GadgeTell Review: PowerPot V Thermoelectric Generator

Solar power is a popular choice for camping and outdoor activities. Sunlight is free, and a good solar panel can collect a lot of energy during the course of a day, enough to fully charge most smartphones (and then some). But what happens when it’s too cloudy, or once the sun sets? That’s where the more »


StriimLight Available in U.S., On Display at CES 2014

While most products are fantastic on their own, the creative strive toward improvement and/or perfection leads to some interesting results. Some work, other’s don’t, but most are pretty darn unique.

PowerPot X Delivers 10 Watts of Power for Tablets, Gadgets

When the PowerPot first launched on Kickstarter, it turned into a huge success. Huge. Now the company is back on Kickstarter again with a newer level of “huge”. The PowerPot X and XL feature the same thermoelectric generation, but in a bigger size with more power.

Lumen TL800 Bluetooth Smart Bulb Now Available

Just in time for the holidays, the Lumen TL800 Bluetooth smart bulb is available for purchase. It provides energy-efficient light in over sixteen million color options, selected via an app for your Apple or Android device.

GadgeTell Review: Suntactics sCharger-12 Solar Panel

I’ve used a number of solar panel products – enough to know what I want, and that they’re not all made the same. My Gomadic SunVolt is fantastic except that it’s not convenient to pack. Enter the replacement for my outdoor adventure gear: the Suntactics sCharger-12 solar panel. It’s as slim as three nickels and only more »


GadgeTell Review: Etón BoostSolar Backup Battery

With the green energy movement well under way, more and new energy products are available for consumer use. The most popular type today is the solar panel. As gadgets have trended toward wireless function and portable form, solar panels have evolved in order to complement and accessorize with emerging tech. Many solar panels currently available more »

Tenerarca Smartphone & Tablet Cases Kill Nasty Bacteria

When’s the last time you ever gave your smartphone and case a good disinfecting? Has it been awhile? Maybe never? It might be time to consider it. We use our smartphones daily, and everything that we touch ends up touching the device as well: doors, other people’s hands, food, and public surfaces everywhere. That’s a more »

thingCHARGER Provides Power, Protects From ‘Juice Jacking’

It’s late in the afternoon and your smartphone is dangerously close to hitting empty. You’re waiting for an important phone call, hoping that the phone doesn’t die first. As you look up, you happen to notice a few people idling near each other with corded gadgets in hand. A free charging kiosk! You rush over more »

Etón Corporation Announces New Portable Energy Solutions

Etón Corporation, a leader in eco-minded portable power products, has announced the availability of new Boost mobile charging devices. The Etón Boost 4200 and Boost 8400 are slim and pocketable battery packs. The BoostTurbine 4000 is a crank-powered generator that also comes with a 4000mAh battery. Lightweight and durable, the Boost 4200 packs 4200mAh of power, more »


Kickr Solar Panels, for Rugged Outdoor Charging

Ascent Solar Technologies, a manufacturer of consumer and off-grid products, recently announced new personal solar chargers. The EnerPlex Kickr I and II use the latest photovoltaic technology for charging mobile devices. What sets the Kickr line apart from other traditional panels is the proprietary, flexible solar cells. Consumers can bring these rugged panels anywhere for more »

Clean your Screen with the WHOOSH! Screen Shine

Readers, it’s time to get serious. How much do you really know about tech hygiene? If you’re like me, it’s slim to none. However, I was fortunate enough to come across the WHOOSH! at CE Week and they gave me an old-fashioned schooling in tech hygienic.

“Gonna eat that?” Then Swap it with LeftoverSwap App

Next time your poor and/or cheap friend is scrounging food around your neighborhood or better yet, ‘dumpster-diving’ for whatever scraps they can find, now you can say “wait, there’s an app for that.” Seriously, there is. It’s called LeftoverSwap and it works as a median between people in your area that are too full to more »