Tado Launches Kickstarter For AC Cooling Device

Connected home devices are all the rage with products like the Google-owned Nest thermostat taking over people’s houses. Now, a new connected home device from Tado has made its way onto Kickstarter with a funding goal of $150,000. The company has already been able to raise $14,000 on the crowdfunding site and it has 29 days to go before the funding period closes.

LG launches Smart Appliances with HomeChat app

If you didn’t get mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day, you may want to consider buying her smart appliances from LG. These are great gift ideas especially if your mom or wife is a gadget freak.

Support Earth Day and join MPOWERD Solar Justice campaign

Each week, we bring news about the latest industry shakeups and articles about upcoming gadgets. Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all first-world chit-chat. As audiophiles flock to Neil Young’s Pono Player, speculators discuss the latest smartphone rumors, and consumers research their next purchase, there are those in the world struggling with energy poverty.

SnapRays Guidelight transforms sockets to smart LED lights

If you’re ever up in the night staying up late with a movie, heeding the call of nature, or maybe for a midnight snack, you probably have some kind of illumination to help you out. It could be a small lamp, night light, or even the light above the stove. But if you’re ready to save an outlet while still having light at night, grab your wallet while you check out the SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power.

Luxor flashlight packs intelligent circuits and Cree LEDs

A quality flashlight tends to be one tools we tend overlook until it’s needed most. I’ll admit that half the flashlights in my house use the old-style bulbs, while the rest have newer, brighter Cree lights. Yet these devices still run on Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries that recharge through a wall charger.

Xbox One Media Remote teased, out this March 4

So you’re enjoying your Xbox One that it’s become your primary entertainment system? You love the idea but something’s amiss. Perhaps a remote control?

3D Systems working with Hasbro on 3D printing for children

Exciting news, 3D printing fans! And especially you 3D printing fans with children. 3D Systems and Hasbro, Inc will be working together to co-create new 3D printing experiences for children.

Apple to partner with Time Warner Cable, new Apple TV coming soon?

My Macbook Air will be turning 3 this March so I’m thinking about rewarding myself with a new gadget. I want an iMac but it’s way beyond my budget right now. I might settle on an iMac Mini or an Apple TV.

Nest to be Acquired by Google for $3.2 billion

In what seems to be the biggest news early this year in smart home technology, Google is set to acquire Nest Labs with a hefty price of $3.2 billion. The search giant paid cash and with CEO Larry Page excitedly welcoming Nest founders to Google.

CES 2014: Samsung Shows Off 98-inch 8K TV

At the CES this year, more Ultra HDs are being revealed. But for Samsung, it has showed us something with a higher 8K display. The first 8K TV by Samsung is now at the company’s CES booth labeled as Quad Ultra HD. It’s not the first in the world but the second after Sharp’s 8K Super Hi-Vision offering that boasts of a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution.


StriimLight Available in U.S., On Display at CES 2014

While most products are fantastic on their own, the creative strive toward improvement and/or perfection leads to some interesting results. Some work, other’s don’t, but most are pretty darn unique.

Vevo, Songza and More Come to Google’s Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is really pushing the pedal to the metal. Do people still say that? They’ve added a ton of new apps to Chromecast, so if you’ve purchased the $35 streaming dongle, you’re in luck. Google also announced that it added support for personal media clouds from Plex and RealPlayer Cloud.