Is the IO Hawk a personal transportation device that will stick?

The IO Hawk is a cool transportation gadget, but is it practical enough to stay on the market?


Uber can’t carry passengers in Spain, starts delivering food

Transportation service Uber has been barred from transporting passengers in Spain and while it tries to get back to its core service in that market, Uber is delivering food instead. A food delivery service from Uber has opened in Barcelona and Uber says the food delivery service is similar to one offered by the company in California. On Thursday, an announcement said drivers would bring around prepared meals that cost about $14 including the delivery fee.

TechnologyTell Review: NapAnywhere travel pillow

The NapAnywhere travel pillow overfunded its Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. It even won an innovation award at the 2014 International Travel Goods Show, but it wasn’t until recently that I had even heard of it. Since I was anticipating some long drives to and from CES 2015 in Vegas, I thought it would be the best time to test out this uniquely-designed travel pillow.

Uber works with Boston to share ride data

Transportation service Uber has entered into a deal with the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The deal will involve Uber providing the city’s officials with ride data. That data will be used by Boston to improve city planning and limit gas emissions and traffic congestion. By ZIP Code Tabulation Area, Uber will hand over data, though it will all be anonymized to protect users.

OnStar to offer driving benefits in GM cars

The OnStar system from General Motors will receive a few major upgrades in 2015 and 2016. At CES 2015, the company has announced OnStar will be used to provide alerts as well as benefits for being a safe driver. With OnStar Prognostics, drivers will learn of upcoming technical issues with their vehicle. Additionally, a big more »

Flywheel targets Uber with $10 New Year’s Eve rides

At the same time as Uber and Lyft are trying to make as much money as possible on New Year’s Eve with price surging, Flywheel has announced it will offer $10 flat-rate rides. In four American cities, Flywheel will connect people to taxis and all of the rides will only cost $10 over New Year’s Eve.


Uber offers free rides in Sydney after price jump

A hostage crisis has been playing out in the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia since Monday morning. During that hostage crisis, prices for transportation service Uber jumped to four times what they usually are. In response to the price jumps, which were heavily criticized, Uber is offering refunds and free rides. The hostage crisis resulted in demand being “off the charts,” according to Uber, and that triggered the price increase.

Tesla delays its Model X electric SUV

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed the release of its Model X SUV must be pushed back. The latest delay comes alongside assembly line troubles, since the company has not been able to update its production facilities fast enough. Those assembly line issues are impacting the company’s Model S sedan and causing reduced production.


Lyft says former COO stole documents, went to Uber

The former COO of transportation startup Lyft, Travis VanderZanden, has been accused of stealing important documents from the company and leaving for Uber. Of all the transportation startups in North America, the biggest rivalry is between Uber and Lyft, and this is not the first time competition has reportedly gotten out of hand.


10 cool gadgets that function using your car’s cigarette lighter

Looking for car accessories to make your next road trip more enjoyable? Consider one of these 10 gadgets that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter.

Michigan law re-affirms ban on Tesla sales

Michigan has become the latest state to clearly ban the sale of Tesla vehicles. Tesla only sells its electric cars directly to consumers, and that has gone against the state-level laws in some parts of the US. Michigan was one of the states that had laws on the direct sale of motor vehicles to consumers, and Governor Rick Snyder has signed Bill 5606 that specifically bans direct Tesla sales.

Travel in tech, style with Bluesmart connected carry-on

Not all amazing tech products bring something entire new and different to the table. Sometimes all you need is the right ingenuity to combine existing features, and to also have an eye for design. That’s exactly what the development team behind the Bluesmart connected carry-on did.