On 2 Bean Bags: The Heos by Denon

Your On 2 Bean Bags girls have returned from their lengthy vacation to review the Heos multi-room audio speaker system by Denon. Naturally, we didn’t have the resources to build a multi-room set, so check out what we did instead.

‘On 2 Bean Bags’ reviews the MiP balancing robot

The ‘On 2 Bean Bags’ girls love souvenirs, and that’s exactly what we got with MiP. The adorable balancing robot was exhibiting at the WowWee booth at CE Week, and we couldn’t help but take him home. Check out all the fun we had with our new robot friend!

‘On 2 Bean Bags’ takes on CE Week

The Bean Bag girls are finally rested after a fun, informative CE Week. In this episode, we looked at the products that caught our fancy.

‘On 2 Bean Bags’ reviews the ChargerLeash

Your Bean Bag girls are back and this time we take on the ChargerLeash! See us prank our coworkers in this week’s installment of On 2 Bean Bags. We promise, you’ll love it.


‘On 2 Bean Bags’ reviews the X-Mini We Speaker

The wait is over! We’ve got another episode of On 2 Beanbags. Did you miss us? For this episode, Devon and I reviewed the X-Mini We Speaker. It’s an itsy bitsy Bluetooth speaker that literally fits in the palm of your hand. Curious how the speaker rates on the #O2BB scale? Guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

‘On 2 Bean Bags’ reviews a bulletproof screen protector with… bullets

The Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail screen protector is a borderline unbreakable piece of glass sent by the gods to protect our phones from the evils of pavement. And protect it does! It’s made from tempered bullet proof glass that is able to withstand unheard of force against our precious devices. Huzzah! No more shattered more »