Padcaster Mini turns iPad Minis into videography studios

Although tablets make for ideal consumption devices, they’re quite handy when it comes to creativity and content creation. They tend to have just the right amount of screen size and under-the-hood power to effectively drive image, audio, or video apps out there.

Booq Python mirrorless bag, for the agile photographer

Recently, booq has been on a roll with new bags, backpacks, and cases. Their latest addition, the Python mirrorless, proves that booq cares to have products for anyone and everyone. The Python mirrorless is the ideal go-to bag for the photographer that wants to travel light, but with tough protection for their camera.

meMINI Kickstarter Campaign: Genius or Needless?

Sam Lee, the founder of Wanaka’s Snow Park ski facility, is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project called meMINI, “a wearable camera with the gift of hindsight”. Basically, this camera magnetically attaches to your shirt and captures loop footage of 5 seconds to 5 minutes to be saved straight your smartphone where you can choose the magical moments you want to keep and which to discard.

The secret booth that only the lucky found at CES 2014

CES is an absolute beast to chew through, especially if you’re dedicated to get up close and see as much as you can before the week is over. It’s not just that there are a bunch (i.e. thousands) of booths, but the small ones tend to be especially easy to miss.

Gadgetell Review: Zoner Photo Studio 16

If your notion of photo editing involves more than absent-mindedly slapping an Instagram filter on a photo of your embarrassingly large hamburger, read on.

Booq Python Slimpack, Must-Have Backpack for Photographers

If you haven’t already noticed, booq has been on a roll with releasing new bags for consumers. Their latest, the Python slimpack, is perfectly designed for the professional photographer or up-and-coming shutterbug.

ShutterBall Makes Taking Smartphone ‘Selfies’ Easy-Squeezy

If there is anything worse than the constant influx of ‘selfies’ it’s the terrible, bad ones. But I guess if you can’t beat the millions, then join them, right? Audiovox has just announced the availability of a new remote control shutter for smartphones. The ShutterBall connects to smartphones with an app and lets users get that perfect ‘selfie’ shot every time.

Nikon Announces the Somewhat Pricey LD-1000 LED Light

Nikon made a few product announcements this week. The one we’re going to talk about now is called the LD-1000 LED Light. It’s meant to be used with the Nikon mirrorless cameras and the COOLPIX compact cameras. It’s just a simple  LED light that can be attached to cameras through the tripod mount. It runs more »


Sony Lens Camera May Be Called Smart Shot, Prices Start at $250

As expected, more leaked information has been released about Sony’s all-but-confirmed lens cameras. This news is once again coming our way from SonyAlpha Rumors, whose sources say these new products will carry a new brand called Smart Shot. 

iblazr Provides Smartphone Flash for All You Shutterbugs

Once digital cameras hit that perfect consumer price-point, almost everyone was a photographer of sorts. Life and events everywhere have been captured ever since. Yet when smartphones finally started integrating quality digital camera optics, it was like feeding steroids to the photo-snapping craze. While the hardware and software behind our smartphone cameras has improved significantly more »

Muku Shuttr, Slim Bluetooth Camera Remote Control

One of the best features to hit the latest Galaxy line of smartphones is voice-activated camera shutter. It’s beautiful. Simply shout out “cheese” or “shoot” and the camera takes the shot, eliminating the scurry and bustle involved with setting a timer. The glaring problem is how that feature doesn’t work as intended in noisy environments, more »


3D Printing: The Future is Now at CE Week 2013

Remember the Replicator on the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series? The crew of the Enterprise could tell the machine what they wanted, and pretty much anything—food, useful items, you name it—would pop out. That seemed like the stuff of fantasy at the time, but the idea of a household machine that can make more »