Technology Tell Review: Polk Hinge Wireless Headphones

By Kirk Hiner My favorite aspect of the Hinge Wireless on-ear headphones is one that won’t apply to everyone, because not everyone has a head as large as mine. Those who do, however, know the feeling of having on-ear or over-ear headphones squeezing your head for hours at a time. It’s not a pleasant, but more »

TechnologyTell Review: Phiaton MS 100 BA earphones

When it comes to wearable personal audio, I tend to prefer on- and over-ear headphones. Not so much earphones, even though I’ve experienced some really great products for sound and/or features. For me, in-ear devices are all about the comfort and how well they can hold up to my binge-listening on a daily basis. If more »

Trinity Audio opens pre-orders for affordable audiophile IEMs

What’s better than a successful Kickstarter campaign? One that also has a team who communicates, updates, and delivers. Just last month, Trinity Audio Engineering wrapped up a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for their high-end in-ear headphones. Today, they’re making the final preparations before shipping out all backer rewards. And this means you can visit their more »

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics Blackwire C725 headset

Many of the headphones reviews on TechnologyTell are for audio enthusiasts and not much for the office environment. But since I like to review all sorts of products and mix it up once in awhile, I present to you one of the latest productivity-centric headsets from Plantronics.

Want custom sound? Ditch equalizer apps, pick up Torque headphones

To some, headphones or pairs of earbuds are just that. They’re things one puts on to direct music into ears. But, to me, that’s like saying a fast-food ‘burger’ is just as good as anything a master chef can whip up, since it’s just food that goes in the mouth. If you want a real burger, you’re going to skip the chains (especially ones that have a drive-through). And if you really love your music, you’re going to pony up for a quality listening device.

Xiaomi Mi Store ready for US and European launches with accessories in tow

Though merely founded half a decade ago, Xiaomi has quickly gained a reputation as one of the mobile décor’s fastest risers. The world’s third largest smartphone distributor, according to some market analysts, a solid top ten contender, based on other research, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro architects rose to fame chiefly on thriving domestic popularity.

TechnologyTell Review: Inno Headphones—great sound that doesn’t mess up your ’do

There is a new line of headphones from InnoDesign to satisfy the need for great-sounding headphones that are really comfortable on the wearer’s head. The brand is offering two varieties of headphones:

TechnologyTell Review: A-Audio Icon Wireless headphones

Sometimes I think of an interesting or engaging intro for a product review. This is not one of those times, haha. But I will comment about how I liked the A-Audio booth at CES 2015. Compared to many of the garish-looking booths at the show, A-Audio’s sophisticated panache was quite refreshing and very fitting for more »

TechnologyTell Review: 808 Audio Performer BT headphones

At CES, what interested me most about the 808 Audio Performer BT headphones was their ear cup design. It’s different, and it felt pretty good for a quick fit. As a value-oriented entry into the headphone market, these headphones deserve a deeper listen. Design & Connectivity Compared to the abundance of headphones out there that more »

50 Cent meets the Avengers as SMS announces – but doesn’t show- Marvel headphones

SMS Audio announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with Marvel to produce on-ear wired headphones based on Marvel characters. The four-model line will be augmented by “key global marketing initiatives and event support.” SMS is the headphone brand owned and endorsed by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The announcement came ahead of the more »

Want the best headphones ever? Here’s your chance to make it happen

Do you think you know what the best headphones should be? You can show the world your vision for the next generation of sound.


Deal Alert: Sony noise canceling headphones 50% off today!

Whether you’re a road/air warrior in need of a quality set of cans, or someone who loves to take advantage of fantastic deals, I’ve got one for you today. But only if you act quickly! Amazon’s Deal of the Day is slashing half off the price of brand new Sony noise canceling headphones, models MDR-10RNC more »