Motrr Galileo brings motion tracking to iPhones, iPods

We all love to either capture and/or share pictures and video. As the one who is frequently behind the lens, it’s rare that I am ever in any shots. Sure, the memories are there, but those who look sometimes think I just wasn’t involved.

Pocket Drone, Named as the GoPro of Flying Copters

At CES 2014, robots were a pretty big deal, attracting large crowds of people. While the terrestrial ones were cool, it was the flying kind that got lots of attention. Parrot, especially, had grownups flocking around to ooh and ahh at their live demonstrations each hour.

Ozobot Hands-On From CES 2014, Now On Kickstarter

One of the many unique products I saw while at CES 2014 was the Ozobot. I lucked out at the booth and got a chance to speak to the team without having swarms of others around me. The Ozobot booth, and the robotics area as a whole, typically teemed with the curious.

First-Timer’s Observations: CES 2014

Not only was CES 2014 my very first, it was also the first time I’ve ever experienced Vegas outside of having a layover at the airport. I know, right? But even though I didn’t have the time (or money) to catch any Vegas shows, I still had a complete blast.


5 Japanese Companies to Show Robots at CES

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government agency, announced that five Japanese robotics companies will be featured in its Robotics Innovation Showcase at CES.

BeeWi to Introduce Bluetooth Fighting Robots at CES

We don’t have much to add here, other than that this BeeWi invite is one of the coolest CES meeting requests we’ve received.

Amazon Drones Could Mean Target Practice

One thing about that kinda scary Amazon drone story: How will the drones defend themselves? You might recall that we have a gun violence problem in this country, as well as a lot of crazy/angry people with itchy trigger fingers and/or lots of time on their hands.

Digital Health Startup Isowalk Partners with UCLA for “Intelligent Mobility Assistance”

New York-based “mobility assistance” startup Isowalk is matriculating at UCLA. The technology and development collaboration will “integrate a state-of-the-art gait analysis system developed by UCLA’s Wireless Health Institute (WHI) into the revolutionary Isowalk mobility aid,” said Isowalk and UCLA in a joint release. Isowalk is a “smart” walking cane that biomechanicaly adjusts to the characteristics more »

5 Technology Trends to Watch for 2014 from CEA

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is the trade association/lobbying group for the electronics industry, as well as the organization that brings us the epic Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every January, today released its 2014 edition of Five Technology Trends to Watch. So what’s CEA have its eye on? Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT). The more »

Piper Home Security, Compatible with iOS, Android Devices

Lately, there has been a lot of focus on internet and mobile security. Account security and personal information is of utmost importance. But we still can’t forget about home security, especially when there are tools and technologies to make it easier and seamless. Piper is an elegant, complete home security system. This device packs a more »

Braava Joins Roomba, Scooba, as the Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot Corp., a leader in delivering robotic technology-based solutions, recently announced the release of a floor mopping robot, the Braava. The company has sold over 10 million home robots worldwide since their 2002 launch of the Roomba vacuum. With such busy lives, where typical lunches last only 30 minutes and employers expect more to be more »

Sphero 2.0, Forever Changing How We Play With Balls

Orbotix, the makers of Sphero, has announced the reinvention of the ball, once again, with the Sphero 2.0. Sphero 2.0 is an app-controlled robotic ball that’s now faster, brighter, and smarter than ever before. Orbotix is promoting a brand new rollout that also includes accessories to fully deck out your Sphero 2.0 Instead of taking more »