel as much as I’d like to. I’ve been to some places around the country, some outside — but regardless, when I’m in a new place for the first time, I generally try to have the least touristy experience possible. I’ll take the back alley bars over the city’s most celebrated cocktail more »

Fishing Enthusiasts, Find Your Fish With ReelSonar

ReelSonar, a new project up on Indiegogo, is a new generation social-mobile, Bluetooth enabled, sonar fish-finder system for tablets and smartphones alike. This mobile device allows users to get water conditions, map waterbeds, and of course, find where the fish are at. The ReelSonar app works with both iOs and Android devices. The specifications show a Bluetooth more »


Google Maps Portions of North Korea

With Google, you can do just about anything and when you are Google, you can even get into North Korea. Despite protests in the uber-secret mystery land, Google CEO Eric Schmidt visited the country in early-January and discussed a modern nation’s need for internet access. For those of you who aren’t aware, North Korea has more »