TechnologyTell Review: TekGear Twiddler 3 keyboard

TechnologyTell Review: TekGear Twiddler 3 keyboard

Want one flashlight with power of two? Pre-order the Owltac A1T Endure

You may have heard the saying, “two is one and one is none”, in military, survival, prepper, or other circles. It’s based on the very real Murphy’s Law and experienced fact that things fail. And they oftentime fail at the worst possible moments. Putting redundancies in place – critical backups or backup plans – is more »


TechnologyTell Review: LinearFlux LithiumCard Pro battery

The portable external battery pack market is huge and saturated, which can make choice pretty hard. Thankfully, the selection dwindles down quite a bit once you focus on important aspects and stick with it. But sometimes you’ll find a device that impresses all over, even if it may not truly fit your criteria. So then what do you do?

Jamstik is back, better than ever with upgrades & BLE

Forget Guitar Hero. If you want to have some fun and learn instrument skills while you’re at it, you go with the Jamstik. The company knocked it out of the park with their original Jamstik product, and they are now providing consumers with the early opportunity to get the latest Jamstik+.

Actionproof Bumper for Apple Watch now available to pre-order

What good is a shiny new Apple Watch without accessories? While you’re waiting for yours to ship, you can pick up The Bumper case, which is also available for pre-order.

TechnologyTell Review: Justin 2000mAh Slim Power Bank

For the average user, who wants the convenience of extra energy without adding much to personal carry, the Justin 2000mAh slim power bank fits the bill.


It guards cars, records video, streams internet, & is available for pre-order

If, by now, you haven’t seen any crazy, awesome, or crazy-awesome dash cam video clips, then congratulations on working so hard to avoid such online distractions! You deserve a break, so go check out some dashcam video clips. There are reasons why these dash cams are becoming more popular, all of which are good ones. more »

Tickr X: best heart rate monitor and bonus for runners

It may be a bold statement to say that Wahoo’s Tickr X heart rate monitor transmitter is the best I’ve ever tried in the past 15 years, but this is no ordinary workout strap.


Neo Smartpen N2 now available for consumer purchase

Despite the advances in digital tech, writing on a screen with a stylus or stylus-type device doesn’t quite compare to a traditional pen. But we’re getting really close. However, some people still prefer to use a regular writing instrument, be it for the handling, creative experience, or good ole’ fashioned nostalgia.

Review: Inatek’s BK1002E Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple Products

I recently entered the world of iPad accessory life with the Inateck BK1002E, a Bluetooth keyboard designed specifically to synchronize with Apple products and offer a streamlined experience. The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple Products is a perfect replica of Apple’s keyboard with exactly the same feel as a true Apple board. At only 4mm thick, more »

The best streaming gadgets for watching your favorite TV shows

These days, why bother paying for cable? With streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and many more, you could easily cut your dependency on cable and switch to a pure streaming setup.

TechnologyTell Review: LuguLake 4200mAh Qi battery pack

With so many battery packs out there in various shapes, colors, and capacities, there’s almost no end to the choices available. But, on the upside, it makes for a greater range of personalization. It’s easier than ever to accessorize with a certain look that you want to portray.