Black Friday 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook $199 at Staples

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the tablet market is changing? Not too long ago, we were flooded by tablets that were selling for around $500. It took the Nook Color and the TouchPad fire sale to get manufactures to realize the public does not want to spend that much money on something that isn’t an iPad. When RIM released the BlackBerry PlayBook, it sold for $500 despite lacking (and still lacking) very important features. RIM and retailers have been trying to move PlayBooks through promotional discounts, but that doesn’t seem to be working. It may take a good old fashioned Black Friday sale to get those PlayBook’s flying off shelves.

Amazon doesn’t care if you root the Kindle Fire

Whenever a new tablet comes on the market, it almost immediately get the attention of hackers. The Kindle Fire is undoubtedly in the sights of people who really wants to hack its Android-powered innards. Amazon isn’t going to do anything to stop hackers either.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire could end up being a rushed product

On Monday, TechCrunch reported the official name for Amazon’s tablet is the Kindle Fire. Before that story came out, TechCrunch was also able to get some hands-on time with the tablet. Although no actual photo of the Kindle Fire exists, it apparently resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s probably no coincidence those two tablets favor each other. According to gdgt, Amazon turned to Quanta, the company that designed the PlayBook, to work on the Kindle Fire. Quanta reportedly designed the Kindle Fire using the PlayBook as a template to speed up production. As a result, the first Kindle Fire we see may not be the ideal Kindle Fire Amazon wants to sell.

Sony Tablet S prices start at $499

After the official names of Sony’s upcoming Honeycomb tablets were revealed ahead of time, Sony has come out and made them official. Sony has provided insight into the pricing and the availability of the 9.4-inch Tablet S and the dual-screen 5.5-inch Tablet P.

What you can still do with an HP TouchPad

This weekend was two of the best days the HP TouchPad has ever had. As soon as HP announced it was discontinuing all webOS devices and possibly webOS all together, the massive discounts soon followed. Some are wondering what use could be gotten out of a dead tablet and a nearly dead OS. Here are some things you can still do with a TouchPad despite its death.

TabCo mystery tablet revealed as Fusion Garage Grid 10

TabCo has been teasing the industry for weeks with a mysterious tablet that’s supposed to blow the socks off us. Today, the tablet was finally announced and shown off. It’s called the Fusion Garage Grid 10 tablet. Pre-orders are being accepted on Amazon right for $499 (Wi-Fi) and $599 (Wi-Fi and 3G). A Q4 2011 release window is scheduled.

Amazon offers up the Vizio 8-inch Android tablet for $349.99

Looking for a nice 8-inch tablet with an affordable price, although not as popular as the HTC Flyer and other Android tablets of its size? Well, be sure to check out the Vizio 8-inch tablet which is scheduled to be released soon. If you will recall, this Android tablet went out for pre-order from the more »

OnLive Viewer comes to the HTC Flyer

In February of this year, HTC invested $40 million in OnLive. OnLive has made it abundantly clear that it plans to be available on as many products as possible including smartphones and tablets. Owners of the HTC Flyer, the company’s first Android tablet, are reporting they’ve gotten an update containing the OnLive Viewer application.

HP’s love affair with NFC technology builds up steam

A report last week stated that HP was considering adding NFC chips to its upcoming smartphones and tablets. The industry is betting on NFC to be widely used in conducting monetary transactions in stores around the world. Even though Zoosh has the potential to seriously disrupt the demand for NFC chips, HP is moving forward with its plans.


SugarSync now lets you send files from the cloud to specific devices

SugarSync, the cloud storage service that we’ve reported on before, is currently rolling out a new feature called Mobile Device Management. This feature will allow SugarSync users to to control the content that is pushed to their various devices that also use SugarSync.

RIM shows off BlackBerry PlayBook native email on video

At the keynote of BlackBerry World RIM announced that it would be bringing a native email client to the BlackBerry PlayBook this summer. Unfortunately the announcement at the keynote didn’t show too much. If you’re desperate to see more about the BlackBerry PlayBook native email client, RIM has a video for you to watch. The more »

Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update now scheduled for late March

Originally Microsoft had planned to push out it’s “NoDo” and update to Windows Phone 7 early this month. The update is what the company has been talking about since CES: improved performance, copy/paste functionality, and CDMA support. That update didn’t go exactly as planned, and has been pushed back until later this month. “NoDo” is more »