Samsung thinks we need transparent OLED display panels

Have you ever been watching television thinking, “wouldn’t it be great to simultaneously see what’s going on behind my screen?” For all you know, your cat is doing something adorable and you’re missing it! Samsung Display might be able to help in this quandary since the company has unveiled the first mirrored and transparent OLED display panels. Granted, they’re for commercial use, so the company’s priority is probably not your strange cat’s antics, but that’s where my mind first.

Samsung puts out Tizen ‘flood’ warning, with focus on TVs and smart appliances

Why is Samsung so adamant to make the Linux-based Tizen operating system work, despite the critical opinion of most wireless carriers worldwide? Apparently, the platform is “lighter” than other OSes (cough, Android, cough), and eats up less processing power and memory, “thereby ensuring faster device speeds while consuming less energy.”

New LG 4K TV gets a price tag

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, LG revealed it would ship a 65-inch Ultra High Definition 4K OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV by the end of 2014. Now, thanks to a leak, we know the retail price of the item will be $8,999, but it will sell for $6,999.

LG sells one million webOS TVs

LG says that it has now reached a new milestone, the sale of one millions webOS televisions after making its first set of the TVs available in March. The new LG Smart+ TVs with webOS were introduced at CES 2014 in January before they were actually sold to consumers. That means it took just over two months for LG to sell one millions webOS televisions and the company now has an updated goal, 10 million sales by the “first half of 2015″.

Sony Cuts Focus On OLED, Moves To 4K LED

Sony has been pushing costly OLED TVs since 2008 but over time, it has become clear to many manufacturers that particularly with 4K panels, LED or LCD makes more sense. Not only are 4K LED TVs cheaper than their OLED alternatives, they are easier to manufacture and generally last longer.

Think Comcast customer service stinks? So does this survey

Are you one of those poor souls who still pays for cable TV? Do you hate the whole experience of being a Comcast customer? A new survey reveals just how bad the ever-growing cable giant is at, you know, servicing you.

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4K Ultra HD Finally Gets What It’s Been Missing: Porn

If you’ve been thinking of making the leap to a 4K Ultra HD TV but you’ve been worried about your pornography’s resulting resolution, fear not! I mean what good is phenomenal resolution without, well, porn? In the past, it’s always porn that brings new technological developments to the next level. Why do you think the internet is so popular? Think about it.

CES 2014: Samsung to Release 85-inch Bendable UHD TV, 105-inch Curved UHD TV on the second half of 2014

That 98-inch 8K TV Samsung is showcasing at the CES isn’t the biggest screen they have. The Korean giant also has the first curved ultra HD in the market and we just learned it will be released in the second half of 2014. This means retailers would be receiving the 105-inch curved UHD TV together with the 85-inch TV either in summer or during the holiday season we saw earlier this week in Vegas.