Don’t miss these must-have, eco-friendly Kickstarter gadgets

It’s not very often that one finds multiple, totally incredible projects funding on Kickstarter all at the same time. I think that the hardest part of it all is having to choose which one(s) to support while staying within the gadget budget! But if you want something to distract and excite during the long workday, more »


Pornhub, Redtube, and Youporn join the net neutrality protest

Like redditor ishkabibbles84 said, “Honestly I think if anyone can stop the FCC from ruining net neutrality it will be the porn industry.” And that’s certainly the motive behind the recent announcement a spokesperson just made for Pornhub, Redtube, and Youporn. The famed porn sites have decided to join the BattleForTheNet campaign to fight for net neutrality.

iGuardian flexes business grade internet protection at home

Every other week we’re greeted with fresh articles about new malware attacks or network exploits/vulnerability. Even if one hasn’t been directly affected by such incidents, the perpetual flow of news is concerning nonetheless. Considering that internet connectivity is king and the internet-of-everything is touching, well, everything, fears are completely justified.

Fox News crossed the listicle line

Kim Komando wrote a story on Fox News called “Divorcing? 5 Things to do Online Now.” Yeah! All casual, just like that. Almost as if the headline should be, “Thinking of taking up gardening? Here’s 5 Things to do Online Now.” But no, it’s about divorce.

Improve your private cloud with Transporter’s new features

With all the stories of security breaches and hacked data popping up in the news, one might be concerned about the safety of their personal information on the web. Rightly so, since recovering from such incursions can be an absolute nightmare for normal people with jobs and families.

The 10 best tweets about Facebook’s drones

So, what does the Twitter-verse think of Facebook’s possible drones? Well, I compiled the 10 best tweets so you can see for yourself.

Google offers over $2.7 million to those that hack Chrome OS

Google is saying, “Come at me, bro!” Those out there up for the challenge of hacking Google’s Chrome OS could find themselves coming into some extra cash. Challenge accepted, anyone? There are a few parameters, however. You’ll have to attend the CanSecWest Security Conference in Vancouver this March to enter Google’s Pwnium 4 Competition. This isn’t the first time Google has held the Pwnium contest as a way of finding security bugs in the Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

Amped Wireless Unveils New Wi-Fi Family at CES 2014

Households with multiple devices (and especially multiple users) tend to have one common bottleneck – network speed. It’s bad enough to have an internet connection affected by either distance or the number of users in the neighborhood also online, but then having to suffer slower speeds because of a spouse and kids really takes the cake.


GadgeTell Review: RAVPower Wireless Media Streaming FileHub

I’m a minimalist by heart, so small, powerful, or multi-function devices tend to grab my attention to at least take a peek. With the growing number of mobile devices and accessories, you’d guess right that I’m almost always checking something out. External storage and external battery packs are quite popular, for good reason. Mobile lifestyles more »

Google Releases “OK Google” Voice Search Chrome Extension

If you like the sound of your voice, today is your lucky day. Google has released a new Chrome extension called “OK Google” which allows users to make voice commands to their browser. The Google Voice Search Hotword extension is available now in the Chrome Web Store. If the user wants to use voice commands, all they have to do is use the “OK Google” hotword first.

Gogo Talk & Text Allows Users to Text and Make Calls In-Flight

Are we on the heels of a technological revolution in the air? Between the recent changes in the FAA restrictions and this news about Gogo Talk & Text, the things they are a changing. Although this is not the first time a in-flight calling has made it’s presence known, it seems to be the first time it’s actually going to be successful. Now, with Gogo’s Text & Talk service, travelers will be able to use in-flight WiFi to make calls and send and receive text messages.

D-Link Is Providing Users With Free, Private Cloud Storage

D-Link, a global leader in connectivity for home and business, has just provided free, no-fee cloud storage to thousands of D-Link 11AC Wireless Router owners. The mydlink SharePort app lets users plug any USB storage device into the router’s USB port for instant and personal cloud space. The free mydlink SharePort app is compatible with iOS more »