Details emerge for the Oppo N3’s camera

On Monday, Oppo teased the swiveling camera that will be found on its N3 smartphone, and now the company has confirmed some of the specs for the camera sensor. Oppo CEO Chenming Yong has released some information in regards to the N3 camera on Weibo. The camera will have a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, and the CEO released a photo comparing the sensor to the specs found in the iPhone 6, One M8, and other high-end devices.

AT&T to exclusively carry HTC Desire Eye, Re Camera also en route to Ma Bell

Well, that surely didn’t take long. HTC barely got through the “Double Exposure” event and unveiled the Desire Eye smartphone and Re Camera, leaving availability and pricing largely up in the air, and AT&T already made the picture complete.

OkCupid explains how to take an attractive profile picture

Admittedly, I don’t have the best associations when it comes to OkCupid. I attribute this to the fact that my friend’s creepy roommate used to browse OkCupid profiles in the dark, and something about it felt like a bad episode of Law and Order: SVU. However, he always had a girlfriend so it was clearly working for him. That being said, I fully support OkCupid’s data collection blog, “OkTrends,” because it uses OkCupid’s dating powers for good! Quite the rarity. In their own words, “we’ve compiled our observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of OkCupid user interactions, all to explore the data side of the online world.” And their latest research-based post was created to help users take better profile pictures.

Large smartphones get a boost for video, photography

Despite how digital photos from smartphones and cameras can be nigh unlimited, due to being able to delete the chaff, there is value in taking a great shot the first time each time. If not for the sake of photography, then at least to save storage space or time spent cherry-picking.

Seek Thermal readies thermal camera for consumers

Thermal (also known as infrared) cameras, long used for professional, law enforcement and military applications, measure the heat that objects and people radiate and turns it into a visual image. Essentially, it enables you to “see” things that you can’t necessarily with the naked eye.

Sony’s leaked IFA 2014 invite alludes to looming phone(s), lens-style cameras

As if the recent bundle of information spills on Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphones weren’t enough to clarify the duo was prepped for an IFA 2014 introduction, a purported press conference invitation has now surfaced, clearing the air once and for all.

The Tiffen Company to show new imaging accessories from Steadicam, Domke, Dfx and Lowel at 2014 CE Week

The Tiffen Company will show off its new imaging accessory product lineup at CE Week, to be held June 25 and 26 in New York.

GadgeTell Review: Polaroid XS100i Extreme Edition

Since Nick Woodman invented the GoPro, action cameras have become a necessary piece of equipment for all adventures, extreme sports, and not-so-extreme sports. There are a lot of copycats on the market now, and thank goodness, because  not everyone is excited to pay GoPro prices. Frankly, unless you’re a professional snow boarder, go parachuting on the more »

Edit Instagram photos like a pro with new Instagram effects

Instagram has added even more editing power to their app. Now, users can use sliders to control 9 new photo effects, as well as the intensity of their chosen filter.

Samsung UK opens Galaxy K zoom pre-orders, pricing set at £400

Unveiled nearly a month back and rumored to go on sale in select European markets last week, Samsung’s second stab at a perfect high-end digital camera/smartphone hybrid will finally become available on British shores next Thursday.

Sony Alpha A7s coming out for $2,500

Sony’s 4K-ready Alpha A7s camera was first shown off during the NAB event in Las Vegas and now, pricing and availability details have been released. The body-only version of the device will be sold for $2,500 starting in July which means that the A7s is significantly cheaper than many people had expected it to be.

Kickstarter Spotlight: The OTTO GIF camera brings the possibilities

We love GIFs over at Technology Tell. It’s safe to say that a majority of our email chains are basically collections of GIFs, and we literally feud about the proper pronunciation (feel free to share your opinion). So when I saw the OTTO Kickstarter project, a GIF camera, it’s safe to say I lost my mind a little bit. And then of course I told all my coworkers about it, and they subsequently lost their minds as well.