Review: Rain Design Inc. iLevel2 badass laptop stand

I’ve incorporated the Rain Design Inc. iLevel2 Laptop Stand into my home office for past couple of weeks and kept an eye on how it’s affected my workflow. Since I have no intention of upgrading my sweet little 13″ MacBook Pro to a Gazillion-inch Mac desktop computer– and transformer computers don’t exist, yet (let’s get more »

Simplicam is a new alternative to Dropcam

Arcsoft has released Simplicam, its own home security product that will compete against Google-owned Dropcam. Just like Dropcam, Simplicam lets users place cameras around their house and then monitor live feeds from the cameras from smartphones and tablets. The costs associated with Simplicam and Dropcam are nearly identical, but the former is meant to be easier to setup.

Cobra JumPack portable battery charges cars, gadgets

It happens every once in a great while to many people. You head your front door, ready for work, get in your car, and turn it on. Nothing. You’ll pause for a second and try the ignition again, but the engine won’t turn. You just hear a click noise. Then it dawns on you that your car battery is dead, right as you flashback to having used the car’s ceiling light the night before. You check it and see that it’s still in the on position. Yup. It’s going to be one of those days.

ChargeAll pocket wall socket solves many inconveniences

One of the main reasons why tablets and smartphones have surpassed laptop sales is that they’re easier to power and last longer. Think of the last time you used a fully-charged laptop off of its internal battery. It probably didn’t last as long as you wanted. And in all honesty, setting screen brightness and performance to the lowest possible, just to extend battery life, is dumb. And you’re not really “mobile” if you have to continually think about where the nearest power outlet can be found.

Nest Protect available again without gesture control for $99

The Nest Protect is available for sale once again following a recall of the device two months ago. Google-owned Nest stopped selling the device after it was discovered that a faulty gesture control feature could result in the device’s alarm turning off, completely removing any level of usefulness from the smoke detector. Since the device is also lacking one of its features, Nest has decreased the price of it from $119 to $99.

LightMate handles emergency, survival situations

If there is ever a worse experience than having a tire blow out while driving on the freeway, it is doing the same at night. It’s little fun, and even less so without proper illumination. Ever since the one time I had to change a tire on the freeway in the dark, I’ve always had some sort of portable light source stashed in my car. Lesson learned.

Sensibo wants to make your air conditioner smart

Upgrading core parts of a home to make them connected to the internet and fitted with various features is becoming a trend in the consumer electronics industry. We have seen with devices like the Nest–which Google acquired–that people are no longer happy just using their home appliances without having them in some way connected to the internet or other devices.

MIT CityHome is the future of apartments

It is already possible to see what an over-crowded Earth will look like if you take a trip to certain parts of Asia. To deal with the population growth in those countries, apartments have been created that are barely large enough to fit a single person with a bed and a bathroom. Even the smallest apartments in the United States are not that small but MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places has a plan for if they do shrink down.

Google may acquire security camera maker Dropcam

Acquisition talks are reportedly underway between Google and Dropcam, a company that specializes in security-oriented Smart Home devices. With the acquisition, Google could then release products in the home security field through Nest, a high-tech thermostat company that was acquired for $3.2 billion.

Google hires Ivy Ross as new Google Glass head

The new chief of Google Glass, Ivy Ross, was a part of retail companies like Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Calvin Klein, Bausch & Lomb,, and Gap. Ivy Ross’ extensive experience in marketing could definitely help Google transform Google Glass into a fashionable accessory.

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player now up for pre-order, arriving this July for $700

My significant other and I are on the lookout for a new TV. We want at least a 40-inch Smart LED TV that can play hi-res movies. (Blu-ray!) While I know there are so many models available in the market, we can’t decide on which one. I think we’ll wait for the prices to go down some more or wait for Black Friday. Or if we can’t wait, maybe we’ll just buy this Roku-like device from Sony. The Sony FMP-X10 Ultra HD Media Player is a simple media player but it can save and play 4K-res movies.

Tado Launches Kickstarter For AC Cooling Device

Connected home devices are all the rage with products like the Google-owned Nest thermostat taking over people’s houses. Now, a new connected home device from Tado has made its way onto Kickstarter with a funding goal of $150,000. The company has already been able to raise $14,000 on the crowdfunding site and it has 29 days to go before the funding period closes.