Black Friday deals: Nvidia Shield Tablet comes with free controller and games

Mobile gaming enthusiasts must have thought their Thanksgiving present this year was an impressively timely Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Nvidia’s Shield Tablet. But the Santa Clara-based chip maker extraordinaire has at least one more surprise in store for the holidays.

Nvidia bringing Lollipop to Shield Tablet next week, alongside free gaming bundle

Nvidia vowed its Shield Tablet would be one of the first Android soldiers to load itself with 5.0 Lollipop, and next week, the GPU and SoC maker will be delivering on that promise. Impressive turnaround for a device manufacturer with little to no experience in the field, and no special relationship with Google.

Deal alert: Get your fix of top paid Android apps for free via Amazon

Browsing Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for the latest, hottest, most fun games and productive Android apps? Disappointed to see so many of them cost top dollar? Then you’re likely not looking hard enough.

Deal alert: $200 Nvidia Shield now bundled with free $25 Google Play credit

With a much beefier follow-up right around the corner, you’ll probably understand Nvidia’s desperation to get rid of remaining first-generation Shield inventory. Then again, the chip makers have been throwing discounts, updates and various deal sweeteners at potential Shield buyers for months now, so the latest promotion is just another day at the office for them.

Nvidia inadvertently confirms gaming-oriented ‘Shield Tablet’

It’s no big secret that Nvidia doesn’t know the meaning of the word failure and is thus set on following up the fizzling Shield handheld game console with an upgraded second-gen gizmo. But apparently, there might be more on the horizon for the chip maker as far as gaming devices are concerned.

Presumed second-gen Nvidia Shield earns FCC approval for imminent launch

For better or worse, Nvidia’s Shield experiment is praise-worthy, regardless of sluggish sales and overall middling critical reception. Granted, the handheld console is years away from revolutionizing the mobile game market, as Nvidia probably envisioned, but a sequel is in the works and leaked info makes it look pretty amazing. As long as it’s legit.

Benchmark uncovers Nvidia Shield sequel with Tegra K1 chip, 4 GB RAM

Nvidia did its damnedest to turn the Shield handheld game console from a tech oddity into a box-office hit and trend-setter, but at the end of the day, all the discounts and software updates were simply not enough.

Nvidia Shield gets discount, new features, Android 4.4 KitKat update

Basically acknowledging there were a couple of things wrong with the Shield handheld game console and its age made it an impractical buy at $250, Nvidia rolled out a series of extra features to the gizmo, also shaving a cool $50 off its list price.

Viral gaming hit ‘Flappy Bird’ is indeed coming back, but ‘not soon’

Whispers of a change of heart from reclusive game developer Dong Nguyen vis-à-vis his biggest hit yet, “Flappy Bird”, were first heard last week, following an exclusive and rare Rolling Stone interview. But now the whispers are bona fide rumbles, as Nguyen just confirmed via Twitter he’s not only “considering” reviving the mobile game.

[MWC 2014] Samsung Exynos Infinity to be unveiled

Samsung is working on a new Exynos processor. It’s not a rumor or a leak and the South Korean giant is all set to make an important announcement next week at the Mobile World Congress.

Meizu and bq to make Ubuntu smartphones finally

Back in August, we learned thay Canonical failed to raise $32 million to build an Ubuntu smartphone. We don’t know what happened since then but we heard rumors that Meizu would be making an Ubuntu-powered phone.

[MWC 2014] LG to show off the new Knock Code feature

I’m sure like me, you’re excited for MWC to start. We’ve been seeing leaked images and hearing early announcements and today is no exception. LG is going to surprise us with the “Knock Code”. We don’t know exactly what it does but this feature allows waking up the phone with a simple knock.