Microsoft Surface under pressure during NFL AFC Championship Sunday

In case anyone didn’t notice, or hear the announcers on Sunday (January 24th), the Patriots lost all connectivity with their Microsoft Surface tablets on the sidelines at one point.  The Microsoft reps stated that it was a connection issue and not the tablets themselves, but no one on the Broncos sidelines seemed to have any more »


Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 high-end models

Microsoft has created more powerful versions of its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.  These newer models have the Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB SSD hard drive, 16GB RAM and a Nvidia graphics card.  At a hefty $3,200 for the Book and $2,700 for the Pro 4, one would expect these models to outperform anything more »

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 undercuts Intel Compute Stick price at $130

This little known Indian brand called iBall, in partnership with Microsoft, literally just unveiled a regional rival for the Intel Compute Stick, and already, there’s a new contender for the title of best thumb-sized PC.

Deal alert: LTE-capable Google Nexus 9 at $380 ($220 off list)

Seeing as how the youngest member of Google’s Nexus smartphone family has been massively discounted via numerous retailers of late, it was only a matter of time until the newest “pure Android” tablet followed suit. Even if they say no N9 sequel is in the pipeline right now. Nonetheless, the Tegra K1-powered, 8 mm slim more »

HP revamps Pavilion x2 convertible with sturdier design, USB Type C

Far from a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 “killer”, the newest member of HP’s versatile Pavilion x2 family aims to offer a very similar user experience at a fraction of the costs.

Get the LG G Pad F 8.0 for free from T-Mobile this Father’s Day

No better way to show the man who raised, educated and cared for you how much he means than getting him a gratis Android tablet from Magenta for Father’s Day. Wait, that came out wrong. Typically, the LG G Pad F 8.0 isn’t available for free.

Lenovo Miix 300 Windows tablet also in the works with 10-inch screen

Given Lenovo’s consistent focus on diversity and choice as far as its Windows tablet and convertible laptop rosters are concerned, we’ll admit we were a bit surprised to see the Miix 300 announced in just the one form factor back at MWC.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE moves to Android 5.0 Lollipop on AT&T

Starting today, whether you pick the first-generation Galaxy Tab S in an 8.4 or 10.5-inch version, with LTE capabilities on Verizon or AT&T, you’re guaranteed to run a modern iteration of Android. Technically not the absolute newest, but literally the next best thing and an all-around robust, smooth, pretty software package.


Deal alert: OG Nexus 7 at $76 on eBay via Newegg in refurb condition

We can count the 2012-launched gadgets we’d still recommend you buy at the right price on the fingers of one hand.

Best Buy cuts prices on phones, tabs, laptops and Chromebooks for Father’s Day

It may feel like there’s still plenty of time to probe the market for the ideal Father’s Day tech gift, but it’s never wise to wait until the last minute. Besides, Best Buy’s latest batch of deals is so rich and diverse that it’s almost impossible not to find something for everyone’s dad.

Overheating begone: Sony Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet updates on the way

In case you were wondering what’s taking Sony so long to spread the Z4 Tablet love on the old continent, and at the very least announce a US release date, we may have an explanation for you. But be warned, you’re not going to like it one bit.

9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E announced with KitKat, 16:10 display

Samsung’s redundant slate release policy doesn’t look like it’ll wind up anytime soon, with the simplified new single-letter branding scheme canceled by incessant specification overlap. As if the 2015 Galaxy Tab A duo didn’t resemble the 2014 Tab 4 lineup a little too much, another forgettable budget soldier has just entered the picture, via Taiwan.