Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directions

Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directions

An update has been pushed out for the Uber driver app that will make navigating routes easier. The update provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions in case a driver is unsure of the best possible route to take when driving someone. On the passenger side of things, that app has been updated to allow customers to specify their destination first thereby making things even easier for all parties involved.

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Google Maps 8.0 for Android rolls out with Uber integration

google maps 8 android

We haven’t forgotten the Android version of Google Maps but the last we heard about it was when it officially rolled out for Android. But just recently, a major update was released by Google.

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Nokia to invest in smartcar technology advancements with HERE

nokia here smartcar technology

So the Nokia mobile division has been officially sold to Microsoft. The mobile group will soon be known as Microsoft Mobile but don’t forget that Nokia will still be known as Nokia. The Finnish giant still needs to make money on its own but it still is willing to invest $100 million through the Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) fund to improve the HERE app. Nokia seems to be making a worthy investment because of its aim to work on and improve mapping technology and the travel industry by improving on HERE.

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