Android Wear owners can now pay at the register with their wrist

Slim and/or minimalist wallets are all the rage right now. Why? It’s because, deep down, many people love and appreciate doing more with less. The same concept applies to our mobile devices and digital payment methods. Although the adoption and availability hasn’t been as fast as some would like, there are more merchants now than ever to accept purchases via digital wallets.

My bad, the internet is awesome. How about a cookie?

Digital technology has removed prerequisites and we all get to call ourselves geniuses – even if we’re petulant kids with zero life experience. So I get it: Modern technology is the absolute best. You were right all along, Millennials.

Saddle seats: Get ready to hate flying even more

Want to ride in an awkward position on a bike seat for a couple hours? Airbus has your (aching) back with its patent-pending “saddle seat” technology. And oh, is it teh awesome.

Finally, self-serve beer machines have arrived

I don’t know about you, but when I’m checking out at a grocery store using a self-serve machine, all I’m really thinking is, “Why can’t I do this with beer?!” Or I’m thinking “Are these Fuji apples or Granny Smith?! I don’t want to lie!” My life is hard. Well it turns out my dream of one day being able to serve myself a cold beer at sporting events is becoming a reality. Maybe it’s just me, but having to simultaneously order my pretzel and beer at the same time to avoid waiting in multiple lines is really cutting down on my game-watching time. And by that I mean my multiple attempts to get on the jumbotron. I’ll dance all night if I have to, Phillies!

Wocket Smart Wallet challenges your bulky dumb one

Want to know what has been and continues to be a hot item? Wallets. Search around on Kickstarter, past and present, and you’ll find an abundance of successful projects made of metal, leather, plastic, or cloth. The unifying aspect of most of these wallets is the slim design, intended to reduce bulk. People are totally into it – no one should have a hamburger of a leather wallet in the seat of their pants.


Ritot watch projects time, notifications on hands

Companion devices are gaining popularity as more options become available for consumers. What’s a companion device? It could be a ring, watch, or bracelet that provides notifications or interaction with a connected mobile device. With the way smartphones are gradually getting larger, it can be convenient to know what’s going on without having to pull your smartphone out each time.

kGoal thinks the only incentive women need to exercise is a vibrator

So if you disagree, take it up with kGoal, a very popular Kickstarter campaign And yes, if you pronounced “kGoal” correctly, it should result in a “wait a minute” moment. Like the name suggests, the kGoal is a device meant to incentivize women to do their Kegel exercises. And although the idea of working out that particular part of the body might seem ridiculous, it’s actually important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, especially if you’re planning on giving birth in the near future.

5 outdoor electronics products for summer fun

Here in the U.S.A., it’s a short work week as we head into Independence Day, July 4. Some of you are already on vacation. Others will be on vacation soon. And some of us will just be chillin’ on the patio or in the backyard all summer. So we thought it would be a good time to list some cool product categories that can make your outdoor holiday experience super-awesomer.

Thinium debuts Charge at CE Week in NYC

Earlier this week, Thinium debuted its new Charge at New York City’s CE Week. The Charge is an innovative new way of quick charging your smartphone (1 AMP) anywhere, anytime, with no hassle (and in assorted colors!). is the first platform to track with swim wearables

When it comes to exercise and training, only pure grit and dedication can push one to continue when he/she is alone. It’s the social nature of human beings; we prefer to be and do with others around us. This can mean working one-on-one with a trainer or having a gym partner each week. Studies show that the social aspect of an activity is a significant motivational factor for persistence.

Forget smartwatches. How about the ultimate multi-tool survival watch?

While the current selection of smartwatches may be fun and fancy, they won’t do much good in an outdoor or survival situation. Doomsday or zombie apocalypse? Nope. Those smartwatches would be taking up precious retail space for something else to keep you alive, longer. What you really want is the Ralston Recon 6 watch.

GoPlug bags provide energy from a mobile wall socket

Mobile devices get a lot of love when it comes to having additional battery power on the go. External battery packs come in almost every imaginable shape and size, and in a variety of capacities to meet user demands. Even the large 18000mAh (or greater) external batteries are easy to toss in a bag or backpack to carry.