New Google car sheds steering wheel, pedals

Google is stepping things and has begun offering test drives in a new self-driving car prototype that has just two seats and doesn’t come with pedals or a steering wheel.

Canadian airlines will allow electronics use

The Government of Canada has announced that the country’s airlines will be permitted to enable fliers to use electronics gate-to-gate, as long as no devices interfere with a plane’s equipment. A longstanding restriction on in-flight electronics use was lifted in the US by the FAA in 2013 and a similar change is now occurring in Canada.

California will hand out self-driving car licenses in September

Even if you are already legally able to drive, California will require special licenses for operators of self-driving cars and those licenses will become available this September. Since there are no self-driving cars on the retail market yet, the licenses are solely for employees of companies like Google who need to test the cars on public roads, something that California announced would become legal in the state.

Self-driving car market worth $87b by 2030

The self-driving car market is already starting to gain some traction with the help of Google and some well-established car manufactures but Lux Research thinks that the market will really pick up by 2030. At that point, the industry will be valued at $87 billion with more than 120 million autonomous cars on the road.

Google Showcases Self Driving Cars, Tries To Build Support

Self-driving cars now appear to be the next obvious step in car technology and Google is paving the way for auto manufacturers to enter that market. During a press event in Mountain View, California on Tuesday, Google provided 30-minute rides to journalists. In the past, only select journalists were given rides but they are becoming more common as time passes.

Nokia to invest in smartcar technology advancements with HERE

So the Nokia mobile division has been officially sold to Microsoft. The mobile group will soon be known as Microsoft Mobile but don’t forget that Nokia will still be known as Nokia. The Finnish giant still needs to make money on its own but it still is willing to invest $100 million through the Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) fund to improve the HERE app. Nokia seems to be making a worthy investment because of its aim to work on and improve mapping technology and the travel industry by improving on HERE.

External battery packs can now.. jump start vehicles?

I had to read it twice to believe it too. Normal news about external battery packs typically involve bigger, smaller, or possibly some new brand entering the market. But to equip a compact, portable, external battery pack with the ability to jump start a standard 4- or 6-cylinder vehicle? Mind is blown.

12 ancient videos about blimps we can’t stop watching

Many of us get a little rush when we see a blimp (or dirigible, or zeppelin, or airship) floating in the sky. Now imagine what people must have thought when they saw one hovering over their neighborhood 80 or 90 years ago. It must have totally blown minds. These old newsreels about blimps are almost hypnotic to watch.

LOCK8 Provides Smart Bike Protection With GPS and Alerts

To some people, a bike is just a bike. To many others, it’s a lifestyle. Biking and cycling has just as much a social aspect as it does a fitness counterpart. Today’s bikes can have some pretty advanced features as well as a high ticket price, thus making them attractive targets. LOCK8 has just announced more »

5 Technology Trends to Watch for 2014 from CEA

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is the trade association/lobbying group for the electronics industry, as well as the organization that brings us the epic Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every January, today released its 2014 edition of Five Technology Trends to Watch. So what’s CEA have its eye on? Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT). The more »


You Can Sign a White House Petition to Allow Tesla to Sell Cars Direct to all American Consumers

I’m not big on signing online petitions, though I have signed a few. This one, asking that Tesla be allowed to sell directly to consumers, got my attention, though, because I do feel strongly about competition. And adapting to market pressures. I can’t buy a Tesla, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to more »


Hovertrax: Glide With Gyro-Enabled Electric Transporter

Are you looking for a new mode of urban transportation? Are you thinking Segway meets Heelys in a portable compact form? No? Well now you are! Hovertrax, the latest invention by Inventist, is available now on Kickstarter. The inventor of the Hovertrax, Shane Chen, wasn’t satisfied enough with last year’s creation of his Solowheel, which is like more »