K-TOR Pocket Socket 2, Human Energy Generation for Devices

K-TOR, LLC, designer and manufacturer of portable power generators, recently announced the release of their second-generation Pocket Socket hand crank generator, the Pocket Socket 2. This affordable human powered generator features a standard outlet interface, which provides backup energy and emergency power to a wide range of electronic devices. The patented technology inside the Pocket more »

SNAPJAW Lets You Share Thoughts With Other Drivers

SNAPJAW LLC, a social telematics company, has announced SNAPJAW, the world’s first interactive digital bumper sticker that enables drivers and passengers to communicate socially and extend their personal identity on the road. Currently up on Kickstarter seeking funding, SNAPJAW features a simple concept; Express yourself easily and frequently to other drivers around you. I know. It more »

VTech InnoTab 2S WiFi, Fun Learning Toy for On-the-Go Kids

VTech, a world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children, has announced that its InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet has been selected as one of the hottest travel toys for the spring and summer season by the Toy Insider. The InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet features a secure wireless connection more »

Mindwave Tests Your Brain Power, Monitors Activity

NeuroSky, the leading Brain-Computer Interface company, is adding to their innovative lineup of products with the launch of the Brainwave Starter Kit, a MindWave Mobile package that offers an introduction to neuroscience and brainwave technology. Simply slip on the MindWave Mobile EEG headset and see your brainwaves displayed on screen in the colorful Brainwave Visualizer. Watch more »

Do You Even Know How to Duo Pinball?

There is something nostalgic about playing pinball games. It’s not just the action, lights, or skill, but it’s also the feel that makes it. Discovery Bay Games knows this and wants to preserve that with their game controller for iPad. This Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller for iPad works exclusively with the massively popular Pinball HD and more »


Satechi Multifunction Mini Router Fits in Your Pocket

If you’re looking for essential on-the-go gadgets, then you’ll take a liking to the Satechi Mini Router. Measuring just under 3 inches by 3 inches by 1 inch, this multifunction router packs in features while being easy on the wallet. The router sports a travel-sized design which makes it easy to throw in your laptop more »

The Tactslider Tornado Replaces Your Virtual Directional Pad

Love playing games on your tablet or smartphone? Have a few games with characters you wish you could control with physical directional pad instead of a virtual one? If so, then you’ll want to check out the TactSlider Tornado Game Controller. The TactSlider Tornado is for all tablets and smartphones and doesn’t require any additional software more »

Kensington Keeps Your iPhone and Valuables Unforgettable with Proximo

Kensington, a worldwide leader in delivering smart, safe, simple mobile device accessories recently announced Proximo, an app-enabled proximity monitoring system.  iPhone 5/4S users can have piece of mind knowing where their smartphone, keys, and valuables are at all times. The Proximo Fob and Tag provide a unique way to track multiple valuables with a last-seen more »

Nintendo Land Develops Phallic-Drawing Detection

In a recent interview with Iwata Asks, Wii U Miiverse director Yoshiomi Kurisu and his staff discussed some of the new supplements to their system that they have been working on. On the subject of the ability to send drawings to friends through the Miiverse, one topic of interest came right up. Penises, people just love more »

Gameloft has released a free version of UNO for Android

It looks like Gameloft has released a free version of UNO for Android. The game has recently come available in the Android Market and is noted as being compatible with Android devices running 1.6 or later. The UNO Free game measures in as a 6.7M file and is currently available as version 1.0.4. That being more »

Study: 51 percent of children 8 and under have played a console game

According to a recent study from non-profit organization Common Sense Media, more than half of the children in the United States ages 8 and under have played console video games. The study states that 51% of children in the U.S. ages 8 and under have had one console gaming experience, including 44 percent of children more »

Roku confirms additional games for the Roku 2 set-top box

Roku officially announced the updated Roku 2 streaming box back towards the end of July and at that time it was confirmed to be coming with support for games. More specifically, it was announced with Angry Birds. Of course, we also knew that Roku was planning to release more games in time, and as of more »