GadgeTell Review: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Oh, how one can miss those days of non-stop hardcore gaming, where determination and grit can be measured by how many empty cans and pizza boxes you have piled up. Sleep? Restroom breaks? You can do that when you’re dead. Although we have to grow up and take on greater and more responsibilities (eventually,) a more »

They’re Here: ROCCAT Ryos Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Whether you’re a casual user or hardcore gamer, a quality keyboard is generally a good investment. Though, maybe it applies toward the gamers more than not. But if you are a PC gamer, ROCCAT has some new keyboards lined up just for you. , a leading manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals, has released the new more »

Valve Demos The Steam Controller in a Gameplay Video

Valve is well-known as one of the leading lights of PC gaming, so when they announced a few weeks ago that they were working on a handheld controller many gamers thought the idea was crazy. PC gaming means mouse & keyboard, right? Not according to , and now that I’ve seen what their controller can do more »

STEM Thrusts Players Closer Toward Full Virtual Immersion

The latest in tracking and gesture-control technology has just hit Kickstarter and is drawing much attention. The STEM system is a wireless motion tracking platform for video games and virtual reality. Upon reading more, I couldn’t help but think of Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One. The STEM system lets players interact naturally with the more »

Plantronics Debuts RIG Gaming Line, Premium Headset

Plantronics has announced an upcoming line of gaming products, named RIG. RIG products are designed specifically for today’s connected gamers, who use multiple devices and even multiple screens. The first Plantronics RIG member, available this fall, is a premium stereo headset. The RIG stereo headset also features a built-in mixer that provides seamless control over more »

Razer Naga Re-Release Expects Fiscal Loss, Doesn’t Care

Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, has announced the latest iteration of the Razer Naga, the world’s all-time, best-selling MMO gaming mouse. They basically took their original 2009 design and decided to modify and upgrade it for even better performance. The 12-button thumb grid now has increased tactility, providing speed and actuation assurance more »

GadgeTell Review: Tactslider Tornado Gaming Controller

Smartphones and tablets, when not used for productive purposes, are great for music, video, and gaming. The glaring problem with gaming on a tablet or smartphone is their lack of dedicated physical controls. When it comes to live competitive games, one wrong slip on a screen can be the difference between success or doom. There more »

Omni Creates Unprecedented VR Immersion for Games

Are you a hardcore FPS gamer? Ready for some bleeding edge technology to go with your FPS game? You’re welcome. Lets talk about Omni, which is already overfunded on Kickstarter and ready to charge forward with revolutionizing virtual reality. Omni is the first virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally in your favorite game. This more »

Mad Catz Announces F.R.E.Q.4D Gaming Headset

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. has announced on Tuesday the F.R.E.Q. 4D Gaming Headset for Windows PC and smart devices, expected to ship this Fall. Part of the company’s GameSmart range, the F.R.E.Q. 4D is the first Mad Catz headset to feature ViviTouch 4D Sound. Designed to add a new dimension of sound perception to the gaming experience, ViviTouch more »


MSI Releases First Mechanical Keyboard Designed for Gamers

Leading motherboard, graphics card, and computer peripherals maker MSI has expanded its Gaming catalogue with its first Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Built on the popular Cherry MX Red linear switches, the MSI GK-601 provides superb feedback and sensitive key responsiveness. Each key on the MSI GK-601 is created with precision laser etching for extra resistance to more »

Crayola Light Marker: Color and Create on Your iPad

Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, and Crayola, whose products have inspired creative expression in children for more than 100 years, announce the availability of Crayola Light Marker. The Crayola Light Marker is a new way for artists, young and old, to create digital masterpieces using innovative mobile more »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Pad Demo (Video)

Samsung’s Game Pad was included with the other ten accessories to hit the market alongside the Galaxy S4 launch. And we reported it on those the day after the Korean giant’s latest flagship was announced last week. Today, we’re pleased to see the S4 gaming attachment in it’s animated form. Thanks to the video below, more »