Huawei P8 goes official with premium build, respectable specs, low price

When Huawei threw its hat in the fancy wearable ring, pricing its debut Watch dangerously close to Apple Watch tags, we started fearing the budget Chinese specialist was signaling an ill-advised change of strategy. Fortunately for the company’s financial prosperity and smartphone competition, the just-announced P8 is by no means an iPhone 6 Plus match.

Say hello to Huawei’s gigantic, 83 percent screen P8 Max friend

Is that a Huawei P8 Max in your pocket, or are you just really glad to see me? That’s one question future owners of Huawei’s newest phablet will never hear, since this bad boy’s ginormous footprint leaves little room for confusion.

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3, US Cellular’s Note 4 and Edge updated to Lollipop

Samsung’s software makeover machine chugs along undeterred by the various bugs and system instabilities detected in recent Lollipop builds. The smartphone sales rulers are also hands-down the Android 5.0 support champions, at least as far as U.S. carrier-locked versions of their contemporary high-enders are concerned.

Samsung adds Cricket Wireless to Galaxy S6 carrier roster

To our knowledge, the U.S. carriers that got an early invite at this exclusive release party are all more than capable of handling current orders. With the exception of a few individual versions, like 128 GB configurations or models coated in glitzy gold. Meanwhile, a sixth operator is almost ready to join the fun, picking the standard S6 up on April 24. Granted, Cricket’s modest customer portfolio indicates AT&T’s prepaid daughter company won’t noticeably elevate interest in the “next big thing.”

Samsung Galaxy Alpha and S5 Active nab Lollipops on AT&T surprisingly early

As the exclusive U.S. carrier of Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S5 Active and metal-framed Alpha, you probably expected AT&T to drag its feet before bringing the pair up-to-date software-wise. Well, Verizon for one would have likely proceeded at a leisurely rate in customizing and optimizing Android 5.0. Only Ma Bell did the exact opposite.

LG Stylus (G4 Stylus?) incoming with 5.8-inch screen, 3,000 mAh battery

They may have not allowed for much confusion vis-à-vis the standard G4, which is less than two weeks away, but LG stayed awfully vague as far as a pen-capable spin-off was concerned of late. At one point, word around the water cooler was G4’s ultra-high-end cousin would tout stylus support to better cope with the imminent Galaxy Note 5 threat.

Too soon? Repackaged BlackBerry Passport sequel shows up in blurry render

Don’t look at your calendars. Technically, the timing wouldn’t be off for a follow-up of the unconventional, controversial but ultimately successful BlackBerry Passport. It’s been almost seven months since the hybrid touchscreen/physical keyboard square debuted in stores, and rumor is BB will wait at least until June 30 to formally take the wraps off the “Oslo.”

Deal alert: Manufacturer refurbished HTC One M8 for $270 on eBay

You can pick it up from eBay if you’re fast and determined enough… for a whopping $230 off. Yes, only $269.99, no contracts needed, no strings attached. Well, one string attached: the units on sale are manufacturer-refurbished.

High-end Microsoft Lumia 940 pair rumored, duo of upper mid-rangers also nigh

It’s a near guarantee MS will be waiting for Win 10 to be ready before their Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 contender rolls out, but surprise, surprise, this 2015 flagship might not follow in the footsteps of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 or 1520. Instead, it could take after the Lumia 930 and carry a 940 moniker.

BLU Win HD LTE goes on sale at $199 with 64-bit punch, Windows Phone 8.1

One of the biggest recent risers of the low-cost unlocked Android landscape is on its slow but sure way to the top as far as Windows handhelds are concerned as well, getting Microsoft’s unrestrained endorsement. The Win HD LTE is BLU’s third Windows Phone sold directly via Redmond’s online store, and while it clearly goes more »

HTC essentially confirms Windows 10 phone plans without going into detail

Basically every Nokia and Microsoft Lumia launched with pre-installed Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 is currently supported for the Technical Preview of the platform’s newest iteration, thus being on their sure way to stable Win 10 starting in a few months. But could Redmond waive the honor of serving up the world’s first Windows 10-running more »

OnePlus targets 5 million sales by the year’s end with two new smartphones

While some device manufacturers struggle for years in a row before selling their first million, it reportedly only took Chinese startup OnePlus 12 months to reach the vital sales milestone.