Lifelogger wearable camera records, streams POV video

If you haven’t noticed, we as human beings are pretty social. We love to share and gain recognition, sometimes a little too much (e.g. selfies, food photos, sexting, etc). Strange behavior aside, we participate in a lot of amazing moments and manage to get some pretty good photos from it. Videos? Sometimes. Maybe not enough. The best way to guarantee some good video is to keep a camera rolling at all times.

Selfie addict? Binge with iLuv cases for iPhone 5, Galaxy S5

Love it, hate it, or love to hate it, there’s likely little end to the whole selfie phenomenon. Google search “selfie” and “mental disorder” and you’ll find that it’s quite the topic. Not all of us go through such extremes for personal photo-taking, but I’m sure we all know some who do. Regardless of frequency, posting such personal photos speaks to the human desire for appreciation and notice. We all like it and (fundamentally) need it. Some more than others, naturally.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom coming to Europe mid-May, price more expensive in Germany

After the Samsung Galaxy S5, there’s the Galaxy K Zoom being teased in gadget town. We first saw a leaked photo last April which was quickly confirmed and then introduced last week when May started. Today, we learned that the Galaxy K zoom camera phone will arrive mid-May in Europe and will retail for €499. However, price will be higher in Germany at €519 for unknown reasons.

Samsung intros the Galaxy K Zoom, a 20.7MP camera with 10x optical zoom

We’ve previously told you about the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom which was teased to us by Samsung via a post on their Instagram account. Today, Samsung has just made this official and officially introduced the new Galaxy K Zoom. Featuring a 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom, Samsung brands this digital snapper as the new camera specialized smartphone.

Samsung teases April 29 announcement, basically confirms Galaxy K Zoom

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in which case a video is probably worth a million. But if it only clocks in at a few seconds, it’s more in the tens of thousands ballpark. Still plenty to confirm the identity of Samsung’s “Next Galaxy” beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?

Aside from the Galaxy S phones, Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy cameras are something to be excited about. I’m more inclined to get a new compact camera as I just got back from a vacation. My iPhone 4′s camera is now sub-standard I think it’s time to upgrade. I don’t want to get a new phone so I’ll just get a camera. Maybe something like the Galaxy K Zoom which was recently spotted by Mr. Blurry Cam.

Nikon COOLPIX S810c announced, another Android-powered camera with 12Mx optical zoom

Nikon today has announced the soon-to-be-released Android-powered digital snapper to be known as the Nikon Coolpix S810c. The Coolpix S810c is actually an upgraded model of the previously released S810. This time, Nikon has given it a bigger screen which measures 3.7-inches and made its body thinner than its predecessor.

Leaked: Samsung Galaxy K (S5) Zoom Cameraphone

Just last week, specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom have been spotted written on a piece of paper. This week, we’re seeing a leaked picture of the cameraphone. The Galaxy S5 Zoom aka the Galaxy K is Samsung’s second venture in the camera-phone game. It’s more of a camera that has basic phone capabilities.

Introducing our new, special segment: “On 2 Bean Bags”

If you’re like the Technology Tell staff and you enjoy spending countless hours of the day watching video, we’ve got an awesome new segment for you to feast your eyes on. Devon Razey, one of our managing editors, and I have decided to feature cool, new products in our segment “On 2 Bean Bags.” This week, we focus on a pair of POV glasses named Wubblewear.


Nighttime snooping? Opgal has camera, Android app for that

There is almost no-end to the power and versatility of today’s smartphones. Just when you might think we’ve seen it all, another company pops up with a new set of features. Private eye? Super spy? Home security? You got it. The Therm-App will deck out your smartphone with thermal and night vision imaging.

The Panasonic HX-A500 will film your activities in ultra HD, but make you look like a dorky dad

Panasonic has the best option for lovers of great image quality. The HX-A500 is boasted as the world’s first 4k/30p Wearable Camera. If ultra high-def is what you’re into, don’t waste your time with the plebes of action cams. At least, that’s basically what they’re saying.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom specs spotted

The arrival of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected but we’ve been focusing our energy on the original smartphone. Well, looks like the compact digital camera version is in the works now if we are to believe a GFXBenchmark database. Aside from that, some hand-written information was leaked from Poland. This is more likely to be true as Samsung has an R&D center in Warsaw, Poland.