Tesla delays its Model X electric SUV

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed the release of its Model X SUV must be pushed back. The latest delay comes alongside assembly line troubles, since the company has not been able to update its production facilities fast enough. Those assembly line issues are impacting the company’s Model S sedan and causing reduced production.


Lyft says former COO stole documents, went to Uber

The former COO of transportation startup Lyft, Travis VanderZanden, has been accused of stealing important documents from the company and leaving for Uber. Of all the transportation startups in North America, the biggest rivalry is between Uber and Lyft, and this is not the first time competition has reportedly gotten out of hand.


10 cool gadgets that function using your car’s cigarette lighter

Looking for car accessories to make your next road trip more enjoyable? Consider one of these 10 gadgets that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter.

Michigan law re-affirms ban on Tesla sales

Michigan has become the latest state to clearly ban the sale of Tesla vehicles. Tesla only sells its electric cars directly to consumers, and that has gone against the state-level laws in some parts of the US. Michigan was one of the states that had laws on the direct sale of motor vehicles to consumers, and Governor Rick Snyder has signed Bill 5606 that specifically bans direct Tesla sales.

Travel in tech, style with Bluesmart connected carry-on

Not all amazing tech products bring something entire new and different to the table. Sometimes all you need is the right ingenuity to combine existing features, and to also have an eye for design. That’s exactly what the development team behind the Bluesmart connected carry-on did.

Tesla has plan for 400 Chinese charging stations

Tesla and China Unciom, a state-owned wireless carrier, will be working together to build 400 electric vehicle charging stations across China. There will be new stations built in 120 cities, and 20 supercharger stations will be created in 20 cities. The supercharger locations enable faster charging for Tesla vehicles when compared to regular electric vehicle charging stations.

UberFRESH is Uber’s lunch delivery service

Uber fans in the Santa Monica area can now order lunch through the Uber app and have it delivered via uberFRESH, the company’s new food delivery service. A trial is being carried out in the Santa Monica area, and during the trial, people will be able to order lunch for $12 between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

UK considering Tesla Model S for official transports

The Tesla Model S is among a group of cars being considered by the UK government for its official mode of transport, the car company has announced. Tesla says that its flagship electric car is being looked at by the government as a low-emission alternative to the cars currently used for UK ministers. The Government Car Service is in the process of determining which “green” car should replace the current fleet, and since the Tesla has setup shop in the country, it seems like an obvious choice.

Whistler introduces MotoGlo helmet safety light

As someone who has always wanted a motorcycle (ITS NOT A PHASE, MOM!), I am always excited to see new improvements in terms of motorcycle safety. That way, I can present my parents with a Powerpoint presentation replete with all the ways I can “safely” ride a motorcycle. So, when I read that the Whistler Group, Inc.m introduced a new Helmet Safety Light called the MotoGlo, I was pleased as punch. Do the kids still say that?

UberX could face legal action in Sydney

Uber and UberX have come under fire recently as governments around the world place fines against the ridesharing service or, in some cases, threaten to pursue legal action against the company. In Sydney, the latter is taking place, as some drivers are being warned that they could end up in a courtroom because of their work for UberX. The ridesharing service is allegedly not in compliance with some of Sydney’s laws, which puts UberX in a very bad scenario.


Tesla able to continue direct sales in New York

Tesla has been confronted with multiple legal disputes in recent months as certain states try to prevent the company from selling directly to consumers. At least one more state is giving in and will not block Tesla from selling to consumers. A law has been enacted in New York that lets the car company sell directly to consumers in its five current locations, but any future locations must be dealerships. This compromise will at least allow Tesla to maintain its presence in the state.

Tesla opens up electric car patents

Tesla has opened up its electric car patents so that other automotive companies can push the industry forward. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the growth of the industry is far more important than Tesla holding onto its patents and suing people if they create cars that have similar functions. From Musk’s point of view, Tesla is secure in its place in the electric car market, and there isn’t anything to worry about if other companies come out with more similar vehicles.