Live from the Amazon event at Pace University

Hello folks, we will be live shortly with the Amazon event if the thing starts on time. It’s scheduled for Wednesday, May 6 at 10:30 AM ET. Most are expecting a new version of the Kindle that integrates with newspapers (especially the New York Times) and textbooks easily. What will we see? Hit refresh to more »


Live blog from the Amazon press conference

Hello, folks. We’re here at the Amazon press conference and will be live blogging the event. Everyone is expecting Kindle 2 to be announced today. What new features have been added? What changes have been made? Keep it here at Gadgetell. Hit refresh to keep getting updates.


CES 2009 Keynote: Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

We have begun to prep for the Steve Ballmer press conference. This is going to be interesting since Bill Gates has given the CES opening keynote for over 10 years – check out last year’s live blog here. We have seen Steve going absolutely crazy in the past: screaming, yelling, and sweating beyond control. More more »

Live: at the T-Mobile Android event

T-Mobile event
Our man Iyaz is on the seen for today’s T-Mobile event showcasing the G1 Android phone. Google’s mobile OS efforts will be in full regalia and I for one can’t wait for the 10:00 am start. Stay tuned to Gadgetell for updates as they happen.

Iyaz says there is lots of security on hand and lots of signage to let you know how much being first with Android means to T-Mobile.

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CES 2008 Keynote: GM’s Rick Wagoner

GM logoWe are here at the General Motors keynote, the second keynote on day two of the show. The folks are starting to pile in and we will be getting started in about 25 minutes (4:30 pm pacific, 7:30 pm eastern). Last year Ford got a bunch of attention at CES, between Bill Gate’s Sync announcement and the Ford keynote. That momentum has continued into this year as more and more companies seem to be pairing up with Ford. GM is really struggling and one would expect that being offered a keynote address would come with some big announcements.

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CES 2008 Keynote: Intel’s Paul Otellini

We are lined up for the Intel Keynote here at CES. This will be the 4th live keynote we will be bringing you (check out Bill Gates, Panasonic, and Yahoo by clicking here). Intel’s Paul Otellini will be hitting the stage slightly after 4:30pm pacific, 7:30pm eastern. We are expecting announcements related to mobile computing, more »

CES 2008 Keynote: Yahoo’s James Yang

We are about to begin the Yahoo keynote, delivered by James Yang. Please hit Ctrl+R or F5 to refresh the pages and get the updates as they happen. We will be live in a few minutes.

CES 2008 Keynote: Panasonic’s Toshihiro Sakamoto

We are here at the Panasonic keynote presentation. This is the first official presentation of the show. We are expecting to see some major Panasonic strategy, a 150″ Plasma TV, and a few other cool gadgets and gizmos. Let’s see if it can compete with other opening show keynotes of the past. We will have more »


CES 2008 Press Conference: Audiovox

Audiovox Logo

The Gadgetell team is on hand for today’s Audiovox announcements, laying the product strategy path for the new year. Audiovox always impresses and 2008 should be no exception.
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CES 2008 Keynote: Bill Gates, the final CES address

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And we’re officially live here at the Bill Gates press conference. We’ve taken our seats, and are waiting until the 6:00 PST start time. Adam and Robert are hustling over here so we can get some group live-blogging going.

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CES 2008 Press Conference: Sony

Like always Sony has made us trek all the way over to the convention center for their press conference. We are expecting, besides the regular announcements (LCD TVs, OLED displays, cameras, new computers, new Blu-ray players), a new and improved Mylo 2. Stick around to this page for live coverage of all the announcements (you can reload the page by hitting Ctrl+R or F5).


CES 2008 Press Conference: SHARP

Welcome to the SHARP press conference at CES. We’ll be live blogging this event as everyone is interested to see what plans SHARP has for the New Year. It will be interesting to see if SHARP moves out of the calculator mold it has made for itself in recent years. As always, hit Ctrl r or F5 to refresh this live blog.

It is time to find out: