Sony PS4 top gaming console last February, NPD Group says

The Year 2013 ended with us knowing that Sony sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units only within two weeks of launch. After almost three months, the gaming console is Number 1 again in the United States.

Sony sold 5.3 million PS4s

We already predicted the Sony PS4 would be more popular than the Xbox One. Sony’s goal last year was to sell five million PlayStation 4 units before the fiscal year ends and as of February 8, 5.3 million PS4s have been sold around the world. This is even before it launches in Japan.

Microsoft Offering $100 Store Credit to “Ditch” Your PS3

Microsoft is running a promotion for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico from January 23rd – March 2 that offers PS3 and Xbox 360 owners to recycle their old consoles. As a reward they get $100 of credit toward the Microsoft store.

Xbox One system update to land on February 11th with improvements and bug fixes

If you’re a proud owner of a Xbox One, you’ll be glad to hear that a system update will land on the gaming console next week. Microsoft has announced a new system update for the Xbox One will land on February 11th, which is Tuesday next week. The news came from the chief product officer, Marc more »

Sony PlayStation Vita Slim to hit the shelves in the UK on February 7th for £180

Sony unveiled a slimmer version of their portable gaming console, the Sony PlayStation Vita Slim, last year in Japan, and it seems the console will hit retail in the UK next month for £180. Sony has teased the device a few times in the past few weeks, and it seemed a little obvious that it will hit the shelves on European shores.

Sony to unveil the ‘slimmest’ Playstation

The Sony Playstation 4 seems to be a success that the company is following up another version. It’s more of a very slim version and not necessarily with different specs. A teaser was recently spotted showing what could be the “slimmest” Playstation. Others are saying it’s just the UK launch of the Vita Playstation TV.

Sony sells 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units in two weeks

Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 4 went on sale in North America on November 15th. During the first 24 hours, the company managed to sell over a million units of the PlayStation 4, making it their largest console debut ever. Later the console launched in other several European and Latin American countries, making it available in total 32 countries worldwide. Earlier on Tuesday, Sony mentioned that it has sold over 2.1 million units in two weeks since the console on November 15th.

Nintendo Sales Up but Still Saw a Huge Net Loss

Thanks to the price cut Nintendo recently offered, sales of  went up by almost 200 percent. About 300,000 Wii U consoles were sold after the handheld gaming console was given a new price. The additional number makes up 3.91 million devices sold since the Wii U launched a year ago. Thing is, the Japanese manufacturer more »

EA SPORTS to Release Next-Generation Golf Game Sans Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and EA Sports have been working together for the past 15 years but the latter is now working on a next-generation golf game. This means Tiger Woods will soon be out of the picture. We have no idea why but the game developer has already shared a screenshot of the new golf game. more »

Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Shipping Earlier than the PS4

We have yet to see the highly-anticipated Sony Playstation 4 but we’ve heard good reviews already. As early as now, we’re hearing from gamer geeks that they like the PS4 over the  One. I’m certain that Sony will sell more than Microsoft and the two gaming consoles will go head to head. Over at Amazon, more »

tabeo e2 Tablet For Kids Launching for Holidays

Toys “R” Us has announced its next generation tablet for kids, the tabeo e2. This tablet, which originally launched for the 2012 holiday season is designed by the kids authority and features content kids love. The tabeo e2 has upgrades which make it bigger, faster, and more durable than the original model. The tablet runs on more »


Sony outs Azurite Blue PS3 before PS4’s arrival

I know the Sony PS4 excites a lot of geeks more than the Xbox One but before the new Playstation arrives, Sony decided to release a blue version of the Sony PS3 Superslim. The “azurite blue” version will be released by GameStop exclusively on October 8. For those who are still looking to buy the more »