Robot “baseball fans” coming to a ballpark near you?

What if you didn’t want to spend the time and money on attending a game in person, but still wanted your voice heard at the ballpark? One Korean baseball team, mired in its own cycle of losing and empty seating, has an innovative answer: seat-filling robot fans — referred to as “fanbots” — that represent real fans in the stadium.

Jibo wants to be your family’s robot

Having a home robot that does things for you while acting human is awesome, and it may finally be a possibility with Jibo. An Indiegogo project has launched for Jibo, and the project has already pulled in all of the funding necessary to turn Jibo into an actual product.

RoboCup will help your World Cup withdrawal

Unfortunately for spectators, the World Cup will come to an end this Saturday. And if you’re like me, you’ve gotten used to having entertaining soccer games to watch all week and you’re not ready to part with the excitement quite yet. Luckily, the RoboCup tournament is taking place in Brazil a week after the World Cup. So, you can gradually withdraw from your soccer addiction by watching robots engage in a kicking machine competition. What could be better than that?

SoftBank introduces Pepper, a $1,930 robot

During a press conference in Tokyo, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son announced a new robot called Pepper that can be placed in homes and stores to assist humans. Pepper is being marketed by Son as the first humanoid robot that has “emotions”–or at least the only affordable one with emotions. Each Pepper unit shares its experiences and interactions with humans by uploading them to the cloud which enables each unit to learn how humans act and therefore, how they should be acting as well.

Intel will make it possible to 3D print your own adorable robot

If the thought of robots being 3D printed in every home gives you the I, Robot fear shivers, you might want to move on to an article about beaches and summer reading. If not, continue at your own risk! The robots are coming! While Intel’s new 3D printed robots are not as scary as the ones Google and other companies are acquiring, it is still a robot. And this robot is adorable and named Jimmy! How can you be scared of a robot named Jimmy?

California will hand out self-driving car licenses in September

Even if you are already legally able to drive, California will require special licenses for operators of self-driving cars and those licenses will become available this September. Since there are no self-driving cars on the retail market yet, the licenses are solely for employees of companies like Google who need to test the cars on public roads, something that California announced would become legal in the state.

Nod, gesture control universal remote ring on pre-order

When it comes to wearable tech, I think there’s been too much focus on the wrist and not enough on the fingers. Luckily, we’ve seen a few of these projects succeed funding: the NFC ring, Ring, and Fin. These devices allow users to control their gadgets via gestures. There’s a new contender for finger fun, but this one appears to take control one step further.

Motrr Galileo brings motion tracking to iPhones, iPods

We all love to either capture and/or share pictures and video. As the one who is frequently behind the lens, it’s rare that I am ever in any shots. Sure, the memories are there, but those who look sometimes think I just wasn’t involved.

Pocket Drone, Named as the GoPro of Flying Copters

At CES 2014, robots were a pretty big deal, attracting large crowds of people. While the terrestrial ones were cool, it was the flying kind that got lots of attention. Parrot, especially, had grownups flocking around to ooh and ahh at their live demonstrations each hour.

Ozobot Hands-On From CES 2014, Now On Kickstarter

One of the many unique products I saw while at CES 2014 was the Ozobot. I lucked out at the booth and got a chance to speak to the team without having swarms of others around me. The Ozobot booth, and the robotics area as a whole, typically teemed with the curious.

First-Timer’s Observations: CES 2014

Not only was CES 2014 my very first, it was also the first time I’ve ever experienced Vegas outside of having a layover at the airport. I know, right? But even though I didn’t have the time (or money) to catch any Vegas shows, I still had a complete blast.

5 Japanese Companies to Show Robots at CES

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government agency, announced that five Japanese robotics companies will be featured in its Robotics Innovation Showcase at CES.