Nvidia’s Shield Tablet takes Android gaming to the next level

We’ve been warned, and teased, and warned again. At long last, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet has gone official, unfortunately a couple of days too late to surprise in any way. But regardless of the mystery being shattered to pieces prematurely, you have to admit the chip maker’s sophomore gaming device effort improves last year’s hesitant rookie stab at the tricky market by leaps and bounds.

Leaked: Press shot of presumed Nvidia Shield Android tablet

Nvidia entered the Android device manufacturing scene quite abruptly last year, taking us all by surprise with a pioneering Shield handheld game console design and pretty bold Tegra Note tablet.

Windows Phone games updated for latest devices

At least 40 Windows Phone games have been updated to work with some of the latest Windows smartphones from Nokia and other manufacturers. Many of the games had not previously been available on Windows Phone 8 because of how old they are, but that didn’t stop developers from coming out with updated versions fit for the latest devices. Among the games are Minesweeper and Spartan Assault. The games also need just 512MB of memory to run correctly, so most of the current Windows Phone devices will be supported.

College views League of Legends just like other sports

E-sports are becoming very popular, and unlike five years ago, they are no longer viewed as a silly hobby. Robert Morris University is taking an even greater step than most in trying to change the way people view E-Sports, particularly League of Legends. The college says that it will be actively recruiting students for its more »

Deal alert: $200 Nvidia Shield now bundled with free $25 Google Play credit

With a much beefier follow-up right around the corner, you’ll probably understand Nvidia’s desperation to get rid of remaining first-generation Shield inventory. Then again, the chip makers have been throwing discounts, updates and various deal sweeteners at potential Shield buyers for months now, so the latest promotion is just another day at the office for them.

Nvidia inadvertently confirms gaming-oriented ‘Shield Tablet’

It’s no big secret that Nvidia doesn’t know the meaning of the word failure and is thus set on following up the fizzling Shield handheld game console with an upgraded second-gen gizmo. But apparently, there might be more on the horizon for the chip maker as far as gaming devices are concerned.

Presumed second-gen Nvidia Shield earns FCC approval for imminent launch

For better or worse, Nvidia’s Shield experiment is praise-worthy, regardless of sluggish sales and overall middling critical reception. Granted, the handheld console is years away from revolutionizing the mobile game market, as Nvidia probably envisioned, but a sequel is in the works and leaked info makes it look pretty amazing. As long as it’s legit.

Competitive game streams were watched for 2.4B hours in 2013

YouTube will reportedly buy Twitch for an estimated $1 billion and to people who are not in the eSports community, the benefits of that may be difficult to understand. For some people, Twitch may be a site that they have never even heard of, yet for gamers, it is their home away from home. Research firm IHS has released a report showing just how popular services like Twitch are and the report’s data also sheds some light on why YouTube would be interested in buying Twitch

Valve VR headset stepping into the spotlight

Valve is moving its virtual reality headset into the public eye after working with developers in private for months. The Oculus-like device was demoed at a VR meetup in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, allowing regular consumers to see how the product works and how it compares to other virtual reality headsets.

Valve Steam Machines pushed back to 2015

Valve has pushed back the expected release date for its Steam Machine consoles and the Steam controllers from 2014 to 2015. A post on the Steam blog from Valve’s Eric Hope explains that the company has made the decision to extend the development period primarily to fix issues with the Steam controller, suggesting that the actual Steam Machines are good to go.

Sony creating new Chinese venture for PlayStation sales

Microsoft will likely end up being the first foreign gaming company to release its products in China since a ban on consoles and games was put in place, but new reports state that Sony is set to enter the market as well.

Microsoft’s Surface Mini tablet a no-show later?

Full pricing and partial specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet were leaked yesterday. We’re excited about the announcement which is supposed to happen in less than 24 hours, today May 20, but its companion Microsoft Surface mini could be delayed. This means only the Surface Pro 3 will be shown off.