Plastic-made HTC One E8 travels to America, lands on Sprint

The hospitable, crowd-pleasing HTC One family of smartphones officially grows by one (no pun intended) starting today on American shores, as the One E8 crosses the Pacific to further dilute the once mighty brand.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 poses for the camera in all its glory

Leaks about the alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 7 have popped up all over the internet on a number of occasions. The Chinese OEM is expected to announce the alleged handset at IFA 2014 in Berlin. Recently, some more images of the alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 7 are leaked from Chinese shores, giving us a glimpse of the design and size of the purported device.

Sony makes headway with US carriers as Xperia Z3 seems poised for Sprint

For reasons that are really beyond our comprehension, Sony has never been able to appeal to America’s big four wireless carriers. With the worthy exception of T-Mobile, which was itself a little late to pick up the Xperia Z and Z1, the major networks inexplicably and stubbornly ignored Xperia devices over and over again, refusing to crack under the public pressures of innovation-savvy consumers.

T-Mobile confirms HTC One M8 for Windows release ‘in time for the holidays’

Three down, only one to go. Verizon got the ball rolling by actually putting the HTC One M8 for Windows up for grabs, AT&T immediately came forward to let its fans know Big Red’s exclusivity period will end soon, and now T-Mobile wants in on the Windows Phone 8.1 fun.

5 things to do while Instagram is down

Like me, you probably logged into Instagram today and noticed THE APP IS DOWN. I REPEAT: THE APP IS DOWN. This is not a drill. And while this of course brings to mind the memes that were created the last time this happened, perhaps you haven’t subconsciously drafted an In Case Instagram is Down plan. But don’t worry, I have.

Alcatel unveils T-Mobile-exclusive One Touch Fierce 2, One Touch Evolve 2

Well, would you look at that, Alcatel and T-Mobile’s unlikely love story carries on, with Magenta once again scoring exclusivity rights on two of the little known manufacturer’s budget Android soldiers. The One Touch Fierce 2 and Evolve 2 follow in the footsteps of the first-gen Fierce/Evolve pair and subtly raise the hardware bar while keeping things humble in the retail costs department.

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 635 for $80 with AT&T prepaid via Fry’s

Well, this is certainly unexpected. So soon, I mean. Nokia, er, Microsoft’s Lumia 635, though a measly a month and a half old stateside, is up for grabs for a discounted price via Fry’s Electronics. Namely, $79.99, which is $20 off.

Moto G2 previewed ahead of launch, removable back cover and microSD slot confirmed

It’s weird, Motorola has a Moto X sequel in the pipeline that’s rumored to make the original look like a featherweight, plus an even beefier Nexus phone codenamed Shamu, yet we seem to find ourselves talking more about the low-cost, low-end G2. You know, Moto G’s follow-up.

HTC One M8 for Windows en route to Sprint and T-Mobile, say tipsters

With the original Android-running HTC One M8 almost six months old, many deemed its Windows counterpart an experimental device. A way for HTC to keep some of its commitments to Microsoft and secure a nice front-row seat to eventual future platform developments without risking much in the short term.

IFA starts early for Archos with Windows and Android product announcements

Perhaps afraid no one’s ever going to notice its gear at next month’s IFA, with high-profile product announcements from Samsung, Sony, Asus or Huawei in the cards, Archos decided to let the cat(s) out of the bag early, previewing a quartet of upcoming Android and Windows-powered gadgets.

HTC Desire 510 wants to give everyone a taste of 4G LTE

While other smartphone companies are bringing out new smartphones with advanced specs and features, HTC for its contribution to the smartphone market is bringing in a more affordable and yet capable mobile device, the HTC Desire 510. According to HTC, the HTC Desire 510 puts emphasis on the content you consume on your smartphone and not so much on how premium the device is. Still, said smartphone was built with enough quality for you not to be ashamed of using it.The most important thing is that the HTC Desire 510 will enable you to connect to the internet at 4G LTE connectivity without draining your pocket too much.

Boost Mobile’s ZTE Warp Sync is a ridiculously cheap upper mid-range Android

After taking over China, ZTE is becoming increasingly competitive on the Western hemisphere. Particularly in the no-contract US mobile landscape, where the Grand S Pro and Nubia 5S Mini LTE have recently launched to offer robust competition for similarly specced handhelds produced by bigger names in the industry that cost hundreds of bucks extra.