Colfax Smart Pack melds wireless tech, power, with urban appeal

When wearable tech is a topic of discussion, it usually covers such things as smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness trackers, and such. Those devices are more common and of a wider variety, of course. When it comes to gadgets and wearables, it’s easy to overlook that everyday bag or backpack. The bag that carries all your stuff says as much about you as any other type of fashion accessory.

LapWorks folds full keyboard to pocket size for mobile devices

No matter how great your voice-recognition or finger-swiping app is for text input, it doesn’t quite match the feel and appeal of a keyboard. Words and corrections fly faster with fingers than any other way. And how can you not love the gentle flurry of clicks as you tweet or update a Facebook status?

Wocket Smart Wallet challenges your bulky dumb one

Want to know what has been and continues to be a hot item? Wallets. Search around on Kickstarter, past and present, and you’ll find an abundance of successful projects made of metal, leather, plastic, or cloth. The unifying aspect of most of these wallets is the slim design, intended to reduce bulk. People are totally into it – no one should have a hamburger of a leather wallet in the seat of their pants.

Sharp’s IGZO displays can take any form

Sharp has announced a prototype for its free-form IGZO displays. Unlike traditional displays that only work with rectangles and squares, the Sharp displays could be used on devices like smartwatches to provide different form factors. The displays are based upon the company’s IGZO semiconductors which offer a much higher resolution than what would be found on most devices. The pixels found on regular LCD screens are larger than those on IGZO displays, thereby allowing IGZO to have a higher resolution.

ASUS introduces touchscreen USB monitor

Touchscreen monitors are becoming more popular as a result of touch-friendly operating systems like Windows 8 but USB monitors generally have not jumped onto the touch bandwagon. ASUS is one of the first companies to introduce a touchscreen USB monitor and it has done so at the annual Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. The new ASUS 14-inch USB monitor is the company’s first to be outfitted with a touchscreen and it will work fine with any device that has USB 3.0.

Intel working with Samsung to reduce 4K panel prices

Intel has announced a new partnership with Samsung at Computex 2014 that will hopefully lead to cheaper 4K monitor prices. There are two main problems with 4K that have resulted in a lack of adoption, expensive monitor prices and minimal 4K content. With this partnership, Intel will at least be able to address the price issue and it says that Samsung should be coming out with a 23.6-inch PLS 4K monitor for just $399.

LCD monitor doubles as android touchscreen tablet

Imagine that you’re working diligently on your home desktop PC, right up to the time you need to go. Most would resort to continuing their work on a mobile tablet or smartphone device while away from their large-screen desktop. But with AOC’s latest mySmart All-in-One displays, you get the best of an Android device and 22- or 24-inch LCD screen.

Dropbox reaches 300 million users milestone

Recently, Dropbox announced they’ve hit a new milestone, reaching 300 million users which is impressive.

Bluetooth flash drive, MBLOK, serves iOS, Android storage

When it comes to wireless flash drive media, there’s a few companies to choose from. You’ve got SanDisk and Kingston, to name a couple . Wireless hard drives? Oh, there’s more, such as the Corsair Voyager, Seagate GoFlex, and Patriot Aero. Users can stream music, video, and access data. All of these use standard WiFi to connect to mobile devices via an app. Up until now, there hasn’t been a Bluetooth option at all.


iOS devices gain external flash storage with iStick

Although flash drives have been around for quite some time, only recently have smartphone-compatible ones been available. Recent examples for USB drives compatible with Android devices are the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB and the Leef Access. But you can also find more options from Imation, Sony, TDK, Kingston, and others. What you likely won’t find are iOS compatible flash drives. Considering that iPhones don’t have a MicroSD card slot for expanded storage, like many Android devices do, there’s a dearth of options for Apple users.

Multitool GOkey is battery, cable, storage, and locator

When it comes to every day carry (EDC), what one has on his/her person speaks volumes. Each piece serves a specific function, be it utility, convenience, or simply a reflection of likes or personality. This is especially so when it comes to key ring tools. Multi-tools are also a hot EDC commodity and frequently subjected to in-depth discussions. Do more, carry less, right?

Are we too trusting of online cloud storage?

Many of us have gigabytes worth of data stored in various places all over the internet. We have albums worth of photos saved and shared on Facebook. Amazon and Google Play retain copies of digital music, books, and video purchases, which can be accessed remotely. And, of course, we can’t forget comprehensive online storage sites more »