Ubisoft CEO happy with Xbox One price cut

Ubisoft is apparently quite happy with Microsoft’s decision to come out with a cheaper Xbox One that excludes the Kinect. During a post-earnings financial call Friday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that he is happy with the price cut as it means both the PS4 and Xbox One are affordable and, of course, more Xbox One sales means more Ubisoft game sales.

Google hires Ivy Ross as new Google Glass head

The new chief of Google Glass, Ivy Ross, was a part of retail companies like Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Calvin Klein, Bausch & Lomb,, and Gap. Ivy Ross’ extensive experience in marketing could definitely help Google transform Google Glass into a fashionable accessory.

Does anyone care that Flappy Bird is returning to the app store?

Well, if you never got the chance to download Flappy Bird before it was pulled, August will give you that second chance. Nguyen said in an interview with CNBC that the app will include multi-player capabilities and be less addictive…whatever that means. Also, that sounds like a GREAT business model. But who am I to judge?

Microsoft will hand out refunds for Xbox Live

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it would be removing certain services from the clutches of Xbox Live Gold and among those services are Netflix and Hulu Plus. Since Microsoft recognizes that some people have signed up for Gold simply to gain access to streaming content like Netflix it has announced that partial refunds will be provided to people who cancel their subscription.

Sony expecting losses once again despite PS4 sales

Sony is one again expecting to post a financial loss for the current fiscal year following a $1.25 billion net loss in 2013. Sales have recently been picking up for the company thanks to smartphones and the very successful PS4 but once this fiscal year ends, Sony expects that it will have lost $489 million, its second consecutive lost.

Xbox Live Gold May No Longer Be Necessary When Accessing Netflix

There are definitely more than enough reasons why someone would benefit from paying for Xbox Live Gold every month but according to Ars Technica, access to Netflix and Hulu may no longer be one of those reasons. Ars Technica’s sources have revealed that Microsoft will no longer make people pay for Gold if they want access to certain high-profile streaming apps on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Benchmark uncovers Nvidia Shield sequel with Tegra K1 chip, 4 GB RAM

Nvidia did its damnedest to turn the Shield handheld game console from a tech oddity into a box-office hit and trend-setter, but at the end of the day, all the discounts and software updates were simply not enough.

Amazon rolls outs set-top box, calls it FireTV

Believe it or not, I have yet to give in to the set-top box setup at home. I’m still okay with watching TV episodes on YouTube, streaming, and downloading shows. But then with Amazon’s offering, I might consider getting one soon. Amazon recently announced the FireTV.

Nvidia Shield gets discount, new features, Android 4.4 KitKat update

Basically acknowledging there were a couple of things wrong with the Shield handheld game console and its age made it an impractical buy at $250, Nvidia rolled out a series of extra features to the gizmo, also shaving a cool $50 off its list price.

The 15 best tweets about Facebook’s Oculus Rift acquisition

Well, Mark Zuckerburg has done it again with a Facebook acquisition. This time, Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus Rift, which originated as a Kickstarter campaign. As you can imagine, people are very vocal about their opinions on the matter. Check out the 15 best tweets about the acquisition to see what I mean.

Viral gaming hit ‘Flappy Bird’ is indeed coming back, but ‘not soon’

Whispers of a change of heart from reclusive game developer Dong Nguyen vis-à-vis his biggest hit yet, “Flappy Bird”, were first heard last week, following an exclusive and rare Rolling Stone interview. But now the whispers are bona fide rumbles, as Nguyen just confirmed via Twitter he’s not only “considering” reviving the mobile game.

Sony PlayStation 4 Price Rose by $50 in Canada

There’s bad news for all those customers in Canada who are planning to get their hands on the PlayStation 4. Sony Canada has raised the price of the console in Canada by $50, bringing its price to $449.99 from $399.99.