VR or mobile gaming? Take Nod Labs’ wireless ring controller with you

Remember when the Nod gesture control ring was creating a bit of buzz last year? Although you may not have heard much about Nod since then, the company has been hard at work fine-tuning their product as well as creating a brand new one. On top of it all, Nod Labs has just announced closing $13.5 million series A funding.

Say goodbye to image tears and stutter with FreeSync-enabled $600 LG monitor

Who says gaming gear has to be crazy expensive? Not LG and AMD, that’s for sure, as the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation and American semiconductor producer join forces to help smooth out 4K content in exchange for only $599.

Nvidia Shield Android TV available at $200, Shield Pro on deck for $100 extra

We expected Google to use this year’s I/O conference as a launch ramp for a new Nexus Player or Chromecast (or maybe both), but what we didn’t realize was the search giant’s digital media streaming software already found its way inside the perfect hardware.

Google Store slashes Nexus Player price, possibly hinting at imminent sequel

Powered by Android TV and running the newest 5.1 Lollipop iteration of Google’s mobile OS, Google Cast-ready and offering full access to Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as basic game-streaming capabilities, the Nexus Player is certainly richer in features than its Chromecast “cousin” or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

Sit tight, Android gamers, 5.1 for Nvidia Shield Tablet and Portable are both nigh

Even though the newest iteration of Android is a couple of weeks old already, which should have given Google plenty of time to update the entire Nexus roster, you can still count the 5.1-powered devices on the fingers of one hand.

Amazon Appstore turns four, celebrates with $100+ worth of free apps and games

Instead of expecting gifts, as you do when celebrating an anniversary, Amazon goes in a giving mood itself and lets its Android-owning fans install no less than 34 apps and games free of charge. Well, technically, the Amazon Appstore will be four years old on Sunday, March 22, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for better looming deals.


ZRRO – Android gaming done right, or just the next OUYA?

Fact: mobile gaming is huge. Also fact: sometimes the convenience of playing games on a smartphone or tablet pales in comparison to playing on a console connected to a beautiful HDTV.


Zyro DroneBall disrupts the tyranny of your dumb old balls

Balls, balls, balls. Frisbees, pucks, shuttlecocks. I’ll bet you didn’t know that they were your grandpa’s way of playing games. They’re such a frustrating letdown, amirite? A problem in search of a solution. I mean, when you’re not throwing or kicking them around, they just sit there. What a waste! But not to worry. Silicon Valley has you covered with — what else? — a “smart ball.”

Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Sells for a whopping $129,000

To celebrate the original PlayStation’s launch in Japan in December 1994, Sony released the 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles. They only manufactured 12,300 of these units, each having a serial number embossed on them.

Xbox One price slashed to $349

The holiday season 2014 turned out to be extremely good for Microsoft as the console managed to become the best-selling console in the U.S. in November and December, as per a report from NPD. The company even released a number of popular titles for the console, and came with an extremely affordable price tag of $349 for the holiday season, which was reverted back to $399 in early January. However, it seems the company has announced a new promotion where it will sell the Xbox One for $349 once again.

Runtastic wants to add workouts to Oculus Rift

Runtastic workouts are not only going digital, they are entering the virtual reality space. The company has revealed plans to use the Oculus Rift with its workouts, and a video has come out showing a 7-minute workout inside of the virtual reality system. Since there is no way for someone to physically run around outside with a Rift on, the Runtastic app for Rift is meant to act like a personal trainer for motions such as squats and lunges.

Black Friday deals: Nvidia Shield Tablet comes with free controller and games

Mobile gaming enthusiasts must have thought their Thanksgiving present this year was an impressively timely Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Nvidia’s Shield Tablet. But the Santa Clara-based chip maker extraordinaire has at least one more surprise in store for the holidays.